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  Dec 2015 Sanam ojha
The dog has to ****.
The whole city sleeps.
The dog won't go more than five feet
from me.
I walk five feet from a bush, listening
as the buildings slowly inhale, pause,
and let out a restful breeze.
He sniffs the bush, apparently unaware
of the cold.
I look up, naked branches catching
my eyes and the breeze. They shiver
as white flakes of heavens tears
fall softly all around. The dog finishes
his business, then comes for some
attention. The city still sleeps,
time stands still, and we go back inside.
  Dec 2015 Sanam ojha
Madame Eleanor
I don't miss you.
I miss being held really tight.
I don't miss you,
I miss having someone to sleep beside at night.

I don't miss you,
I miss being kissed sweetly.
I miss hearing someone say they love me.
I miss laughing together,
I miss arguing about who was funnier.
I miss being myself with someone else,
I miss having someone who knew me so well.
But I don't miss you.

I don't miss being ignored,
I don't miss wondering if I was truly yours,
I don't miss finding naked pictures of other girls,
I don't miss you acting so bored.
I don't miss your hurtful words,
I don't miss the broken oaths you swore.
I don't miss you.

I miss your deep blue eyes though,
They were so calming.
I miss you giving me the fluffier pillow,
A small gesture, but it wasn't wasted on me.
I miss your kisses on my forehead and nose.
I miss your laugh, your smile,
I cherished those.
I missed you singing to me,
Such a terrible voice- I found it so comforting.
I miss the hands that held mine,
I miss how our bodies intertwined,
I miss seeing the love in your eyes.
Maybe I do…

No. I can't miss you.
You don't miss me.
Being hung up on you would make me vulnerable, weak.
Something I can't allow myself to be.
That's how boys like you hurt girls like me.
I don't miss you, really
I miss who I thought you were,
not who you turned out to be.
  Dec 2015 Sanam ojha
A crush ---- was when I was in need
I honestly thought ---- was a friend indeed

I held on to ---- so strongly that I started to bleed
Drops of pain confusion and Jealousy I don't know what it is

My mind spins around it self trying to think and it says in between the lines read
Pain and jealousy what could that be
Have I Fallen for someone who won't even look at me

I take out a pen and paper and start drawing trees
In between those trees I draw a small seed
So think mind think
between all those beautiful trees why would someone look at that seed

My mind screams for a wake up call
get over this get over this
And everything starts to fall

A close friend was gone
New friends came along and everyone moved on

I thought it was just a Phase but I was wrong
I don't know what it is but I can't go on

I tried to show it I tried to tell ---- but nothing is working out and I'm tired of feeling down

I convince myself that maybe it's for the best and I should move on
But my feelings won't change and it's stuck like a song

Maybe telling ---- and getting rejected would make it all fade and I can move on
And every time I see ---- the world would stop flipping upside down
Sanam ojha Dec 2015
I ran thousand miles in search of my happiness
but I think I should return back for that I left behind
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