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Dada Olowo Eyo
NIGERIA    TWENTY-TWENTY VISION | Be Better. May the lines fall, for you, in amazing places. SWEET! SHUTDOWN & REBOOT. NIGERIA.
Dada Olayinka
Ota, Nigeria    I am Ola. I inspire, I aspire...


Tark Wain  Sep 2014
Dada Why
Tark Wain Sep 2014
Dada why is that man yelling?
that man on the corner
with the shirt that says "Jesus Hates You!"
why is he yelling Dada
he is there everyday
does he sleep Dada?
does he do puzzles like me Dada?

And why does he yell louder at you Dada?
Did you do something wrong,
did I do something wrong?
Do I need to say sorry?
Why does he hate your rainbow shirt Dada?
I always thought it was really pretty
Why does he tell you to die Dada?
What is death? Is it fun?

He must get lonely on that corner Dada
I get lonely in my room sometimes
he must have nobody to play with
Can I be his friend Dada?
Can I stand on that corner with him?
I'll meet so many different people Dada
And maybe just maybe
that man will tell me why he is yelling
Colin Anhut  Dec 2014
Colin Anhut Dec 2014
I keep trying
to finish my
beer but
Miles is playing
Homs with Damascus
on deck like
Green in Blue in
and the conservatives,
that is, the Muslim ones
or rather
the extremist ones
that is, ****
there’s good people
dying to a machine gun
bass line
‘dada doo da’
‘dada doo da’
and they all want
the guy gone
but we’re just playing
White Christmas on repeat
trying to drown out
the bass line
but it keeps bumpin’
‘dada doo da’
‘dada doo da’
so I finally take a sip
but it’s sour and
flat and the bass line
is bumpin’ my elbows
and pulling’ at my chest
‘dada doo da’
‘dada doo da’
with a C-4 concerto
that makes Bach
seem irrelevant
and Mozart a spoiled
brat, my god
it’s a sink-hole in
Dm, the last one
on the album that
makes you think,
“Why did they let
this happen?”
‘Dada doo da’
‘Dada doo da’
Oh boy!
It’s enough to really
hang your hat on,
but that’s for another
generation to wonder,
I’ve got this beer to
finish and the record
keeps skipping
‘dada doo da’
‘dada doo da’