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5h · 10
Local Chords
Harry Stringer thought
of a great idea during
lockdown, guitar lessons
on line.

He bought 2 dozen pegs
and hung the chords up
along the cable between
his back fences.

Crows liked it but the locals
were confused because Harry
was a left handed dyslexic with
Charles Bonnett Syndrome.
9h · 27
Land Fill Sites
There are and always have
been areas in the world for
dumping of human waste.
The Antipodes being the
favoured land fill area is
by far the most used, even
to this day, there is plenty
evidence of that, as can be
seen in the attached link !
10h · 26
"Recall All "
Oxford Astra Zeneca
is a faulty car, which
has been recalled due
to a dangerous flaw in
the UK production line.

Opel Astra is deemed
to be safe no problems.
11h · 24
Aardvark Seen
A rare sighting by day
to boot, of a known
nocturnal in Hyde Park
wearing a Corona, tongue
out gasping for air with
convulsions and eyes
rolling in the head
incontinent frothing from
the mouth.

A passer by said it was a
Guinea Pig from Africa.

Not quite, another replied,
but it was used to test the
Oxford Astra Zeneca    /
23h · 14
Lace curtains and
                 fish net visors are
the first signs of
        mad women darkened
windows and
                        black widows.
1d · 20
Passed Present
I can't imagine.

I'm permanently present
where consciousness has
no tolerance for dreaming.

Imagine a pendulum, if you
can, that is. The arc has three
dimensions, past present and

Both the Tick and the Tock are
differentiated by their distinct
sound difference, the latter being
past, of course.

But note that the present is not
referenced and that is because
one needs no reminding of what
is essentially always now.

Well, I say that as one who does not
regret the past nor do I want to control
the future.

Why would I even want to when I am
perfectly content to live in the hypnosis
of an oscillation suspended from a fulcrum
where the opposing forces of past/future
are maintained by a state of perpendicular
equilibrium and that can only ever be
achieved by not being a slave to time,
routine, repetition or expectation.

I do not wear a watch, I don't own a cell-
phone nor a micro wave, so I am not a
Pavlov type person, "now needs no alarm".

That is why time bombs are always set to
explode in the future, whereas a letter bomb
could be delayed and arrive late or in the
past, virtually, so, now is the safest place to be.

If you find yourself at the wrong stop, then
you were absentminded and passed present.

Be careful, there may be a package there,
ticking ticking not tocking, don't open it.

                          It is not a gift.
1d · 32
For the wheel
Haiku wheel rim spoke
                   we'll rendezvous at the hub
to find our bearings


There is a Haiku wheel at the
Oliver Cornet Gallery in Dublin.
1d · 9
Tanks Giving
The military industrial complex
has nothing to celebrate because
Trump is the first president in 40
years not to have instigated a war.

But they are just Biden their time
as it will all start up again soon
since the prostate of American
venom has reached its capacity.

Thorn people on the side of the
middle east, where the evil-live,
need appeasing and no better
people to do it than Democrats.
1d · 15
The indigenous Irish
always dug with the
left foot, Protestants
used their right, it's a
way of identification.
But without a doubt,
the Paddy's were far
more efficient at it.
The earth shows up
those of value and
those who are good
for nothing, to be sure.
2d · 14
It's Time
I just had a reminder at 16:02 GMT
advising me that it was time to clean
my Mac!

This morning I was at a funeral, it
rained cats and dogs and I had no

So, whoever you are that sent me
this message is misinformed I'm in
Ireland, Mac's never need cleaning.
2d · 14
Better with Brussels
than without British.
Uneaten bread goes
to waste, eaten bread
goes to waist also this
is why the Pandemic
is endemic, minutes
on the lips forever on
the hips, Karma has
come to save Ireland
from evil neighbours
and the protestants in
the north can go back
to Scotland where they
came from initially UK
***** close the tunnel.
2d · 13
Trump pardons Turkey
                 Erdogan minces his words
Armenia Kurds
3d · 103
Useless Eaters
The Globalists are in position
Their Vaccine is almost ready
And no, it is not a coincidence
That Gates is watching like a
Spider behind a webbed curtain
In one of his many windows
Just waiting to offer the killing
Venomous sting of Pat. 060606
Which will be made compulsory.
When I wake my insomnia
has been induced by a lack
of caffeine, soon after, I am
full of beans, of a fine grind!
3d · 25
Daily Dose
look at the Far Side®
then grind the coffee beans
this is the order of our days, no other
sequence to these permutations, unless that is,
one is an insomniac, then, there's no need for caffeine,
therefore, those sleepless, can at least be stimulated in Seattle.
3d · 39
Knaves Trumps
I was wrong about Trump
was sure he'd be re-elected.

Perhaps I'm wrong about
Covid, that it's not a hoax?

