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 Mar 2016 Sa Sa Ra
CA Guilfoyle
In this desert
I touch the ocean within,
here where I abandon all plans,
I spend hours watching cloud formations
of flowers blooming violet, red.
I travel to the sanctuary of the soul
each morning, sit silent
at the altar of dawn.
you are speaking
but I can't grasp your meaning
slippery words
My heart was stolen
by a beautiful woman
she taught me to love
like i had never before
and i lost myself in her
living off the beauty there
wanting and asking for more
but she could never commit
and that is how it remained
for many wonderful years
but due to outside pressure
our lives were pulled asunder
i lost her to family
to money and to power
now i am down for the count
but i will get right back up
happy for what we did have
it was a wild crazy ride
and i love her for all that
so i wish for her the best
and i will always owe her
my undying gratitude
for sharing with me completely
her mind, her soul, her body
her beauty as a woman
every detail of her
a sublime intimacy
singed into my memory
you taught me about myself
and plumbed my capacity
to care and to empathize
and to take a chance on love
to that end i still remain
an unrepentent sinner
a believer in true love
and willing to take the fall
whenever love calls
 Jul 2015 Sa Sa Ra
Alex Apples
I never cared for astronomy,
he says,
unabashed by her dubious eyebrows.
It's too big. Too...much. I much
preferred the microbes
to the stars.

Her gaze clings to the constellations
the galaxies
the suns pulsating
singing at different frequencies.

She sings of them
to herself
not to him
in a voice breathless and halting
in awe.

the lightning veined skies.
How freeing it is to be
not creator.
To be the beloved,
small thing.

Beneath they stand
the electric crown of thorns
throbbing arcs of mercury
striking spurs of white hot fire.

Let my lungs fill
with wet, warm air I did not measure.

The thunder drums
from one end of sky to the other
rolling the palpitation of her heart.

We are fleeting, yet
we are eternal.

And she would forget the ***** of gravel on her feet
and that he was watching
and the breath of storm on her bare legs
and the smell of soaked stones
and the sparks of rain
on her lenses.

But he would not.

Here's the thing,
he says softly, in
an unwhisper, because
he doesn't know how to be quiet.

I've always known I was smart
but being with you
has made me
 Jul 2015 Sa Sa Ra
Julie Artemov

Rubies and sapphires
Rolled off your tongue,
Long legs and crimson lips,
Abysmally endless,
Muscled stallions and mares,
To take you everywhere,
Sweet and delicious,
Anything you taste,
Alexander would've bowed,
They could call you Midas,
With fingers of gold,

You asked for wisdom,
Man of God
He gave you the world.
 Jul 2015 Sa Sa Ra
 Jul 2015 Sa Sa Ra
it is important to let the person whom you
wish to give your affection to know that
they are the one you dream about at night and
only wish to show your desires to.
the way I communicate is through my body,
for all of my touches and the sway if my hips mean
more than your mind could ever imagine.
if you think about it, you'll realize that
the smoothness of my fingertips as they
caress your bare chest means that I
want to feel what your gorgeous heartbeat
has to say to me whenever I touch you.
you must know what my kisses mean by now,
for you blush every time I give you one.
and my eyes? while they may not physically touch you,
they do their best to connect with each and every part of you,
including your mind. they wish to let every single crevice of you know
that I am here, and that I wish to feel you in ways you could never

I know I have a way with words, but
sometimes it's just best to leave it up to my body and touches to
show you the rest.
school is fast approaching, and this too, must come to an end.
I'll show you as best as I can until then.
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