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amans puerum satan
Don't jump into conclusions...
Daniel James
Hello! I'm a poetry reader and writer from London, UK. Find my latest book, "The Artist's Guide to NOT growing up" at
I am an indian from mummidivaram ,a village in ANDHRA PRADESH.I am an ENGLISH TEACHER, resource person, textbook writer,transalator and write poems in my mothertongue ...
Chelsea Anne Palmer
Minnesota    I am a thinker, info junkie, have a lot of creative interests, and drown in ideas and dreams in a very nonfiction way. I don't ...
Rangzeb Hussain
I have a passion for Literature, Music, Theatre and Art. I enjoy collecting books from around the globe and in my spare time I write ...
My poems are my heart. They may not be perfect, but they are me. I joined this site about a month ago under the name ...
Inspired by the thought of revolution and the fear of living.
Jessica Hughes
I am an author of poetry. Currently, developing my work into the inspirational, love, heartache realms of writing. Many of my fellow poets, peers, and ...
Writing is my therapy.
I am but a humble pebble that has been washed up upon this poetic beach I will stay a while but if seas get rough ...
Lily Mae
F/Northern Michigan    Nothing © January 2011 Lily Mae
jeannine davidoff
words flow from my pen and have done so since i was in my teens...i started writing on a suggestion from a very good friend... ...
PK Wakefield
chris iannotti
New Haven, CT    Perpetual goofball. Little Sea Star. Personal Space breaker. Life un-extraordinaire.
Not too much to tell just enjoy writing Dark Features and if you like these poems you can check my work out on Authspot link ...
Alan McClure
Teacher/singer songwriter from Galloway, Scotland.
a burning bridge    I have changed my mind. I'm going to stay. But I'm still going to be remove some of my older poetry, because I'll be putting ...
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