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4.9k · Jan 2019
Consumer Cancer
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
Golden Valleys, Growing Naturally


This is a Logo in Ireland, Dairygold™
is the company.

I would safely say, that there is hardly
an acre in rural Ireland devoid of some
form of artificial fertilisers, pesticides,
herbicides or fungicides.

(Ireland is riddled with consumer cancer)

If the Logo was written as follows,
a comma between Growing & Naturally
plus an exclamation mark ! which should
really be a question mark ? (in the absence
of the comma between Valleys & Growing)
Golden Valleys, Growing, Naturally! or ?

               Then it might pass.

Let's see if we can force them to change
it and by doing so, it will highlight the
fraudulent practice of duping consumers
with blatant grammatical omissions and
the wordplay illusion by clever marketers.

(Well, perhaps not as clever as they thought)


I spent all morning, wondering should they
be a comma in the last paragraph, in the
afternoon, I removed it.  Oscar Wilde.
3.2k · May 6
Since Lockdown
Ryan O'Leary May 6
Since lockdown, there is
virtually no road ****, no
dead foxes, badgers, or
rabbits on the wayside.

Since lockdown there is
virtually no refuse, no
Kentucky or McDonald
wrappers on the wayside.

Since lockdown, there is
virtually no pollution, no
no noise or exhaust fumes
or oil drips on the wayside.

Since lockdown there is
virtually no people, no
idle gossip or slandering
in groups on the wayside.

Since lockdown there is
virtually no spraying, no
herbicides pesticides or
fungicides on the wayside.

Since lockdown, there is
virtually no reason why
anyone would wish for a
re-opening. Of the wayside.


I love Lockdown.
2.0k · Jan 2019
Vegan Vagina.
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
If I expect to be a born
again christian, I would
be hoping that they got
rid of the fish, unless,
that is, my mother was a
Mermaid, in which case,
a Caesarian section is the
only other option I could
consider, now that I am
100% Herbivore, avoiding
******* completely,
even on Mardi Gras, when
Cath O' Licks, have a Papal
exemption on Fat Tuesday.
2.0k · Nov 2018
Insulting Choice.
Ryan O'Leary Nov 2018
If I take the wrong turn
will you insult me?  No.

If I pick the small apple
will you insult me?  No.

If I go in the wrong door
will you insult me?  No.

If I back the wrong horse
will you insult me?  No.

If you choose to eat meat
will I insult you?     No.

If I become a vegetarian
will you insult me? Yes.
1.7k · Jul 2018
Apres Solstice.
Ryan O'Leary Jul 2018

So what's the catch?
I'm still waiting for the
penny to drop.

Half time has passed
and the referee has
flipped the coin.

The sun has decided
to continue playing in
the same direction.

I watched the throw in
at approximately 5 am
Central European Time.

The blues were there in
abundance cheering on
the Bon Vivant.
1.7k · Sep 2018
A Tender Moment.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
Willie sat by the side of
the river in a philosophical
mood under a weeping willow.

Midway, between the two
banks, was a small island
only paddling distance away.

Debris from a previous flood
had accumulated on the low
foliage of an uprooted tree.

A funnel of cold air from the
ten arch bridge made a wind
sock of a plastic net nitrate bag.

In all his time, Willie had never
ventured on to this little islet,
even wondered if he should flag it.

Off with the shoes, rolled up the
legs of his trousers and slowly he
negotiated his way over the stones.

On exploring the land mass, which
was an isthmus of a mere ten square
meters, he decided to return to land.

Just before his disembarkation, he
noticed a large denominational euro
note caught in the gills of a dead fish.

Eureka Eureka money and food all
in the one catch (was his thought as
he made his way back).

The sodden state of the 100 euro note
was what guided Willie’s wise decision
to take it, as was, to the local Credit Union.

In the queue whilst waiting for a vacant
teller, everyone was admiring Willie’s
dead fish.

Eventually, at the desk, and known to
those working therein, a 100 euro note
was not his norm and created suspicion.

After tendering the note attached to the
Trout, that had apparently been fowl
hooked up the river by Johnny Logan,

The lady behind the desk called for the
manager, who immediately held the note
up to the halogen fraud lamp.

