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Gemmawrites Aug 2019
I love to get lost in my imagination
Its a place of freedom to me.
But i was reading
a poem that said we suffer
More in our imagination, than
We do in reality.
Now its left me wondering if my imagination is my prison.
I love to read poems that really make me think
#prison #reality #imagination
Gemmawrites Aug 2019
I long to taste your kiss and feel a touch thats makes me tremble.
Lay naked with you in the dim flicking
Candle light.
Watching as the pleasure roll across your face listening as we cry into
The darkness of night.
Lost in that one perfect moment that will be gone when morning comes.
I wrote this because there is always that one perfect moment you wish that could last forever
#perfect #morning #darkness
Gemmawrites Aug 2019
I am in love with angel that will never
Be mine who said love doesn’t hurt.
Gemmawrites Aug 2019
I want the pain to stop hurting the only to do that is to let you go.
Sometimes things just don't work and the only way to stop the pain is to let someone go
Gemmawrites Aug 2019
I was willing to let my guard down Show you all my broken pieces.
I would have given you all that i am
Without any question.
With tears in my eyes i now know
The heart shattering truth.
I'll never have all of you and thats
Not never going to be enough.
Gemmawrites Aug 2019
You give me dreams only
To shatter them.
You keep breaking my heart
Piece by piece.
I heard you tell her on the phone
I was nothing special.
Just a pawn in a game you and her
Like to play.
Don't bother saying sorry i know
Your not sorry.
Love can be beautiful but it can hurt
Gemmawrites Aug 2019
Burst bubbles and broken dreams
Lies created for me to believe.
Now i am fool with a broken heart.
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