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Sep 4 · 22
Time Capsule
Ryan O'Leary Sep 4
Couples go by
cobblestones ring

Leaving coming

Light fading
leaves dropping

I’m in Nomad’s

No fixed abode

En passant
where next

At the will of

The opposite
of fear

Should I be

Accept things

Never mind the

I’m in the now
of the known

Futures is a market
I have no stall

The Buck has
been passed.
Sep 3 · 24
Knowing Me & U.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 3
Palindromes are self absorbed
mirror images of themselves
egotistical introverted and they
have no antonyms, narcissistic,
regardless, everyone loves ABBA.
Sep 1 · 31
Amphibious Dreams
Ryan O'Leary Sep 1
There comes a time when we are
all confronted by something or other.

Many people choose their chalenges
imagine the hunger strikers.

What about people on death row
not knowing from one day to the next.

Our destinies are unavoidable, we
wake and begin our daily battles.

Darkness and sleep are an escape for
some, but nightmares exist for others.

Some have fragile minds sensitive perhaps
is a better definition, insomnia saves them.

Daymares are far less frightening than
their nocturnal counterparts.

Sleepwalkers high tail it after they ****
the bed during their amphibious dreams.
Sep 1 · 24
Uncle Scram
Ryan O'Leary Sep 1
Bye Biden America
Kabul is the Afghan's
Sigh Gone your second
Vietnam, where next?
Try Kim, he’s waiting to
show you his chopsticks.

           \ /  you
Aug 30 · 28
Ryan O'Leary Aug 30
The dogs don’t need to know,
but it's hard to hide from them.

Suitcases are a dead give away,
especially now, with the wheels.

Nobody thinks of lifting them,
so they hear ones every move.

I was conscious of that and
sneaked them into the car.

If we are vigilant, we can do the
manoeuvre and trick the animals.


Just as we were about to part
I discovered Mona, a stowaway.


Mona is a Foxie.
Aug 29 · 14
Endless Circles
Ryan O'Leary Aug 29
This too will pass providing
there is ample room on the
road of your misadventure.

Looking in rear view mirrors
does little to assist and using
windscreen wipers is futile.

Past and future are not noted
on signposts at traffic junctions,
that's why we have roundabouts.
Aug 29 · 18
Ryan O'Leary Aug 29
Shorter days don’t equate
to longer sleeps

Blackness makes us nocturnal
until the lamps are turned out

It is then that our diurnal
instincts are confused

Light into darkness should
be a graduation in ratio

Edison was an insomniac
suffering from nyctophobia.
Aug 29 · 16
Ryan O'Leary Aug 29
If you move a beehive more than
its width, the swarm will be lost.

Potted plants can suffer, even die
if changed to certain locations.

People are meant to be more
resilient, we migrate, like birds.

But a time must come when old
swallows decide to give it a miss.
Aug 29 · 13
Ryan O'Leary Aug 29
We have no right to be depressed and
the suppressed have no rights either.

I got insomnia, so they tell me that I
should try counting sheep.

I only ever see black ones, in the dark
they are hard to tot up, without a pen.

Besides, my wife is from New Zealand
so I don’t want to make her homesick.

At least I have tinnitus so I can listen
to that without it bothering her.

Venus passes the window at 3 am, takes
approximately an hour, keeps me occupied.

But, always a but, and the but is this, what
if there are clouds? then it’s curtains.

The first planes to arrive at CDG begin
around 5am, a bit of entertainment.

Pending on the light and in the absence of
roosters the dawn chorus is Pigeon Crow’d.

Then comes that same truck with the loose
bin that rumbles over the speed bumps.

Nature calls, ***** and Mona will need to
go out on the grass to relieve themselves.

Time to unwind, de-foetalling takes a bit of
Aug 17 · 20
Ryan O'Leary Aug 17
Uncle Scram is on the Lam
  left Kabul and Sigh Gone.
  The Taliban have proved
   they can look how their
         fight has shone.

  But G.I. blues it rhymes
  with loose they thought
    it was another cruise.