Willie had never encountered anything like
this when he made a 5 euro deposit once a
month to his savings account.

He enquired of the manager as to why he
was holding his fish and 100 euro note up
against the bright light.

The manager responded,  “ It is the policy of
all banking systems to check high denominational
notes for visible water marks “ !!
This is a true story that happened in Mallow
County Cork Ireland in March of this year
2018. A local journalist Eugene Cosgrove
covered the story for " The Kerryman " news
paper.  A photo of the fish that caught the
100 euro note was controversial, and currently,
there is a legal challenge between Willie Eaton,
Johnny Logan and the Mallow Trout anglers
association, who stock the river. The 100 euro
note is being held at the local Garda Siochana
pending the outcome of the tribunal.
Johnny Logan makes his on Fly's and can prove
without doubt the Dry Fly that spiked the 100
euro note, is actually his and thus claims the money.
Johnny uses Chicken Wishbones and feathers for his hooks.
Meanwhile, The Anglers association also have a strong
case that is currently being discussed, because according to
the fishing charter, only fish that have been taken from the
river by Rod and Reel, are the property of the Angler.
The Fish has been placed in a deep freeze, with the Fly and
100 euro note intact and will be visible to the public at the next hearing.
Willie's solicitors also have a strong case insofar that the fish was on
the Island of The River Blackwater just by the Town Bridge and the Island
has never been charted, thus giving the dead fish a status of what would be akin to refugee. The European Union (EEC) are now involved, as this could
set a precedent for The Fisheries Act, currently topical between France and UK
over the Scollop War's. More on this case will follow, as soon as I have a report from Eugene Cosgrove.
1.6k · Jul 2018
My Last Erection.
Ryan O'Leary Jul 2018
It’s too late now, there won’t
be another one,

My Dr. assured me, and she
should know, she'd

been dealing with ******
since I came here.

Ah: but you left your mark
for humanity, she said.

Your contribution will live on,
that can be your consolation.

Progress she said, since, G.P.S,
Lighthouse erections are superfluous.
1.6k · Oct 2018
Ryan O'Leary Oct 2018
Starting way up north from
from fair head in Antrim to
mizen head in Cork there is
not a Border Collie in the 32
counties wishing for a return
to The Troubles before the
Good Friday agreement when
meat was forbidden by the
Catholic Church because fish
is for felines and it was seen
by many canines as a blatant
act of segregation, racism and
even discrimination for which
the animal kingdom of Eire
(In the absence of a Monarch)
has been audibly vocal in all
of the four provinces, many of
the nations kennel clubs and
at last years Crufts Show in
Earls Court London, a Kerry
Blue refused to stand on the
winners podium with a Poodle
who shared first place, because
she was a vegetarian and not
at all sympathetic or supportive
to a universal diet for all breeds
on the island of Ireland.
1.6k · Jan 2019
Cancer, naturally.
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
Ireland is riddled with

Pesticides, herbicides,

Are obviously, not the

Dairygold® have got
it right. Surprisingly!

Organic pastureland,
green grass, happy cows!
   "Golden Valleys,
Growing Naturally" ?

         ("Logo ™")
without the question


In the event of Corporate
Punishment, IE, finding a
herd of hungry Friesians
in my front lawn, or my
next organic pizza happens
to be a Crispy Cow Pat with
lashings of Mozzarella, I am
hereby declaring that Silent
Spring lady, Rachel Carson,
was bumped off for making
metaphorical accusations, such
as could be interpreted by those
who are currently involved in
the depopulation process by
way of poisoning the people
via consumer products, that
are known to contain harmful
carcinogenic compounds veiled
by misleading advertising.

1. her policy of using fresh, natural produce: unprocessed, organic, pure, wholesome, unrefined, pesticide-free, chemical-free, additive-free, unbleached, unmixed, real, plain, ******, crude, raw. ANTONYMS  artificial, refined.

