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mhelows Dec 2022
Do you know how painful it is
To wish to just die, than to live without you.
mhelows Jun 2020
Got drunk together
Things got crazier
Sanity's gone
Things are great in our eyes
Your fingertips on my back
Tracing every line
I'm catching my breathe
In your ears.
You're so close
Too close.
We were dancing
In flames
In love

Can we please stay this way forever?
mhelows May 2017
That first night we shared together
kept replaying in my head.
The awkwardness
The first kiss.
I loved how his lips felt against mine.
How he gently caress the side of my face while kissing me.
How he traces his fingers across my thighs,
The way he pull me closer
How he stares at me.
He use to take pictures of me everyday.
He use to say those sweet words to me
He used to be mine.
mhelows May 2017
In the world of love and hurt
Life holds no reason for what we get
The hurt of being in love
The love of hurt we hate

They come in pair
So you better prepare
We hurt the one who loves us
and love the one who hurt us.
mhelows Sep 2016
One thing I learned about love is that,
In love, you will get hurt and lose hope.
You will try to move on and forget.
But in the end, no matter what happens,
you will always love and care for that person.
When you really like a boy, you’d be happy for him. when you see him finding his Ms. Right, you will want them to be together and to live happily ever after.
True love isn't always ending up with someone we love. True love is seeing the person we love happy even if that doesn't include you. Their happiness makes us happy.
mhelows Aug 2016
What happened to us?
When did it started?
Why didn't we noticed?
We will never know.

We were so inlove with each other
What happened? where did it go?
Why did we do the things we did?
We will never know.

Why am i feeling so much pain?
Why am i hurting too much?
Why do i still love you so  much?
We will never know.

You fall out of love.
You wish to be freed
You dont wanna work it out.
You left me shattered into pieces.

When will I get over you?
When will I stop looking for you in places we used to go?
When will I stop loving you?
We will never know.
mhelows May 2016
There are different degrees of pain.
We have the kind we feel when we receive rejection,
The type we feel when we scrape our knees
and the pain we feel when we grieve.
But nothing lingers quite like the pain of knowing you should be here with me.
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