Elections/viruses are about
numbers, dead man voting.
3d · 34
3 - 2 = 1
An omnivore a herbivore
and a carnivore went for
a walk in the desert but
only one of them returned.

At the oasis they stopped
for a drink but there was
no food only vegetation
which the herbivore had.

Hmmm said the carnivore
(to himself) while he and
the omnivore tossed a coin
to decide who'd eat what.

The carnivore won the toss
so it was his choice to eat
either of the other two, but
the herbivore intervened.

He said, I was excluded
while I was having my
fill, so to be fair I should
toss the coin and I choose.

Choose what, the carnivore
said, you wont eat any of
us that is why we left you
out, you are not included.

Ok then, the herbivore said,
I'm not partial to either of
you, yet both of you would
eat me given the opportunity.

In that case, I toss and I will
call heads or tails and I will
decide which one of you gets
to eat me, that seems only fair.

The carnivore and omnivore
agreed to this and with that
the herbivore tossed the coin
up up and it landed in the tree.

He set off up the trunk while
the other two looked on in a
slight state of confusion and
by then they were both hungry.

The herbivore arrived at the
summit and said that he had
found the coin but he couldn't
recall which side he selected.

Tell you what I'll do he said,
I will toss it from here and
as I in the tree, I will decide
who eats who of you two.

Down the coin came flipping
summersaulting and turning
edgeways landing in the sand
in an indecisive position.

Ah well the herbivore said it
means it was a draw so you
will have to come to your own
conclusion I’ve got plenty up here.

A vicious fight ensued at the base
of the tree, they were both wounded
seriously, but the carnivore overcame
the omnivore and began to cannibalise.


I am stuck for an ending, I need more
time to think about it as I am a vegan
and I want to live to tell the tale.
5d · 16
Social - distancing is why
we have borders apartheid
burkas and discrimination.

Perimeter fences, canyons, pale's
hell, heaven, limbo, purgatory
all separated by our sinning.

Walls of wisdom erected by
God are mountains and rivers
are moats without drawbridges.

We are naturally racists it's in our
genetic make up or why else are
our governments reminding us?

              Lest We Forget.
5d · 44
.We're all the junctions
     of peoples paths through
     life regardless of our own
    inertia by remaining at the
  unmarked crossroads where
destinations of uncertainty are
seen as antonyms of adventure
and why it is I started with a stop
5d · 29
In Spring Summer
they impede our
sunshine rationing.

In Autumn Winter
they give no shelter
from our Irish rain.
5d · 35
Noreen R.I.P.
There was a magnetic
field in our terrace, a
gravitational pull, the
attraction of opposites
likes or simply different.

We all washed up on her
door step, tidal orphans
some of us, ebbed by the
surf to be beach-combed
by here ever open arms.
5d · 21
Iron horse whistles
                             territorial stallion
rears to rouse the mares
7d · 12
Hovid 6|
I think Hovid
is a Coax and
soon a crime
to speak so in
public there-
-fore we have
decided write
the numerals
upside down
Hovid 6| will
be code name
metaphor for
those in fear.
Nov 19 · 26
Sick, Orwell ?
Ryan O'Leary Nov 19
.          The vaccine has been
         prophesied long before
        now and as the title here
      suggests in a metaphorical
    questionable reference there's
     a reason to suspect that it has
     has been designed especially
    for the purpose of a genocidal
        culling of the population.
  I  would be particularly worried
  if I was in their target categories.
Nov 18 · 32
La France
Ryan O'Leary Nov 18
White Flags Yellow Vests
          CC Seigneurs
Capitulators dans le Nord
Collaborators dans le Sud.
1789 was a fratricide not a
revolution, they beat up on
feeble aristocrats should've
been the bureaucrats hence
why a frog can no longer be
a prince that's really Grimm.
Nov 18 · 15
Bame dUcK's
Ryan O'Leary Nov 18
The UK is trying to gloss
over a colourful illusion of
racial harmony, equality
fairness, their love of past
wars and imperial gluttony.

Nobody's buying British
******* anymore, English
Scots and Welsh are unified
points in a septic trident of
an evil trifecta, (being shafted).

Bring on Brexit the sooner your
isolation begins the better, ****
up the channel tunnel, let them
eat fish and chips and may the
Irish cloud factories darken you.

Where west each wind is born
mischievous Gaels with pots of
vapoured broth disperse its brew
and laced with ancient potions
concoct a drape to cloak the saxon horde.
Nov 17 · 12
Big Pharma
Ryan O'Leary Nov 17
She is Big Brothers sister
and since probate's been
finalised (quite sometime
since he was sick, or well)
his estate is her inheritance.

Genocide of the elderly or
unproductive animals will
be her first duty as the farm
can no longer maintain or
sustain practices of era 1984.

