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 Nov 2010 Satan
Dead Mantis
 Nov 2010 Satan
I saw the mantis dead
still in praying position;
in all recognition
as I noticed him there;
I wondered his last meal;
I wondered his last prayer
 Nov 2010 Satan

                                                                       our truth that we inhabit under
                                                                       its crystalised sky is
                                                                       undenying, tameless

                                                                      Shattering above us.

                                                                       be afraid
                                                                       of the eyes that
                                                                       stare at us
                                                                       through fields
                                                                       - flowers of cruelty

                                                                     For tonight,

                                                                      I will take your


                                                                        are an octave without lines
                                                                        A treble-clef tattooed upon the skin of my
                                                                        Notes like bloodcells in my veins
                                                                                                                    I can never play you.  

                                                                           yourself inside
                                                                     and breathe inside
                                                                            what I am
                                                                            what I will become


four different poems, all added together, make thiss!!!!
no liee! ahaha! i love it!
 Nov 2010 Satan
gothic mistress
This is because of you

the night falls as if slain by the sun, entwined are we.the salvation for which you sacrifice yourself flares once, then dies,devoured by a velvet ebon nothingness.all hope must surely perish.

your soul thrives no could you tear us asunder?shadows surround us, crying,save us from ourselves.

Around, all around, the sinister creatures gather.My dread grows as the Dark One's touch falls against my naked soul.It severs me, and darkly my essence drips to the wicked earth that is my prison.In my madness I call your name while my doom takes my hand.Now alone, my cascade of tears falls upon bleeding eyes.

what have you ruined?a dark black shadowy cloud of betrayal as affections seep.once we savored paradise,untainted and wide-eyed,but your desire soured.a vengeful pool of bitterness -memories follow pain, follow hate,love bled a storm of vengeance,i still love you.
copyright gothic mistress 2010
 Nov 2010 Satan
Kida Price
 Nov 2010 Satan
Kida Price
There's a sense of claustrophobia
But not within a box.
When left to myself for too long
I become afraid inside my skin.
And it's almost poetic
Because there won't be an expansion of space
My skull confines what thoughts stir within.
Take too many breaths and I choke.
I choke on the aprehension of never escaping.
And yet, I'm afraid of leaving.
Agoraphobiatic enough to stay exactly behind the threshold.
My eyes are the doors to these fears.
You could never tell it in my face, however...
Because I'm scared of you more than I am of myself.
I'll mimic and agree.
I'll put on a show in a way that you would never suspect
Yet behind my act of egomania
I withdraw myself and present to you another.
Who is braver than I could ever be.
I am my phobia.
 Nov 2010 Satan
Fred McCarthy
my soul
to Satan to
make you love
as i have loved you
unconditionally. And He
told me that i could have your
heart If i give him your soul Too So
i said yes, as long as i can possess Your
only heart for good. No matter where we
would end up i don't care as long as we
are together and i have your heart for
good. Hell or death as long as you
are with me. Give yourself to
him, my love. And we will
live together forever
in eternity just
you and
How far would you go to win a heart?
 Nov 2010 Satan
Larry B
Satan's Wife
 Nov 2010 Satan
Larry B
She stands by the window waiting
As the tears stream down her face
"One day soon, I'll leave him", she says
As she hangs her head in disgrace

Beaten and battered, her bruises still hurt
With only the slightest of touch
For fifteen years, she's taken it
When will it be too much?

Her family have all deserted her
For they just can't understand
How can she say that she loves him
When he's such a horrible man?

His car pulls in their driveway
She shutters as he slams the door
She wipes her tears and puts on her smile
As her husband approaches, once more

She says, "Hi honey, how was your day?"
When she smells it on his breath
For he'd been drinking most of the day
And she knew he'd beat her to death

He grabs her by the hair of her head
And he throws her to the floor
She points the revolver and pulls the trigger
And screams, "You wont hurt me anymore"

Her lawyers called it self defense
But she just sat there and stared
"He was a piece of trash", they said,
"It's not like anybody cared"

Aquitted of all of her charges
She leaves to start a new life
She councils and tells her story
Of her years as Satan's wife
 Nov 2010 Satan
Connor Ruther
I walked the lonely mountain Eyrian path,
To the chasm beyond the hills.
In that deep wretched dark I could find him at last,
I know the Devil dwells there still.

I marched through boulders and sharply jagged rocks,
I went down twixt walls of stone.
It seems in seeking the key I’d found the lock,
I first noticed I was alone…

I expected He’d be ringed in brimstone and fire,
To roar and imbue men with fear.
Epiphany thwarted my hell-bound desires;
The Devil had always been here.

There as I stood in the chasm alone,
I found what I knew to be true,
Realization wracked me to the bone,
Hell is to be without you.

— The End —