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devinbrownn Dec 2017
In the night sky with his nose so red and bright
He flew through the air with all the others, though with all his might,
Big ol’ man that guides them soaring high above,
Sending down all gifts to children in love,
There they were both reindeer, and ol’ man up in the greatest height.

Many children although knew, Christmas Eve was not just about the red nosed reindeer in sight,
There was one thing they did know in their own delight,
They knew that they ought to be good for ol’ Saint Nick,
So the children still glanced up at the night sky with his nose so red and bright.

When morning came along, they knew what they had to do
They came running downstairs with their Christmas spirits to,
Seeing all the presents under the tree,
It was everything imaginable they could ever see
So next year they waited, looking up into the night sky;
In the night sky with his nose so red and bright.
devinbrownn Dec 2017
Once in Camelot the warm season has come and has gone,
The walls of brick release down at dawn;
For her to return there as he stood there
Stood there in the cool air where it was more than he could bare
He waited there in spring, winter and only in the fall;
For her to return to attend the ball,
He would wait in the wind, even in a storm;
He would even fall down he would even mourn,
To only find out she has passed away,
Only within more than just a day
He still waited for her as if she would even come,
People of Camelot said she would never return, which only said some
But he still waited till the end of his age where he to had passed
To only see her in his spirit once more at last.
devinbrownn Dec 2017
Rosey red, pricked thorned pedals from stem to stem
Almost as if it were as beautiful in a field of only one shiny ruby gem,
The deep red of scarlet, overpowers the galently green
The lovely fume scent of deep rose in a garden in which was seen;
The fact of glaring away in the garden of red, indeed I was condemn,

In the rain of a storm, even in the heavy snow they still would stand,
These elegant roses indeed were never bland,
I once there stood and had seen, and smell the roses of deep red;
And even still I love the rosey red, prickled thorned pedals from stem to stem,

Even in the fog of darkest, deepest night they still would appear
Screaming out in love and beauty, as if it was there nature of cheer,
The garden of red was strongest among all,
The thorns beneath would strike back with fierce standing small
When they would die, I would wait for them to grow again;
Growing again the rosey red, prickled thorned pedals from stem to stem
devinbrownn Dec 2017
Lady Cordelia, stood upon the hill
Her dress blew straight as the sun peaked upon the valley;
The lilies blew over the river,
They fly among the crisp air, and quiver
The sun looked down on Camelot;
She attended the ball when the sun went down, as she had doeth
The moon looked down on Camelot;
She had to go back to the towers and walls of brick,
But when the sun comes back up, she will go back out and stand there;
Stand there where the lilies flew,
The wall of brick came tumbling down, where the flames melted the stone;
The soldiers stood praising victoriously;
Lady Cordelia fell to her knees, she could not think the image away;
Fainting into the depths of despair, there she lay upon the hill of Camelot

— The End —