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Sarah M Weier Nov 2018
At seventeen I fell in love with a boy that had freckles like stars,
His eyes were honey covered emeralds.
Hands of sandpaper and hair of soft curls,
the body of temptation with the aura of lust.

Two years later I long for that boy again.
Sarah M Weier May 2018
He stands at the tide’s edge
My currents clawing at him to come back, beckoning with desperation
The urge to hold a gem again

His skin like melted pearl slightly burned from the sun
His eyes would shine of reflective emeralds with a flake of gold cascading around
His hair were delicate locks of curling chestnut brown
His face filled with freckles that held the secrets of the sky,
He was mesmerizing

Alas he slipped through my fingers
Although I am seduction I had never seen a gem so engaging
In my greed I wanted more when he was enough for me
I sent myself after him, clawing at those who were in my way
But he was swept away

So to my gem,
I never knew something like you could turn my world around
I thought I was seduction but you seduced me

The stars remind me of the beauty of your face
And I hope to find you again soon
Sarah M Weier Apr 2018
I've thrown stones in the river
Watching for their ripples to reach you
Waiting in the freezing water as I shiver
But the waves never reached you

I've prayed during restless nights for you
Only to awake to just the morning dew
Religion hasn’t provided the peace I need
So sinning becomes the answer

With Christ as my witness I inject myself with love
I snort attention and smoke happiness
Under the Chapple, I hide my addiction
I have nowhere else to declare my conviction

Is it quite ironic no?
As I ruin my body with sin I've never hurt as much as I did with you
So I hide in redemption with the pleading of you to find me
With an empty heart and no hope, I flee

On the run from Holiness, all I can think of is the sea
I run till I can no more and pray to God that I find you again
With a broken body and a beaten heart, I fall at the water's edge
But when I look up from the sand I can only see a silhouette
At that moment the sins take my body in a cold sweat
With my seizing eyes closing I see you, falling into the waves

The demons take over as I reach for your hand
Pricking of needles line my arms and bags of need drag my eyes down
Little did I know that you took so much love you fell and began to drown
Inches from you I crawled into the crashing water
I was centimeters from you when my sins pulled me down

We ended as we began, in the water
In the waves we were infinite
But on land, we were two children Hell-bent on affection
And ended up in the world of fixation
Sarah M Weier Jun 2016
You know what, *******
And Dr. Drew couldn't fix you,

Space, it's been weeks
Get over the critiques,

You're being a *****,
Also talking to you was like speaking to a brick,

You never really knew me,
So ******* **** it,
You'll miss this *** that won't quit,

Don't move on and talk to my best friend,
I'm so glad that we did end,
I wasn't happy and you were,
Our time together mine as well be a blur

So admit it hypocrite,
Stop acting like you know everything,
I'm glad so ******* glad
you never gave me a ring.
Sarah M Weier Jun 2016
He gave me an umbrella and
I gave him ink poisoning
But in this world, feelings are banned

So we hide our emotions in each other´s arms
As the phone buzzes with set alarms
The time tears us apart

We say goodbye
I try not to cry
I´ll walk out the door
Wishing one night, I´ll be lucky enough to sleep in your bed with you
once more
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