    In God we trust is out
      of date Allah’s fans
     they had more faith.
Aug 17 · 29
Uncle Scram
Ryan O'Leary Aug 17
Empire with no clothes
no brains either, seen
running, chased by
Afghan hounds.

In God they trusted.

Allah got the upper hand.
Aug 8 · 35
Ryan O'Leary Aug 8
Poets can pause the winds
long enough for clouds to
peer into gardens, en passant.

We are in a pod, better again,
a walled womb; where sunshine
and shadows cohabit ensemble.

Butterflies orientate in straight
lines, serendipitous bees alight,
but are never keen to leave.

Birds build extra nests for the
ne’er-do-wells, which are stored
internally over winter.

Climbing roses race wisterias
to the eaves, kerb'd lawns look
on with gleeful envy.

Filtered air is sieved through
linden leaves. Sound is hidden
behind pales of silence.

It is an island and there is
no lighthouse to find us, we
have discovered nirvana.
Aug 7 · 165
The Crying Blame
Ryan O'Leary Aug 7
What heart could be so
faint, as let a welled up
reservoir of love congeal.

Free flowing sap, to tacky
resin turns, then ebbs with
blame and slicks my tears
of innocence.

Weep in vain, sob in silence,
lament a lifetime and mourn
the marriage of our making.

Pine, wither, weaken, waste
away, rue, regret and yearn
for what we once had together.
Aug 7 · 23
Je Regrette Tous
Ryan O'Leary Aug 7
I have enough of The French
their shutters, opening hours,
restrictions, and speed limits.

Everyone goes to bed with the
hens, so 'Le Joie de Vivre' has
a self imposed ****** curfew.

Vive La France, Le Coq Sportif
Allez Le Bleu, La Résistance
are all a load of made up Merde.

Charles de Gallstone high tailed
it across the channel after he
hoisted Le Drapeau Blanche.

F.C.U.K. them, they hate every-
-one including themselves and
Edit Piaf gives me the ****’s.
Aug 6 · 173
French Toast
Ryan O'Leary Aug 6
I had porridge and a boiled
egg with coffee and plain
bread today for breakfast.

I unplugged the toaster, as
there was nothing much to
put us in celebratory mood.
Aug 6 · 21
Ryan O'Leary Aug 6
Disaster is when a choice
makes a decision without
consulting the alternatives
Aug 6 · 20
Ryan O'Leary Aug 6
Lying on a silvery folding
stool, unpacked, looking
like a small casket on a bier.

The red travel toggle with a
provenance, but no destination
hangs like a toe tag in a morgue.

I’m awake, another day closer,
or is it further away from where
I should probably have never left.

Dawn never manages to light
my dark thoughts, but pigeons
punctuate with prolific pauses.

I thought of the carousel at Cork
arrivals, conveying this coffin on
its last journey to the wardrobe.

My senior citizen bus pass, but
a prostate **** before I go, then,
at the park stop in Mallow, forlorn.
Aug 1 · 116
Morning sunset
Ryan O'Leary Aug 1
It is a wish not a reality,
achievable with curtains.

Light is invasive to the
dispirited mind.

Rooster's never chicken
out, photosensitivity.

Us humans suffer from
optical seclusion.
Jul 31 · 24
Facial Recognition
Ryan O'Leary Jul 31
Night is abbreviated long before
morning invades the soft tissue
of my eyelids.

Pigeons on a nearby tree begin
by disturbing the inner sanctum
of my slumber.

That barrier between two days
has been breached, the cocoon
of calm contaminated by cooing.

Nocturnal night mares nicker,
neigh and whinny, then hoof their
steel tips on granite cobblestones.

Another dismal day dawns, shave,
a declaration of a coming skirmish
between Id and Ego, (in the mirror).
Jul 31 · 21
Fallacy of Fear
Ryan O'Leary Jul 31
Habitual Hostage.

Have you ever lived in a house
without street lighting or the
view of a town in the distance.

Have you ever lived alone.

Have you ever faced your demons.

