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Maw Maw Sez
in the bible belt    Hi. Everyone calls me Maw Maw. A traditional southern name for grandmother. I love to write, knit and reading to my grandchildren. I never miss ...
23/F/London    and just like the Kashmiri Mawal... I will not fade easily.
37/F    Writing has been a big part of my life. I don't sugar coat my words it's better to start true to your self than wear ...


Maw Maw Sez Jun 2016
When asking for something
you should always say please
if I hear ya getting rude
I'll drop ya to your knees

Always use your thank you
don't ever be a *****
if I catch ya being mean
I'll beat you with a switch

No interrupting people
this I already said
you better use “excuse me”
or I'll cuff you in the head

When ever you're in doubt
always ask permission
if you don't do this
you'll be taken out of commission

Keep your negativity to yourself
and never ever be crass
if I catch you mouthin' off
I'll kick you in the ***

No making fun of appearances
I won't put up with that
if I hear you doing this
I'll smash you with a bat

Never open up a door
without knocking first
let me catch you doing that
your bubble I will burst

Use your quiet voice inside
you really shouldn't yell
If Maw Maw hears you doing that
you're gonna catch some hell

No one likes a ***** mouth
you really shouldn't cuss
don't you even do it
or you'll really make me fuss

I hope you learn these lessons
and try not to be bad
use your manners daily
and never make Maw Maw mad
Maw Maw Sez Jun 2016
you must clean your room everyday
before you go to bed
because what do you think would happen
if you decided to wake up dead?

your mother would be in a tizzy
and your dad would be getting the brunt
your sister would be screaming
"why would he pull such a stunt?"

the funeral home would be calling
wanting to talk about the huge bill
and just a couple of questions
like did you have a living will?

they'd have to go in your bedroom
to see what they could find
rummaging through your messes
your dear mother would lose her mind

there would be a whole lot of crying
and the sense of impending doom
none of this would have happened
if you had just cleaned your room

so listen to what Maw Maw tells you
you can take it directly to the bank
so **** in that quivering bottom lip
you know I'm gonna give it a yank

I hope you learned a lesson today
on how to keep a tidy little room
if I see it ***** again
I'm gonna tan your hide with my broom
Maw Maw Sez Jun 2016
always use your manners
even when you're home
nothing wrong with etiquette
where ever you may roam

please and thank you always
and never get too loud
remember to stay humble
and make your Maw Maw proud

always help the elderly
and don't be in a rush
speak kindly to young ladies
their hearts you should not crush

no smoking, no drinking
and staying out all night
use your words instead of fists
and please try not to fight

wash your face and cut your hair
and try to dress a little snappy
cause it's your job to try and keep
your mawmaw very happy