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Crayons that are broken
still color just fine
injecting their beauty
within the drawn lines
of the book they were given
on the day of their birth
proof beyond measure
that the autistic have worth
yes they may seem quite different
but a problem it's not
so please all we ask
is you give them a shot
 Jul 2015 Saudia R
Ron Sparks
Bloodied fingers are badges of honor
that few men suffer themselves to accept.
Part of the debt the instrument incurs;
a separation of skilled and inept.

The mastery of half a dozen steel
strings oft becomes a lifetime endeavor.
This daring quest for musical ideals
demands commitment lasting forever.

A hollow body touches the essence
of perfection that is merely expressed
by mortal beings of inconsequence
who caress the Muse nevertheless.

Ten fingers endure torture on six strings
for melodies only guitars can bring.

— The End —