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Sage King Jan 2015
dont save
skymall haikus
box them up  in an unlabeled package
and send them to your aunt.
Sage King Jul 2013
write a letter to a small man
write a letter just for me
write a letter not on books
not on books of painting and sculpture
but on paper you do not deserve my
my quirks, there is no glitter for you
forgiveness, maybe
I hope
I really really please please please hope
not for you though
for me
write a letter to a small tall man
maybe trying to be a better
trying the grab the cake that is labeled
"Eat Me."
Grow again.
but that is for you and I write for me
My peace my slate my beginning
I am
if not, I tried as you are intoxicated by the bottle of
"Drink Me."
Shrink Shrink Gone
but write a letter hoping not
hoping to forgive to set free
and take it have your own peace
but still
there is no glitter for you.
Sage King May 2013
I am joy and envy and oodles of tangles
I only yearn to be someone else in myself
many people to one
and to find find find
my Being in the air.
In the current state of mind at least.
But why does my heart sink and my soul celebrate?
Maybe... I am a beautiful knot
living in a cellar made of sky.
Sage King Mar 2013
One hundred to five to one to one
no one
They don't need your apologies
Come around the stand and say that to my eyes
you don't see
They don't crave verdict driven "sorry"s
nailed to a cross by a stone gavel
Burn that haunted cross
As the hearts and souls of the teaming
wish they could do again
trying to stand against definitions of self
definitions of manhood
little girl, only thirty-three years old
silenced in fear, silenced by fear
as the confident voices blow into her ear
times two
a grip that claims, that yells, that demands
a redefinition to the meaningless phrase
I love you.
Three months--- screams are muffled in horror, quieted verbals
ringing where only one can hear
Seven years---body is sliced by knives as she looks in the mirror
and sees a human hole.
How can you live, how can you say
that you know that everything will be all right with time
Who gets time?
Not ninety-nine thousand
demoralized, demonized, unrecongnized,
set free with a fine, or gone undefined alltogether
as Fear's closet of nails confines a million
ostracized and mortified
unable to band together
thank you judicial priority.
One hundredth of abusers given time
two years later out again
But one hundred-thousand others
hear you tell them
how to heal a womb ***** unsacred,
how to stand against a beast stripped naked,
how to quickly turn a limb placated
before it comes down to bruise her swollen rainbow skin.
And you justify a girl ripped open
entered in agony, her ***** broken
the first time she was eight years old
the hundredth time she was nine.
And you sympathize
as the sad man cries behind the podium
how can you not understand that no means no
no means don't
no means stop
stop means help me.
He understood that
he understood and he disregarded
every being on this rock for his own sick pleasure
I care about you.
he said to himself
Where were you when she got drugged in a bar
Where were you when he was ambushed by orange
Where were you when her husband refused to hear her terrified words
Where were you when they pleaded to anyone
Please please please please, Oh God make it stop
Now where are you behind your news desks, your podiums, your microphones, and your clipboards
when they risk their lives to ask for justice
when they cry out for the safety of their daughters
of your daughters
only so child souls aren't slaughtered
as they are thrown into a system that insists
they are not good enough.
A system of blow-up dolls, of pop songs, of stripper poles
defining a woman as only a hole.
He stole my innocence
You stole my dignity.
You stole my dignity, you stole my daughter's, my granddaughter's, sister's, aunt's, mother's
when you insist that the fix
is covering my body
shielding my ******
and saying no.
No is what I say to you
No is what I say to your apologies, your sympathies, your pities
She shouldn't have to get down on her knees for him
or for you
You say you've seen everything
Maybe you've seen everything
Films, shows, the **** scenes of everything
But you have not experienced everything
And I pray to God
that you have not done everything
But as far as I know, you haven't done anything
And legs and mouth and hearts
will be torn open
as hope is stripped from the holy bodies of the screaming unspoken
over and over and over again
Ninety-nine thousand lives you do deprive
where were you when she died
terrorized when the judge whispered
This poem was written to be slammed, focusing on the revolting ignorance of the justice system concerning cases of ****** abuse and ****. It may be triggering.
Sage King Jan 2013
My smile is made of pixels
little bitty microchips
fitted and clicked together
at the corners of my mouth.

The power goes out
My microchip smile
flickers away
Sage King Jan 2013
I should not
feel as lonely
as I do
But I am
as lonely
as I feel.

I should not
judge my being
on one boy
who does not
even see
who I am.

I should stop
thinking about
what would be
if only
the outside
did not lie.

And then I
will cease the search
for something
that is not,
was never,
even there.
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