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Ryan O'Leary May 2019
Mightier than mites,
stalag trees steered
our eyes, skyward,
from the high hills
of County Wicklow.
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2019
It rained in the night,
one would have thought
that, in addition to the
hosing down of the area
where I mixed concrete,
the residue of cement
would have been washed

Not so, at 7 am I discovered
what appeared, a dead ver
de terre.

I dipped it in fresh water,
not easy to wash a worm,
but, my efforts were duly

Back on the Irish misted
grass, the previously stiff
stick of spaghetti began to

Enough to alert the hen
blackbird with young in
the next hedge row.

Away it went wiggling
with delight, perhaps
with a slight tinge of
Portland ™.

Nothing better to toughen
up a baby bird.
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
Willie was a home birth
during a flood of 1950.

It was a fireman cut the
umbilical cord anchoring
Willie to his mother.

He took off, out the top
window and drifted towards
Duck and Donie’s sweet shop.

Neighbours in a similar
predicament looked down
at the floating object.

Mrs Golden was first to
shout out -
“ It’s a Buoy, It’s a Buoy “.
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018

When Willie was given a
divers face mask on the Ryan Air
flight to Holland, he thought
they were travelling with the top
down due to the heat and that
the visor was for flies and dust.
Willie went to Amsterdam to
give a lecture on water management
to the Dutch.
Ryan O'Leary Nov 2018
At          poetry             in             and
      sea               comes      waves


Currently on The Connemara Ferry
from Santander in Spain, to Cork IRL.
12th November 2018, 10:37 C.E.T.
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
Years ago I recall fountain
pens with filling systems
similar to surgical syringes.

Submerge the tip below the
inlet siphon, pull the silver
shaft, then watch it fill.

I still write everything in ink,
it is the blood of creativity, I
use the nib for mainlining \ /
------------------------------------ ˚-------------------------------------------------------
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
Tears are acquitted when the gates
of grief are overwhelmed by sorrow.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 2018
If the retina of light
is in shadow night's
in mischievous wink!
Ryan O'Leary Feb 4
Ryan O'Leary Oct 10
Karma is ( a mark ) chosen
for retrospective misdeeds
which are constantly being
registered by the universe.
Ryan O'Leary Apr 2019
A black and a white convict were
knocked down and killed by a
myopic transgender driver at a
poorly lit pedestrian crossing
directly opposite an ophthalmologist
surgery, in the state of Iowa, at dusk.
Ryan O'Leary Jun 23
The statue of limitations
has just fallen foul of its
own threshold and thus
tumbled with the Dow
into an abysmal decline.

Loud cheering is heard
as pedestals of privilege
are asset stripped and
dumped into bonfires
of universal celebration.
Ryan O'Leary Jul 2
Borders are fuses which
can be lit from both ends.
Ryan O'Leary Feb 2019
The Irish Haiku
association have
abbreviated their
/ /
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2019
/ /
She said to leave the
windscreen wipers
in the P I S A position
if it was necessary for
her to bring a ******™.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
It is a crass of its own, where
grace is not a state in spite of
having fifty to choose from.

It is where vulgarity is still in
copyright and where trade
marks are registered peccant's.

It is where fashion is forsaken
it is where decorum is disected
it is wear three stripes and your out.
Ryan O'Leary Jan 31
Count Dracula was
dunce of Transylvania
       he was known as clot
Ryan O'Leary Jan 28
I thought I was her
    perfect match,
until she struck me!
Ryan O'Leary Jul 2018
If time is money &
clocks have hands,
then why have they
not got pockets?
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2018
We are FED up
with the DOW ns
Ryan O'Leary Jul 2018
Dry saliva

Teeth of steel

Growl groan

Growl groan

You've heard

The saw dog

B   A   R   K
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
the domain  
of butterflies
lateral thinking,

can no longer be
considered and act
of deflection!

Reflection, possibly,
but Paul Cezane said
that there are no --------
lines in nature!!
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
The crescent moon is vertical
because of the last wave it
  surfed before the horizon.
Ryan O'Leary Apr 30
Crescent moon.
         Meade honeysuckle.
Nocturnal leprechauns
When I wake my insomnia
has been induced by a lack
of caffeine, soon after, I am
full of beans, of a fine grind!
Ryan O'Leary Sep 30
There's no virus
no Covid Corona

it's like ******* on
streets in Pamplona

but some want a jab
from a hoax of a lab

flown in by Ryan Air
to Girona.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 6
Somebody muffled a whisper
in my ear, I pretended to hear

I can't lip read in the dark

Someone's got a squiggly sign
but all I see is the figure 9

I can't visualise it's mark

Everyone's got a vaccination
without trials their tribulation

They can't espy no light it's stark.
Ryan O'Leary Nov 1
Joe is of the impression
is a Bidet and he wonders
why Donny T spends such
a lot of time there, well, it
looks like he'll never know!
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2018
20/20 vision or illusion,
an eclipse or anticipation!