Landfill burial procedures of
last century are a redundant
form of carcass disposal, the
Krupps™ technique is going
to be employed universally.

She anticipates that by 2024
forty years after her sibling's
initial concept was conceived,
the first tsunami of Pfizer's ©
victims will be exterminated.

There will be plentiful grazing
for the younger beasts and a
lot more accommodation, plus
an abundance of Winter feed
which was becoming a problem.

Gated® communities will no
longer exist thanks to the new
patent 060606 which will allow
branding again, thus permitting
free ranging via the GPS systems.
Nov 16 · 14
Ryan O'Leary Nov 16
The weather stays the same
for the majority of nature,
but for migratory species.
Trees grass and grazers are
content with what they get.

Humans are never happy,
always complaining, even
about those self same climates
of which have been historically
the perfect symbiosis of place.

The art of change is not about
about making things different,
but, by accommodating same
without any impositions, except,
for the use of umbrellas in Ireland.
Nov 15 · 22
J .˚. B
Ryan O'Leary Nov 15
It is not a JCB
nor is it a JOB
but it is a JAB
can you see a
liquid bubble
that's the new
micro chip an
injectable blob
which is why
your personal
details will be
taken when it
is distributed.
\                  /
  \              /
    \          /
      \      /
        \  /
Nov 15 · 24
Bored Room Meeting
Ryan O'Leary Nov 15
Scheduled for next week end
the organisers have begun to
fill the hall with bunk beds as
sleepy Joe is the main speaker.
Nov 15 · 15
pine tree
Ryan O'Leary Nov 15
It was where he went
and sat to reminisce
when the melancholy
of loss overcame him.

In the fall it shed its
foliage of tiny acorns
by a carpeted trunk
for separated lovers.

The suspended silhouette
stilled, wind paused, times
pendulum ceased mid arc,
two broken hearts united.
Nov 14 · 31
Mirror Error
Ryan O'Leary Nov 14
Donald Tusk issued a writ
stating Elephant Man need
not wear a Covid face mask.

Last week, Italy and France
offered Pinocchio and Cyrano
de Bergerac a similar immunity.

Willie Eaton continues to wear
one, despite a ****** recognition
sign on his bathroom mirror
Nov 14 · 26
Barnard Castle.
Ryan O'Leary Nov 14
Christmas is Cummings -
but no red noses this year,
masks, with contact lenses
for short sighted AWOL'ers.
Nov 14 · 22
Haiku Epitaph
Ryan O'Leary Nov 14
In Irish graveyards
                       karma crows perch on headstones
of those they once cursed
Nov 14 · 16
Ryan O'Leary Nov 14
We voted for change,
the only constant in
life, but why did we
get globalists instead
of populists, they must
have put our [ X's ] in
the chocolate boxes ?


This year no pardon for the
Turkey because Americans
have just shown the world
how dumb they actually are.
Nov 13 · 17
An Anomaly
Ryan O'Leary Nov 13
A couple of Pisces who by
coincidence were Gemini's
decided to get the gills and
go over to Finn's who was a
schizophrenic called Leo, his
wife was a Virgo from down
under or at least she said she
was, they both liked Aquarius
so they were preparing a move
to Aquitaine near Bordeaux
because they found Mallow
way too wet, hence an anomaly.
Nov 13 · 22
Foster Imposter
Ryan O'Leary Nov 13
Behind every fortune
there is a crime which
is why philanthropy is
the contrition for evil.

Pennies of penitents
seeking an absolution
or amnesty from their
retrospective karma.

The pilgrims pathway
has no lay-by for those
who's shrines are located
at journeys provenance.

Hands of charity wear no
gloves when they serve
from windowless hatches
without the bells or Pavlov.

For Bill Gates.
Nov 12 · 28
Ryan O'Leary Nov 12
I suppose we were naive to
think that because we were
human we were not being

I suppose we were naive to
think that equality was even
a possibility when there were
blacks and women.

I suppose we were naive to
think that getting the vote
was something we earned
through protest.

I suppose we were naive to
think equal opportunity was
social evolution not a devious
way to get us in the workforce.

I suppose we were naive to
think because we were white
that we had a special status
and superior to other races.

I suppose we were naive
to think that because we were
carnivores we were at the top
of the animal pyramid.

I suppose were naive to
think that populism was our
liberation from the fascism
of the left.

I suppose we were naive
to think the exceptional's
were more astute than the

I suppose we were naive
think that Americans could
see that Trump was holding
up the grand social reset.

I suppose we were naive
to think the vaccination
was designed after the
Corona Virus began.

