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i am the gruesome ghost
in the basement of your brain
for all the tries
it's still. the same
for all the eyes
i meet
i still feel strange
for all the hands
i'm still. untouched
i look for genuine embrace evermuch
and i am unmoved and i am here still
i have no control
and i am alone and i am brain- ill.

I've been like this since you rejected
Please understand that I'm not using my Great mind
I'm unusually off-standish
I'll be inside, if you're looking for me
Don't pretend I didn't try
For that instant we were both
Not alone alone
For that instant we were both
Alone together
But it didn't pay to try.
flailing arms in air
as we revolve around the sun
the devil
works to hide the god in us
via panopticon
A wounded Lamb
A crippled Hand
I offer & hope you will grasp
Well, when I recuperate
This Hand will rejuvenate

I will become a woman
But I will still be your Lamb
Police siren screams
   Man sings a bar of
Star Spangled Banner
   Land of the Free
& the brave subway screech
   makes me wana holler Marvin Gaye did
Wintry bellies full of remorse give birth to forgiveness in Springs
unnurtured fledgelings hop around unable to use their wings
i am only an egg
i am only a rug
i am only a bud
turning into a flower
i really like figs
simplicity is magic
word is bond
this is to you, September Eleventh
and you, Reverend Donald Green...

Listen to this Lady
She's talking Jabaca
right now. right in there
is an envelope i made.
i am only an egg
i make mistakes
I miss steak, my mistake
I am not a vegetarian because I love animals
I am a vegetarian
Because I hate plants
Will you please piddle-paddle away? Or at least turn off looking up to my Jhorts?
never go full dumb with Marissa Golden
never ok to be
kicking dogs in the face.
Are you ok?
MMFWCL? woop woop?
we are all so powerful, Ladies!
We are also powerfully ******, Ladybird!
---are you my mother?
a collaborative masterpiece with Julia & Justin :-D
it took thunder for me to notice the rain
the fates thrown in my face
it took lightning to spark my sense of pain
i tossed caution to the wind
and kept close watch out for the cause
wondering what fool would want to break this train of thought
off track, i digress
and must come back
to ponder what i see
i sauntered sadly into a pool of light
too late for a punchline...

to see the fool is me
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