Have you breached the buffers?
Ryan O'Leary Nov 2018
Every time the phone
rings, I expect it is from
the hospital.

I don't know if it is
negative anticipation,
or intuition.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 2018
I I I can can can't
re re reply to to you
your Ec Ec Echo be be
because I I I ha ha ha
have a a sp spe speech
im im im impediment.
Ryan O'Leary Jul 2018
Just because rugby *****
look like vaginas, there is
no need for the Lillywhites
to feel like a pack of c()nts.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 10
Mr. Jack Daw of the
Royston Crow Bar
called for a round of
drinks on the house.                

A Raven head served
Rooks with Mag Pies
and Nut Crackers.

What a Carrion, but
the Jay walkers were
Chough’ed with it.
Ryan O'Leary May 7
Sail through
air as crow

Quilled oars

paddle wind

bow beaked.

Claw leg heels
nail anchor keels.

Hollow ***** shafted
fringed weathervanes.

Plumed rudder, red
admiral of route.

Port - starboard
optical peepers
vertigo stabilisers.

Altitude latitude.

Black blinks.

Ink hued horizon.

Pawn perches
leafy land mast.

White's aurora !
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2019
The crows beak was long
enough to peck the silver
top of the milk bottles when
we were young in Ireland.

To a depth of the cream,
then, they'd turn their heads
side ways, look down to see
why the taste had changed.

About that time of morning,
first bakes of the day would
be out on the window sills,
'till cool enough to be cut.

Before being caught, they
would have all the raisins
plucked from the crusts, as
we went to fetch the milk!
Ryan O'Leary Jul 2018
Just because there is a window
in an envelope, does not mean
it is bad news.

If it was accompanied with lace
curtains or shutters, then one
might become suspicious.

My friend lives on a Lighthouse,
in Finisterre, the first female
keeper in France.

Madame Lumiere, she is known
as locally and to the ships in the

Her abode is like a snow dome,
full visibility, twenty four seven.
So, all her letters have portholes.

Next time you ponder mail, with
a glazed look, reflect before you
open it and think about Samantha.
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2019
Life after Messi's
Net Flicks will be
like eating unstrained
spaghetti without sauce.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 20
I think that instead of
face masks people would
be far less prone to catching
Covid if they were to wear
ear muffs because the other
two Monkeys tested positive.
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2018
I have written a poem
with a drone a candle
    a wick and a Gat
Ryan O'Leary May 4
* #
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2018
* #
Spider goes on line,
\ /
Ryan O'Leary Jul 24
\ /
China tell Pompeo
  fork off now he
    learn chopstic
    and mandarin
           ha ha
          <> " <>
\ /
Ryan O'Leary Apr 5
\ /
Because of the impending
food shortages after Wall
St. writing turns to graffiti
with malicious content.

I have begun to scale back
my consumption just to
be prepared for such an
eventually and I discovered
that by chewing more, one
eats less, but not only that!

No more forking, as it has
been my observation for
some time now, that all the
cultures using chopsticks
suffer less from obesity
than the rest of the world.

Today it took me a half an
hour to finish my porridge,
the boiled egg even longer.
\ /
Ryan O'Leary Mar 17
\ /
Tell Uncle Ben that the
orangey lemony colour
in his rice is not saffron
but The Yellow Peril as
has been prophesied &
oh, President Xi sent a
pair of chopsticks with
a metaphorical message.
\ /
Ryan O'Leary Oct 29
\ /
America not being able  
to beat rice farmers of
Vietnam does not bode
well for a war on its own
ground against article 2
of their constitution pitting
the army against its people,
with guns, not Chopsticks.
\ /
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2019
\ /
Japan versus Ireland
Rice versus Potatoes.
Ryan O'Leary Jan 31
syllable hostage
     turns up on missing poster
            with dyslexia
Ryan O'Leary Nov 1
My mask was made
in Wuhan the capital
of Chinese Covid 19
which has a chopsticks
symbol in the shape of
a Harvey Smith under
the nostrils which could
be a clothes peg metaphor
but then again it might be
something totally different
with good intentions like
a wishbone for example.
Ryan O'Leary Jul 2018
i j

The reason i and j are side
by side in the alphabet, is so
that Braille people can learn
how to do a Harvey Smith.
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
Hold On A Second.

If, the hands were wings
and there was no glass
    on the clock face-
       time could fly.
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