If you have lost your way, retrace
your footprints, go back to where
you started and try again.

Because it is only when the student
is ready that the teacher will arrive.

The path to a spiritual discovery is
is a solitary experience and the first
step has to be on the threshold of
of the suppressed memories.

Faith is the opposite of Fear.

I thought, therefore I was

But if I think, therefore I will,

In the future, be free !
Jul 25 · 18
Ryan O'Leary Jul 25
Today is my B-Day
and I feel like ****.
Not because I’m 7o
no, it is just where I
am and what is going
on in my life just now.
This too will pass is
what the AA says,
but I am broke down
and the other AA are
not able to come and
rescue me from here,
so it means I’m stuck
and that rhymes with?


Put a coin in the swear
box if you used the f-word.
Jul 23 · 25
Two More Pints Lads?
Ryan O'Leary Jul 23
The drink was a saviour at the time,
the pub a womb where we had some
form of political asylum or diplomatic
immunity from daylight, which we
were hiding from, in the foetal position
at the counter of some bar or other.

The dispenser was our umbilical
chord, our intervenes drip, the ******
of our sustenance. All the better if it
was a female serving us, we were
suckling calves at the trough where
the udders had different brand names.

Guinness was meant to be good for
you, so we believed the marketing
as we drank black nectar from under
the frothy foam that remained all the
way to the bottom of the glass, ring
marking the sides at every pause
just as a growth circle in an oak tree.

And then, came that final gulp when
the mousse bonus was lowered into the
neck as we looked to the ceiling at the
suspended glue fly catchers with a
smoky background resembling our lungs.

We always answered yes to the question
but not only that, we did in perfect harmony.
Jul 16 · 26
Matching Melancholy
Ryan O'Leary Jul 16
It could be bare trees in a fog
or dark clouds, the eerie wind
trying to gain access through
leaky window frames.

Where a poem is born need
not have any prompts, in the
mind of a poet such scenes
exist even in sunny days.

Matching melancholy is not
an art form of plagiarism or
theft of copyright from nature
it's going from light to darkness.
Jul 16 · 47
Ryan O'Leary Jul 16
If I could write from my mind the
sediment that has built up in a
lifetime an A4 would need to be
accompanied with a foolscap.
Jul 16 · 49
Ryan O'Leary Jul 16
Eyelids remind me of Thames Barriers
designed to hold back floods of grief

Crying with ones eyes closed slows
the flow but dams up the aqueducts
Jul 16 · 19
Sleep Wakers
Ryan O'Leary Jul 16
Looking into my eyes I bet you’d be thinking
that I was once a bright lad
Beacons of a blue horizon, I never wore
sun glasses
I didn’t blink that often either and when I
slept my R.E.M. offered a form of semaphore
for insomniacs because there was always
someone lost
On the ocean of life where sterns wake the
watery ways
Pacific gestures wave a passing before
closing the crease of our intrusion.
Jul 15 · 36
Present. Tense.
Ryan O'Leary Jul 15
What is so good about now
it's where we feel the pain
and where the darkness is.

Now it not what it seems
unless when we are asleep
then it is in the unconscious.

The conscious now is dismal
it is where all the tension lies
and why fantasy fled to the future.
Ryan O'Leary Jul 12
May the devil mend you is
what my mother used to say
anytime I got myself into a jam.

She had no empathy for me,
I had two older brothers who
fulfilled all her aspirations.

We were expected to be assembly
line children, same components,
so what was my problem then?

I had Aspergers and dyslexic, but
of course, back in the 50's 60's when
I was at school, it was an unknown.

She died recently, went to her grave
not knowing what it was that made me
so different, 70 & I'm not fixed yet Mom.
Jul 12 · 21
Ryan O'Leary Jul 12
Lancing the mind of pain
by writing, is what many
authors/poets tend to do.

Moments of freedom from
from thought by way of a
distraction is all that it is.

A blue liquid forms words
in a line on a page where
there are no inhibitions.

Imagine what one wishes
create a mirage on an oasis
encircled by a parched desert.

