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1 I came from Alabama
2 wid my ban jo on my knee,
3 I'm g'wan to Louisiana,
4 My true love for to see,
6 It raind all night the day I left
7 The weather it was dry,
8 The sun so hot I frose to death
9 Susanna dont you cry.

10 [Chorus] Oh! Susanna Oh! dont you cry for me
11 I've come from Alabama wid mi ban jo on my knee.

12 [Solo] I jumped aboard de telegraph,
13 And trabbelled down de riber,
14 De Lectric fluid magnified,
15 And Killed five Hundred ******
16 De bullgine buste, de horse run off,
17 I realy thought I'd die;
18 I shut my eyes to hold my breath,
19 Susana, dont you cry.

20 [Chorus] Oh! Susana Oh! dont you cry for me
21 I've come from Alabama wid mi ban jo on my knee.

22 [Solo] I had a dream de odder night,
23 When ebery ting was still;
24 I thought I saw Susana,
25 A coming down de hill.
26 The buckwheat cake war in her mouth,
27 The tear was in her eye,
28 Says I, im coming from de South,
29 Susana, dont you cry.

30 [Chorus] Oh! Susana Oh! dont you cry for me
31 I've come from Alabama wid mi ban jo on my knee.

32 [Solo] I soon will be in New Orleans,
33 And den I'll look all round,
34 And when I find Susana,
35 I'll fall upon the ground.
36 But if I do not find her,
37 Dis ****** 'l surely die,
38 And when I'm dead and buried,
39 Susana, dont you cry.

40 [Chorus] Oh! Susana Oh! dont you cry for me
41 I've come from Alabama wid mi ban jo on my knee.
 Aug 2011 Satan
Bobbie Longo
The Goddess
She cries,
Tears on my shoulder.
We mourn,
Pain I endure.
In her eyes
Lightly to the ground.
In mine
Full of lies,
Gaze up to no sound.
Wash away
Clouded vision
Your tears upon my eyes
Bright hues
Promising in the skies.
His sweat smells like Benneton
Fresh against the searing sun
I close my eyes and breathe in
The breeze that carries his fleeting aroma

Black currant


Cotton flower



White musk
I can't write...

I have the urge...

this strange feeling

clawing it's way out of my chest

but still...

I can't put it out in words

I stare at the blank page on my computer screen

the cursor blinking impatiently

I type my first sentence... "I can't write..."
 Dec 2010 Satan
Haley Desiree
I went to him before the storm.
The grumbling thunder echoed
my abnormal heartbeat
as I squeezed the hell out of the steering wheel.

I was with him during the storm.
His white lightning fingers traveled
across pink sky flesh
and my reaction struck and shocked me.

I didn’t want him anymore.

So I watched him at the back door instead,
lighting up in the rain,
taking a hit
or two
or three-
instead of me.
 Nov 2010 Satan
Dian Eka
Do not meet me when it's autumn,
The falling leaves are sad

Do not meet me when it's spring,
Rose buds would bloom

Do not meet me when it's summer,
Our icy ****** heart would melt

Meet me when it's winter,
Russian winter,
We don't have to feel at all.
 Nov 2010 Satan
J.R.R. Tolkien
In Dwimordene, in Lorien

Seldom have walked the feet of Men,

Few mortal eyes have seen the light,

That lies there ever, long and bright.

Galadriel! Galadriel!

Clear is the water of your well,

White is the star in your white hand

Unmarrred, unstained is leaf and land,

In Dwimordene, in Lorien

More fair than thoughts of Mortal Men.

To Flammifer of Westernesse.
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