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16/F/USA    Other account is @HannahMarie but I can't publish anything right now so I made another account. But basically I post weird poems, and I sometimes ...


blowing out someone's candle
doesn't make yours
burn any brighter.
I didn't come up with this, cannot remember for the life of me where I heard it. But it's some real profound ****. There's a superfine line between being real & honest & just talking the truth and just talking **** & bein a biggo jelly hater. Don't be a hater.
King Tutankhamun Jun 2016
word is bond i just vibe the song
words said straight off the top of the dome
no time to think
i let the spirits guide what I say as i lay
scripture into a poetic form
leave enemies scorned and uniformed
no uniforms
we rock t shirts jeans n boots
ready to shoot
down the commission
i knew about revelation
since i was baby in the fetal position
I knew i had a proposition switchin
sides get an automatic homicide
but i feel like the rest of the revolutionary
ill die young in the cemetery ready to be buried  
no honor and  no fame goes with my name
so how can i maintain
shots against the grain ?
my shell shock intellect make heartbeats drop
im angelic & mystic kick out ballistic statistics
fools get pistol whipped
once flip my automatic tongue flips
ya know ya hung
like lynching clear the bench for distances
like millennium i travel a thousand years
in one day like the Lord say
pray for better days
and let wisdom guide you not astray
for they say
the tip of the arrow
parted the air within
only come back in
together no traces of flow in motion
violent soft touch
causing commotion
**** this **** got me floating
past cloud nine its hard for me to ground my feet
when enemies always tryna put ya in an eternal sleep
Ja  Apr 2016
Ja Apr 2016
I just heard, that Maple Syrup
Will stimulate your brain
It’s those Tau Peptides
That you will then retain

Even though, I have Diabetes
I just can’t wait to start
All that sugar, is bound to **** me
But at least, I should die smart