The illusion of happiness can
be achieved by wishful thinking
(until the the next sandstorm).
Jul 10 · 31
Word Play
Ryan O'Leary Jul 10
Finding a definition to
equations in words for
a crisis in ones head.

If mathematicians can
do it with figures then
surely a poet can also.

So. is there a (word) to
define the feelings of an
emotional situation?

In tennis they use
words to settle
scores on the board.

Deuce, advantage,
point, game, set,
match, (LOVE)
Jul 8 · 10
Ryan O'Leary Jul 8
If you are out of the sun, in
the shade, making a decision,
enlightenment will be diffused
by hanging branches, one might
be used to publicise the choice.
Jul 7 · 27
Mind Field
Ryan O'Leary Jul 7
I’m searching for a place in my
head where thought has never
been, a field of long grass where
nothing but a soft breeze blows.

Imagine a space like that where
thinking is not permitted where
blank clouds cross a blue sky
where the days have no nights.

Fear is off in the East, anchored
permanently to a temperamental moon.
Therefore, the ocean is a non tidal lake
because ebb and flo have surrendered.
Jul 5 · 33
I'm in Pain
Ryan O'Leary Jul 5
My mis-shaven face and the
haze on my blue eyes are
a testimony to psychological
pain. At some stage in all our
lives this test of endurance
will be ****** upon us without
warning. A crisis comes to
conquer, overthrow the fortress
of our minds. We are always
unprepared never vigilant of
the impending dangers, we
walk into a trap that we helped
make for ourselves.

How to escape now that we are
there, is the question?

If we go foetal we fall even further,
pain likes to be pampered, it mutates
in warm dark environments, dislikes
the light and exposure. Pain is a
chameleon that changes into fear when
challenged, so be prepared for a contest
with a schizophrenic opponent.

Pain likes to lie down, so that means you
stand up, walk, talk, move, write or read
or do what it is you normally do when in
a good state of mind.

Don't be a host to an unwanted guest, put
up your sign and state emphatically that
there is no more accommodation in your head.
Jul 4 · 27
love and loss.
Ryan O'Leary Jul 4
Letting Go My Island

If I cast myself adrift on the
oceans of tidal uncertainty

Currents will carry me away
in the swell of wind and wave

Not letting go my island, clasps
of earth clinched in fistfuls

Fingernails claw marked the
bank then ploughed the sand

Shoals of shells palmed, as
through the surf I’m siphoned

In the distance, seagulls could
be heard echoing a last farewell

A coastal outline begins to fade,
but I'm trying, to hold my island.
Jun 18 · 30
Ryan O'Leary Jun 18
A double X does not mean
that one has been [here] twice
or that you are schizophrenic.

XanaX is a palindrome, that
has nothing to do with friend,
but has, with going backwards.

There is no cure for stupidity if
you have been educated. Tell
me why are you taking XanaX?

Can’t remember !!
Forgetting is a symptom of
this so called medicinal drug.

So successful has been the dumbing
down that you're currently unaware
of what it was you were suffering from.

Bravo, you are now a deciple of
Big Pharma compliments of your
families (practising) practitioner.

Face your fears, shave every day,
mirrors mock, but never throw stones,
put on your make up and SMILE.
Jun 4 · 51
Masquerade Charade
Ryan O'Leary Jun 4
Sad to see social distancing
come to an end

Arms length plus

And no off the cuff callers at
the door

I only felt sorry for the crows
we have domesticated them

Tidy Towns was a testimony
to that

No more beaked takeaway
bags or polystyrene cartons

No more hot bot for them,
they love curried chicken

Carnivorous cawing

But no people was fantastic,
no cars,

I loved lockdown and the
self imposed curfews

The masks, that was amazing,
people believed it was all true

And now the vaccines, they can’t
wait to be jabbed

I say hold off until the first babies
of the injected momma’s are born

But then, I am a dissenter and no
TV, that makes the difference

Subliminal manipulation of the mind
via the anode of optical trickery

The lady who got the heart attack
thanked me for the mouth to mouth

Did I go for a Covid test afterwards?