2. a natural occurrence: normal, ordinary, everyday, usual, regular, common, commonplace, typical, routine, standard, established, customary, accustomed, habitual, run-of-the-mill, stock, unexceptional. ANTONYMS abnormal, unnatural, exceptional.
1.4k · Sep 2018
- - - l a n d
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
The Land may disappear
The Language may disappear.
The Lineage may disappear
The Laughter may disappear
The Love may disappear
The Laggards may disappear
The Locals may disappear
The Lucidity may disappear
The Luck may disappear
The Legacy may disappear
The Liberty may disappear
But The I R E is here to stay.
1.4k · Sep 2018
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
Paddy met a *******
at a Pedestrian crossing
with a Poodle Painted
green on Patricks Day
Pretending to be Catholic
but he was a Protestant
because he walked on
the Orange and got Bradley
injured by The Secretary of
State Karen a Unionist to a
Papal Propaganda meeting
in Portadown attended by
Paisley-ites Pronouncing
Phonetic Parables in Portuguese.
Karen Bradley, The Secretary of State for
Northern Ireland, said she don't know ****
about anything or anyone in the 6 Counties.
1.3k · Aug 2018
Brass Monkey.
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
0 0
o o
˚  ˚

Joan Thaw
the snow woman,
she started out John,
until his ***** melted!
For Feminists.  This is a gender friendly Haiku with a seasonal reference.
1.3k · Feb 2019
Bia Rebel
Ryan O'Leary Feb 2019
Metaphor for Metabolisms
and adventurers of culinary
conquests catering for those
with bilingual taste buds in
an Irish city called Belle Feast.


Bia is the Irish word for food.
Bia Rebel is a restaurant in
Belfast Ireland.
1.2k · Apr 2019
Ryan O'Leary Apr 2019
Higher, I say, for the new
Notre Dame steeple, never
mind the people.

In fact, why not dismantle
the Eiffel Tower and put it
smack centre of the cathedral.

Now that would be the ultimate
******* architectural symbiosis,
one celibate bird, with two stones!
1.1k · Sep 2018
Henry VIII
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
White Helmets.

Construction site discrimination
was rampant when I was a welder
back in the 70s, but we were
exempt, anonymous, just as Zorro,
The Lone Ranger, Batman or
Ned Kelly, because one can't weld
and wear a helmet.

The rank n file wore orangee yellow
hat, the electricians were blue etc.

I remember being one a job, where
there was a question team from each
of the trades, including the labourers,
even management, (white helmets)

A tie breaker question between the
yellows and blues, was,
Which English King had 6 wives?  

I was the question master (not enough
welders on the job for a team)

Charlie Kelly was the head of the Yellow
Helmets, the team conferred, but Charlie's
answer left me in no doubt that he got an
oblique peak at the answer on my desk.

Up went his hand, out loud and proud, came!
1.1k · Dec 2018
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2018
The Munster Blackwater
had a steely, corrugated,
cloud reflected look about
it today, sooty, in fact.

Paisley said he would
never give up the blue
skies of Ulster for the
grey skies of the Republic.

But The Ulster Blackwater
has the same hue as ours,
so tell me then, what is
the cause of that Mr. Paisley?
1.1k · Jul 2018
Ryan O'Leary Jul 2018
I think S.C.A.D. is the Elixir
of education, yet, I’m only
the gardener, but despite,
that, I have been learning.

Knowledge is shared,
creativity is coaxed
genius is gratified.

I am not merely

I am now the
Green Fingered
Irish Scad A Various.

Permit me to take a

For President Paula Wallace
Savannah College of Art and design.
975 · Jan 2019
850 A.D.
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
Yesterday I spilt the beans,
100% Colombia Arabica.

Daisy, the Border Collie
from Westport in Mayo,

Was on to the # Browny's
in a flash, just as Kaldi's

Goats were, in Ethiopia
circa 850 A.D.

The 250 grams of beans
were no different to a herd

Of sheep scattered on the
hill of Croagh Patrick.

I was the poor shepherd
while Daisy, true to her

Evolutionary inheritance
went after the fleeing flock,

Though not to help put them back
in the bag, she began to eat them!

A night from hell ensued, wooden
floors, long nails, pacing, pacing.