I suppose we were
I suppose we are
I suppose we think
that we're not naive?
Nov 12 · 37
Ryan O'Leary Nov 12
.                              I
                     under stood
                  because I'm on a
        pedestal but if the positions
were reversed it would be upskirting
Nov 12 · 19
Buck$ Pfizer
Ryan O'Leary Nov 12
A mandatory vaccination
which has a DNA altering
ingredient that will effect
the reproduction of black
people as they are slowly
becoming a pest nuisance
just like the Rabbits back
in the last century. There
are many variants of the
injection, it is enforcement
of ****** at its finest only
going to prove that ******
was right, or why replicate?
Nov 11 · 21
Ryan O'Leary Nov 11
It is astounding how alike
we are and one would only
ever note such sameness by
living in France because the
French maintain that at noon
only, an Anglo Saxon would
ever call to ones door or ring
pendant le déjeuner. The Irish
have inherited a lot more than
language malheuresmant, that
same disinterest in food is an
inherent aspect of the culture,
as is intruding on those with
an appreciation of designation.
Nov 11 · 14
Ryan O'Leary Nov 11
New game has begun a
second deck introduced
the Trump's removed &
so, Biden commences with
a High Chaperone holding
reins of the apocalyptic
horses recently shod, hob
nailed for the sole purpose
of Trampassing the plains
people during what will
be a corporate stampede
already in process hence
the dust masks which are
all part of corral procedure
as the herding and branding
is about to begin now that
you have all been opiated
by that same media which
has been designed to keep
you and abject ignorance.
You have just entered the
gates of Shiloh, Judge Garth
has sentenced you, the dark
sinister silent one riding the
white horse is Satan incognito
The Virginian, Betsy was a lure.
Nov 11 · 14
After Math
Ryan O'Leary Nov 11
Go figure
Count Dracula has
moved to Pencil Vania
currently playing noughts
and crosses in Scranton on a
Scrabble board with Joe Biden
who has just requested an eraser
maintains he put an X in the wrong bo[x]
the Count has protested said he was cheating.
Nov 10 · 232
Dear Santa
Ryan O'Leary Nov 10
I would like to have
the Covid 19 vaccine
for Christmas, please
leave it in the stocking
at end of bed beside the
loaded shotgun that I
keep in case of intruders.
Nov 10 · 31
Ryan O'Leary Nov 10
My right to think is
being compromised
by my right to speak
what remains is left.

Adjective: Left

leftist, left-winger, socialist; militant, zealot,
extremist, fanatic, diehard; informal ultra, red;
derogatory Bolshevik, Bolshevist. (Democrats)

ANTONYMS conservative, reactionary; moderate.
Nov 9 · 22
Ryan O'Leary Nov 9
I chiseled out her name
on a tree with a heart &
a peace maker but as it
was a deciduous with
the sap and leaves gone
to ground, I will have to
wait until Spring to see
if there's a cupid's arrow.
Nov 9 · 14
Good Biden
Ryan O'Leary Nov 9
Americans will from now on
be governed by the media and
the corporates including Gates.

The Democrats are complaisant
and it won't take long for people
to regret the mistake they've made.

Trump was a rogue, loud, anything
you wish to brand him, but it was
all visible, quiet dogs bite postmen.
Nov 9 · 22
Ryan O'Leary Nov 9
Do you see me in the

Bet you don't, but I'm

Plastic wrapped on a
fridge shelf.

I used to have eyes ears
and two nostrils.

You know, holes, like in
a six pack.

They thumbed and
indexed with one hand.

The other held a knife
to slit my throat.

I squealed, nobody listened
Ryan O'Leary Nov 8
The windscreen wipers on Irish
vehicles are not symbiotically
in ratio with the rhythm of rain.

It's only at cow or rail crossings one
finds sufficient time and vision to
read what has been index fingered
on the backs of mud splattered trucks
while they were stopped on the RED.

Number protruding license plates are
already illegible, brake lights and tail
lights dimmed by that friendly dirt that
sticks like a stray dog would to you.
Impossible to discern which are which.

Indicators, but for flashing, could
be those of a Sacred Heart lamp.

    "Mobile Library Rural Service "

Elevated enough from the road to have
escaped the back wash of tandem axle'd
wheels with tyres treaded sufficiently to
pass the warrant of fitness thus capable
of ejecting sullied slime high enough into
the air to efficiently tarnish at least a four
car tail back on the medieval roading system.

At least, there was a piece of graffiti, or be
it moving art (albeit unfinished) to read.

                   I tried to join Men-
            -sa but my Haiku was a
                      wee bit too lo
Nov 8 · 11
Ryan O'Leary Nov 8
.    Truth is a calculated

    Lying’s a premeditated

       No comment is not
               an opinion

         Silence is guilt by

       Repentance deserves
             no forgiveness

     Confession is the art of
      concealing falsehoods

      If honesty was valued
     penance wouldn’t exist

        Al's a teetotaller but
           he goes on Anon

     His candour’s concealed
      sans vino non est veritas

   There must be no contrition
     Hell's where the Hooley is.
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