But she did.
Jun 4 · 73
Vax Factor (y)
Ryan O'Leary Jun 4
I've had the Vax Max
two shots, I'm cool
that's why I am still
wearing a mask and
anti social distancing
from the dissenters
because of the variants
and mutations which
mean I will need to be
upgraded with different
serum's when available.
Big Pharma knows best.


Orwell's protagonist was
a misogynist in 1984.
Jun 3 · 30
Jew Rue Islam
Ryan O'Leary Jun 3
I will try to capture the
echo of your anguish in
my guitar’s sound box
and reproduce it at the
Heart of Stone concert
for the barbarity at Gaza.
Jun 3 · 24
Music Metaphor
Ryan O'Leary Jun 3
Those with funny Capo’s
Make me Fret for Gaza.
Jun 3 · 35
Nunc Tempus Est
Ryan O'Leary Jun 3
There is always a new past
to be wounded by. It blocks
the present, while casting a
leaden shadow on the future.

Pendulums are but wrecking
***** which jolt time for those
not currently in the moment.


Wearing a watch is not for
the purpose of the present,
but for gauging the future.

There's never any reason to
enquire, what time is it now?

It is not a question that ever
deserves to be posed, because
when it is asked, it is answered!
Jun 3 · 57
Piqued Poet
Ryan O'Leary Jun 3
Even if I had something to
  riot about today I couldn’t,
because my sword's out of ink.
Jun 3 · 28
Left of Dissenter
Ryan O'Leary Jun 3
There is a new pale between
non conformists & conformists
erected by the latter in states
of medicinal apartheid where
the un-vaccinated are deemed
to be contaminated, we are the
later day lepers condemned to
social distancing by puritans.
Jun 2 · 45
Screams of Terror
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2
I will try to capture the
echo of your anguish in
my guitar’s sound box
and reproduce it at the
Heart of Stone concert
for the zionists in Israel.
Jun 2 · 44
Red Cross
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2
A band aid covers
festering wounds
on the Gaza strip

doctors without borders
have been refused access
to change the dressing.

Amputation is Israel's
solution to their caused
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2
Don’t know who decided they
should be called weeds but
Monsanto has institutionalised
the concept, now everyone
has killing kits in garden sheds.

Toleration of induced death
has increased with television,
war is live entertainment, just
as the regimes of carnivores.
Abattoir from Abattre: to Beat.

In fact, many watch and eat
at the same time, temporary
revulsion punctuated only by
the stabbing and dissecting
of what has already suffered.

Gaza has been hidden from
us, Israel made sure of that
by bombing Al Jazeera in a
blatant effort to conceal the
Holocaust of Palestinians.


There are now windows in
Casino's or Slaughterhouses.
Jun 2 · 54
An Eye For A Tooth
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2
Jew'ellers need but one
eye and the gold tooth
is a symbolic emblem for
what’s important to them.
Jun 2 · 54
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2
It is the homeland of the
Tsonga people, they are
more fortunate than their
Palestinian counterparts.
Jun 2 · 43
Gaza Evolution
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2
There was a rung missing
from the ladder, the first
one, which we made the
last, but that was when we
were too young to climb.
Now that we are older we
crawl, through the tunnels.
Jun 1 · 33
Ryan O'Leary Jun 1
The safest place to hide from
a spotlight is to sit on top of it.

That's why there was an Arab
on the moon. With a cow.

It's what children believed in
Gaza, under the milky way.

Sometimes the brightness in
dark skies woke them at night.

They’d look to the heavens
but it was never the Moo     (
Ryan O'Leary Jun 1
You wanted to know what
makes nibs bleed

You wanted to know what
blotting paper is for

You wanted to know what
makes commas full stops

You wanted to know what
makes ink clot

You wanted to know what
makes poets pulsate

You wanted to know what
makes Judaists predators

You wanted to know what
makes the Islamists prey

You wanted to know what
makes evil live

You wanted to know what?
Palestinians want know why?
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