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my cup overflows
in the tropics    new histories :)
23/F/CT    I write for release. I write for catharsis I write, as it is my creative outlet. I write for me.
Avery Glows
Hong Kong    Expression, when contemplated to the interim of authenticity and precision, begins to transcend into the sublimal. And that, is what I come to experience as ...
Philippines    I love poetry, just as much as i love coffee. :)
71/M/Niemodlin / Poland    Wiesław Musiałowski (born 20 June 1948) writes formal poetry in Poland, and his son Przemysław Musiałowski (born 28 March 1985) more or less successfully translates ...
The Paddy Martin Fellowship
Audrey Bean Chmielowski
i was born in a bog, plastic spork upon my tongue objects of interest: STRINGS.BOOZE.SPOONS.NEEDLES&PINS.BEADS.SUCCULENTS.MERMAIDS.theDESERT.GNOMES.TRAINS.SLEEP.zzz GONE.GOING.HERE.GOING.GONE NOWORDNOBONDROWON (your gypsy is showing)
Mason Hollows
24/M/Atlanta, GA    What I Aspire to Be: Entrepreneur | Course Creator | Webinar Host | Man | Who I Am to Others: Advice Giver | Good Friend ...
Lidia Dawn Willows
The name is Lidia [: I am a 16yr old writer. Been doing it ever since i was a kid and I have learned so ...
Washington, DC   
Yuri Swallows
16    Just a 16 year old that has too much time with their thoughts and imaginations.
The Cold Wind Blows
Arkansas    Just let your mind flow, as time passes all you will have left is what you put into the world.
A look into my stream of consciousness.

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