Melody W Nov 2012
she picks her way through the rubble
skipping barefoot down the black cement road
past the dilapidated house of childhood
still suspended in a  forlorn dream

the sudden onset of callous pleas
an unheard requiem that plagues all else
cascades with a sharp echoing cry
down her unfeeling back

silently, the dissatisfied corpses
of these cement dreams
paling in the acerbic light
turn their backs to the cold

and awaken once more.
Linda Pahl May 2014
this roaring fire in my belly
consumes me like a cleansing brushfire
preparing the ground for new growth

from the ashes of my former self
wiser, stronger, less afraid,
like a phoenix, i will rise
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William Keckler Nov 2014
I admire you
in the way
I admire
with remarkable
Here, you should
be drowning,
and here you are
clutching that
silver bubble,
it like
an express
straight up.
Of course,
when you reach
the top,
and that magic
bubble pops,
you do realize
you'll be
on the surface,
and oh-so-edible,
So my
only advice
to you
is don't
forget how
to be
a paddle-bug too.
Cynthia Jean Sep 2016
unexpected beauty

nothing wasted

rising from ashes

like the phoenix. ..

Cj  2016
Mike Essig May 2015
Sky of black satin,
stars of white lace,
delicate lingerie
caressing the
voluptuous body
of the newly risen
full moon.
K Mae Oct 2012
Fallible, shocked to find myself low
I did not believe my descent could be so
Don't I live with magical dispensation
My life being subject to my blithe creation !
I thought I was living outside the mass rules
Sadly I see I'm asleep with the fools.

Slowly I rise, weeping thanks and distress
Paying dear price for my stubbornness
Making amends to body and spirit
My arrogance gone ? I think not, but fear it !
Humility wakened, Immortality slashed
Continuing reasons to feel so abashed.

What are the steps I must now be ascending ?
Practice beginner mind now never ending.
Sacred illusions are found to be crumbling
Retreat to the silence , relief from the rumbling
Raising my gaze though I'm used to head bowed
Trembling aside, now refuse to stay cowed.
Sofia Paderes Feb 2014
I want to hear
the rush of angels and
hearts beating fast to the sound of
redemption and revival, know that

there is a so that you can
attached to every do not
it's just that no one stayed long enough
for the sentence to finish. See how

glory is piercing the witching hour, so
come, restless ones,
lie by the streams and drift into
the song of lions and new wineskins.

There is a rising.
A rising.
Please start arising.
Today we're arising.
Warren Erasmus Oct 2012
I am in the space between air and skin
Finer than film
The closeness of it all
Cutting me up
Like good snow by a razor
Just before oblivions short ride
I am wedged between glass
Thinner than papers edge
I am membrane
Between skull and mind
With its churning
For illusory answers
In familiar, sullen, sodden, soil
Already turned over and over
I am stitching undone
On that prized dress
The one you wore last summer
In the stifling heat
When all we did was laugh and eat and swim
And fight
I am the reflection on liquid
That stabs your eyes
I am the glint on gold
Driving you
I am marbles sheen
Where the veins of colour snake along
Bursting from stone
Sweeping you from your feet
I am grain of wood
Knotting you up in warmth
Watching you while I grow skyward
I am dawns magic
Missed by the shutter click
Lost to the rising sun
In an instant between blinks
I am the Superfine
I am the Sung Strung One
I am operas Overture
I am The Zahir
I am Legend
RW Dennen Jul 2015
Life is a fighter's ring
        your opponent
is life's most downs
        with all its fury
forever challenging us most prevalent surely...

What type glory
         do you choose
when failing your fighter's round?
Do you pick yourself up
            after crashing
                           to the ground?

What glory in rising
          your situation
                   newly found?
What invention
              of yourself
in your up and coming round?

Do your cheering crowds please you
               your real friends know
your need?
Will you rise yourself up
          in a thunderous quickened speed?

So, your fighter's glory in rising
       each bout that you take
Will you rise yourself up
      for your honor is at stake...

-This is why i think that most average are heroes no matter what country-
RW Dennen
Egeria Litha Jul 2015
Let your mind wander to the days of flowing and recording it.
When you built sand castles and watched as the ocean ate them.
Boy, wasn't that a lesson for your sign!
Fill your mind with recent love you have created.
Like a poet reveal to life
words in morbid grey and neon lights.
What love has felt like.
The trips away, first kisses, haunting lyrics
beautiful moments you haven't had time to think about
busy in the present - working to make it.
When you made sand castles and watched as the ocean ate them.
Boy, falling in love by the ocean had to be a sign
Fill your mind with recent love you have created.
Sad Grey Brilliant Neon
The duality you speak of
Dear Poet, make me a sand castle
of Melody and Harmony
the necessity of **combination
Shadows Rising Sep 2014
Darkness covers me with uncertainty
Judgment engulfs me
There is no light here...

Sickness surrounds me with stupidity
Forgiveness rejects me
There is all light here...

Choices that are made Fail
Choices that are given rejoice
When light shows it seems dim
When dim disappears it seems light

A cycle to be broken
But a cycle never cracked
We spin......There is no light....
But light we show....
Drunk rambling......
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