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Squid the Russell
You can usually get to know someone better based off the music they listen to so... Current favorite song: Fool You've Landed - Mumford and ...
16/F    I'm just trying to figure out how to voice the million thoughts going through my head at every moment
F/Iowa    Welcome to my little corner<3


Essen  Oct 2016
More Squid Poems
Essen Oct 2016
Touch the squid
Rub the squid
Taste the squid
Chase the squid

Love the squid
See the squid
You can even be the squid
Found some poetry from a couple years ago. I might upload a thing or two.
Essen Dec 2015
A giant squid is friend to none
Fighting, killing all the same
Only strength and steady aim
Can send the squidly monster on the run

A giant squid, a fearsome foe
Quick like snake and strong like cow
Fight the beast if you know how
Otherwise it's time to go

A tiny squid, a little friend
Knows the key to tame the hulk
Have him speak and do not sulk
Tears won't save you from a squidly end

Cheers for all, good times are on the way
The giant squid, he meant no harm at all
The tiny squid has saved us from the fall
Bless his squidly wisdom on this day
Joe Butler  Apr 2011
Happy Squid
Joe Butler Apr 2011
Oh, a happy squid am i
Such a happy squid
Drifting through the blue
Feeling porous
Not quite here
How I dance away
On billows of happiness
This is the way
To spend the day
And carefree
Oh, a happy squid am i
Such a happy squid.