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Kat Jun 2018
I want to paint the walls
With my dancing feet
Splash melodies
Of syncopated movement
-my heartbeat.

I feel color in my sway
Hues combine as the motion fades away.
An indistinguishable color remains.
Kat Jan 2018
Oh La Luna.
You do much more than move tides.
You shift Souls into Light
Reminding us of the Dark
So we return with Might.
My Mighty Magician.
Master of my Soul,
Master of Night. ✨
Kat May 2017
Nobody falls for you,
you only fall for yourself
Your head stuck on a shelf
Nothing but your ego left to sell

But you couldnt let it go
This hell is already here and melded
Manipulation and consideration-
All a grey shield

Its already been welded.
No space for
Kat Apr 2017
Its frustrating to me
That a man can hold so much power
And make me feel so small
And yet... loved.

The delicate play
Of manipulation
Held me in an intricate web
Of control.

I don't miss
Waiting in his web of lies
And manipulation.
Wondering if I was good enough,
Tasty enough
For his delicate and dominating sensibilities.
If I didn't fit his fancy
He'd find another
To prey upon.
Keeping me at the center
Of his web
I was his admired,
I was adored
And should be elated.

I saw the freedom
Of this resilient spider-
All of his eyes looking thirsty.

Here I am-
the main delight,
Waiting in his nest.

Funny how he went out searching for more
When I've been here,
Waiting for him to feast.
  Jan 2017 Kat
There are depths within you
To which I cannot reach.
Where water drips
and echos in an
obscure cavern.
Where each drop leaves behind
its narrative,
on the pore from which it fell.
A story untold.
The vast space makes echoes of heartbeats.
But deafening silence resonated,
the day your heart skipped but one.
Kat Jul 2016
There is a hum
That hears not me
But it.
The very reflection of itself
Ever present
-It rings
A zing, to the
Past present and future
Its connected.
Reminding me to nurture,

Dont break the hum
Embrace it
So it doesnt drone on
Rather, the particles bond
Dont diffuse it
For it is music
It is The background to this rhetoric
And the catalyst serving as my outlet
Usurping my pouting fit
Cant let this be a nuissance
But rather serve me in this instance
For im set to fix
This mess thats got me in a twist
May i recognize the circumstances
That can help me ground this
Body ive been given to walk around in.
And so i hear the hum
That hears not it
So i can be here this very moment
In a blissful state
Instead of discord and dissonance.
Kat Nov 2015
Of all the things I truly must be
a sad but perky Poet
defines me primarily.

I'm happy, I'm sad,
don't know which way is up.
I walk through darkness,
with a light-filled cup.
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