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alexa Aug 14
the coffee is warm
as it slides down my throat,
the heat spreading through my chest and
down to my stomach i know
the sun is rising somewhere up to my right,
amber rays hitting my hunched shoulders
and back,
but my mind is focused on the lines swirling in front of me,
words strung together just begging
to be said aloud,
letters floating all over the page until
they take the shape of
my best dream and worst nightmare,
my apologies and angry rants and
all the times i’ve fallen in love without reciprocation
and the boys i’ve hurt and people i never want to forgive.
i write about early morning sunrises
and late night stargazing
and all the feelings i’ve never felt,
strangers i’ve never kissed in
foreign streets but i know
one day these letters will float off the page,
take shape in
a little place called Reality...
but for now,
it’s just me,
the coffee,
and my poetry,
melding together under
the rising sun.
floriculturist Jun 2017
the brook had swooned my comely heart,
as thus it seems i'm breathing a metaphor –
a kiss for death, beneath milkweed and marsh.

Eureka Merton Dec 2017
No thought can grasp this
ocean we enter
in Holy embrace

This Placeless place
echoes a memory,
unseen here, only Love
carried in waves of light.

Fingers soft as petals of Lilly
lifting into infinity, touching gently,
with the delicacy of a Lover
bound by Heart to the Beloved.

In Reverence you reach
to meet the unseen song of no-thing
as the One Heart opens, revealing
fragrance mimicing the fields of Heavens on High.

Sharing the feast of Heart
boundless, awake
waves of intoxicated bliss opening This
as He decends upon, as your lips.

Dancing under moonlight
no eyes can see
delighting in poem
no words can speak.

The ocean sings of Silence
to the ship longing for shore
washing away all sense
of "two", all need for "more".

We, ever becoming
take off on a star heading for Truth
and leave the sleeping and waking
to the dreamers.

The Lover's destiny
is the union Absolute,
following the inevitable, miraculous
disappearance of the universe.

Ocean and waves voyaged in Mind
become worldless Void
You and I,
Boundless, Unborn Love
Traveling the cosmic sea
Two become One
Lover and Beloved
Unborn love
Karijinbba Aug 24
Tonight there's a moon
full moon full of hope
Eclipsed blood-moon rising
over this fortress of mine
There on a hill near yet far
upon a pedestal of roses red
and flowers wild
lays my bare soul waiting
to be covered
with a blanket rudddy
milky silky
blanket of you

By the gates
of my rose garden
guard called heart
orders rushing let noone in
nobody but you you!

There on a hill revered
under a stump a grave
our child's coffin
my true love burried
my Sonet LXXV loot 75
Broken hearted
longed for the world to change
for me to find dig and return
back to my beloved
rich could now marry poor
keep or to forever forfit

Soon his project failed
As his letter read wife he had
misunderstood in me all it was
distrust apeared in heart
map entrusted enemy hid
thiefs my treasure found
two faced villains
No friends they were
kill me they'd plot
The RickPtC in you I adored
The Chinny Chin
pet in me you loved
to tragedy overnight turn'd

I alone in that grave
true love gone hidding
our coffin stolen
in pain I weep
mis-understood I go
No hand to pet me
nor treat
an eternity
I grieve

Revised 09/01/18
All rights reserved/True story.
While I slept into the pain of deniaL
By the unawarenes of youth yet not wise, this world took my all.
There was trail of graves stumps traitors and blood of innocents of my family,
born to cowardly die in the hands of malice jealousy and greed, which I in time I wanted nothing to do with any of those.
While I slept in that pain
the world crawned me queen
world could be changed rich could marry poor no more class divsions. All on the torch of free will the free will denied to me by the daughters and sons of God.for way too long.
A bit counseling would have helped me.too to be fair, one on one, face to face not just subject me to the psycho bull by mail and internet sending a man to video tape me nude, ink one big Bear that was ugly I still loved you..but your methods I rejected..
As you've done putting me under a microscope so shall all evil be returned to senders as I, all evil bind in Jesus name

.~All Rights Reserved- Excerpts from my me memoir book..
Haiku Donna Aug 21
makes me feel like shit , but I
shall rise above it
Sorry to use a swear word at times it just seems appropiate , anyway I too get negative thoughts at times,  I just can't help it but thankfully they not last too long anyway I find listening to music helps sooth and calm :) ah well it is what it is i rather stay true to myself so hence why I posted this one  :-)
Also when u do get negative thoughts try not to be to hard on yourself x
Take care all xxx
Woody Jul 25
I’m old enough to remember when
coyotes all lived west of Memphis,
Tennessee, and the sheep ranchers in
Skull Valley, Utah, still paid a twenty
dollar bounty for a perfectly matched
pair of ears, not that I ever shot at any
of the gods’ four-legged creatures, but
by god, those two-legged primates with opposable thumbs that shot at me, I sure as hell shot back, (although counting
coup by taking two ears that walked on two legs was frowned upon, even then,
as far back as I went, by Generals and
the public in general, I think), anyway,
the point I was trying to make is just this: just when and why and how(l) did the coyotes decide to cross the mighty Mississipp into Memphis as I mentioned sometime back before I digressed about the opposable thumbs and guns and counting coup and such ridiculousness, but still, the question remains and I’m quite perplexed about the spread of four-legged varmints more-so than the two-
legged illegal aliens in search of safer harbors and their children, caged up like so much vermin and varmints that Trump
and his angry too much Mussolini in his heart and hair, his hateful MAGA red-hatted, conceal-carry permitted redneck backers, Putin and his Russian hackers, and here I go again, oh boy, I swear I only wanted to know if coyotes spread so far east to howl at a new moon rising out of the Atlantic, and if they sought asylum, would Trump separate the pups from their Moms and Pops or build a wall along the Arkansas side of the mighty Mississippi, while I listen to those dreaming coyotes howl and call out to a new moon rising
up and out of my Atlantic like a welcoming sign for all coyotes to come and sit high on the dunes waiting and watching for a compassionate new moon shining free?
Oh, ccome on. Even if you’re totally ambivalent, or gods forbid, for Trump, can’t y’all at lest find some humor in these not so harmonious times?
My twisted soul can no longer fly,
darkness rips at my blinding eyes,
what I see and what I believe,
is where I go to set me free,
my soul can not be freed,
come with me and you will see,
the darkness that is constantly drowning me.
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