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Khomotso Josie Manaka
Johannesburg,South Africa    I have found a friend in a pen and paper.
Ramana Tandra
50/M/India    I love proletariat.Because of their labour,entire society is being fed.
Manasi Kemkar
India    Used up all words to describe my love...and now nothing remains for my own....
Hiraya Manawari
Tarlac, Philippines    maging malaya, kasama ka / carpe diem / ad meliora
Divya Padmanabhan
Navi Mumbai    19. My second favourite hobby is eating, after breathing. I like to play music, read, write, draw, paint and observe. 100% देसी।
Manan sheel
18/M/kota    a fallen poet, trying to rise again to regain glory once lost due to a compromise Instagram- sorted_manas_stars Follow back poets only
Yvette Mushimiiyimana
United States   
Aliza Manalac
F    ・゜゜・. ✧ Aesthetic enthusiast/ Dreamer/ Lover ✧ .・゜゜・
Manauwer Raza
Mukeshimana Boniface
Business    Author of: - The First Witness; - Gallows Bird in Heaven; - Delenda Benghazi, said Kaddafi; - The robust bastard... - A series of French ...
20/F/Sydney    Less of a person, more a collection of thoughts.
Manami Morii joined Hello Poetry because she needs to read more works other than her own. For somebody who likes to write, she does not ...
Ben Hitimana
22/Cisgender Male/London,England    Hey I'm Ben and this, its merely a medium of self expression. This is my Sanctum Sanctorum
18    a simple bystander
almanaK ab
24/Gender Nonconforming/earth    musician artist loving sibling child and friend
Manasa Besta

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