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122/F/Death's Door (jk)    Truly just writing for myself, whether it's a messy (or not-so-messy) poem or just a "diary" entry. This is where I come to release my ...
Canada    I feel like poetry is the best way to express concepts that many others are unable to understand
Shadows Rising
I am one within...Formally from a poetry group called knights of poesis. We guided each other's intellect and path and thus now I'm here to ...
16/F    I mostly write about my feelings because I’m trying to be more open about who I am.
Manhattan    Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two, where summers lasted longer than we do. Where nothing really mattered, except for me to be with ...
sg    i write all that i feel and most of the time i feel like crap
Nairobi, Kenya   

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