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  Apr 2016 Saff
Self-worth is a word that I never had time to learn
  Apr 2016 Saff
The crimson night falls
In a thick covered darkness

The stars and moon above
Hidden away in nocturnal bliss

This night is for the forsaken only
It is hers for the taking

Across the centuries she has searched
A yearning forager of warm human blood

This night she hears your song of sorrow
And invites you into her black silken chamber

Hypnotizing eyes like swirling whirlpools of gray
In a single moment you are mesmerized

As death shrouds her lovely paled form
She sways provocatively to the devils tune

Delighting yourself in her dark kingdom dance
Wishing her to be the queen of your empty castle

She is the hot fire that chars your skin
She is the cold ice that numbs your mind

Her love poison burning like an everlasting ember
Setting your weakened veins on fire

Blood drips from her lips with its dark ruby richness
As you crave her immortal kiss
  Apr 2016 Saff
Syaff S
Be still, be here
Stay still, stay near
Beside me, consider this
Still life by your bedside.

Glances and pauses,
the blush in your eyes,
The sudden rush,
as you passed by.

My greatest fear,
of you no longer here.
You left but you're still here.
  Apr 2016 Saff
Please be with someone who will embrace the thorns in your body with her naked hands and bared feet.

Be with someone who will mend all your broken bones and stitch your open wounds.

Be with someone who will love the features you hate the most and find you beautiful anyway.

Be with someone whose heart is big, so big that she would choose to have it half for herself so she could give the other half to you until you learn how to love again.

Be with someone who will look at you with all the love in this world so doubtless and certain that she would never trade you for the world.

Be with someone who will not have it any other way even when you are in your lowest state and all your puzzles are left unsolved but still finds the missing pieces when all she ever was, is weary.

Be with someone who will carry you and take you home when you are drunk or sick even when all she had was a spine full of injuries.

Be with someone whose dreams are the most beautiful because she never forgets to include you in them.

Please be with someone who will do everything I've failed to do. Someone who can give you all that I never did.

— The End —