Daisy had her first high, but
today, she is in a sheep dip.
Daisy is the dog we are minding
in Westport Mayo for owners gone
on 2 weeks holiday. We work for but please,
keep this to yourselves.
960 · Jan 2019
Proxy Brexit
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
If E=MC2 and one of
those squares is not
on the hypotenuse,
then, that means May,
or Corbyn one of them
is the catch, in 22 over
seven, thus a sine, or a
co-sine of an impending
tangent, which in theory
is a hypothesis without a
principle of average law.
In lay man's terms it will
be a compounding error
because England is not a
May/Corbyn mathematical
tandem twosome in duet
at a time when a unified
solution is needed to the
European Equation with
no common denominator.
941 · Apr 2019
Lame Fox
Ryan O'Leary Apr 2019
Clock's gone forward,
keep a sharp eye on
farmer May's roster.

Brexit a hole in the
foul house fence
while the birds sleep.

A back bencher won't
be missed, be out of
there before Ber Crows!
940 · Aug 2018
Apple ™
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
They attract Ants,
mines a QWERTY
and guess what, one
has just gone from the
end of the Q all the
way from left to right,
stopped at the roundabout
after the I, then went for a P.
937 · Aug 2018
OIK 603
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
My first recollection of the sea
was not the water but the sky.

How could it be that if I could
walk the waves I'd reach the clouds.

It was an illusion of which I had
no idea how to explain or even ask.

And why, if it was tilted towards
the coast, did the surf spill in?

There was a lot about the ocean that
left me wondering and then the beach.

Where was it, and why did we have to
drive so far in a Morris Minor to see it?

Or why did my father bring a shovel
and three bags to bring home the sand?

We had a grainy garden which the snails
avoided because of the saline grit.

'Good for the aeration of the soil,' he told
our neighbour, who was leaning on the fence.

When it rained heavily for days on end we
had puddles, small lakes and tiny Atlantics.

I don't ever recall going back. The Morris
Minor rusted; they blamed the sea for it.

It became a chicken house, they entered by
the boot floor that the stolen sand had rotted.

OIK 603 was the license number, it was green
with orange indicator wings on the door posts.

There were six of us, all as pale as the white
chevron in the centre of the Irish Tricolour.
928 · Aug 2018
A Nasty Goring.
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
President Joko Widodo.

Indonesian symbol Garuda
  is a mythical type phoenix
  akin to Icarus both extinct.

  Joko Widodo also known
   as the bird-man of Bali
   told Abbot go fly a kite.
925 · Jan 2019
A Bakers Cousin.
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
En France, a cause de
leur system métrique , a
Bakers Dozen does not
exist, so, in order to get
around this dilemma, I
had no choice but title the
poem, a bakers cousin or
else it would have been
called Le Boulanger's Dix
which has a ******* sound
to it and the #MeToo lot
are already complaining
about the ****** innuendo
of what some see as a blatant
symbiotic patriarchal profession
that has created both the Baguette
and the Croissant as some form of
visual representation of the phallus
and ****** with yeast being the
common denominator of them both,
therefore by introducing his cousin
and keeping the relationship within
the confines of an incestuous family
affair, the poem in theory should not
need to be censored by the readers,
unless of course you are a Coeliac
in which case I strongly advise that
all of what you have read here is best
erased from your memory immediately.
915 · Oct 2018
Ryan O'Leary Oct 2018
For Jamel Khashoggi
   The Eye of Allah.

                 (  *

Crescent moon asterisk
    at Saudi Consulate
       (convex retina)
860 · Nov 2018
Ryan O'Leary Nov 2018
They were ok on the screen
of Breaking Bad, but one does
find that they can also be used
in a condescending tone.

The British are quite goos at it,
demeaning derogatory undertones by
verbal diminishings, such as, The IRA.
Full denomination please, makes one Irate.


They say, The I.R.A. is a terrorist organisation
Not, The Irish Republican Army is a T.O.
Irish Republican Army
does not have a T nor an O
in its composition, it is highly
disciplined and organised,
with commanding officers
and Generals, just like all

Not a Terrorist Organisation.
848 · Nov 2018
Mayle Bomb©
Ryan O'Leary Nov 2018
The Genoa Bridge
engineer was dead
and buried long
before his creation

The same fate is in
store for Peter, just
a matter of time and
his Year in Provence
will be antonym-ed.


29th November 2018.
844 · Sep 2018
Breaking Bad
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
The Brits are being prepped
for a second referendum on
Brexit because they did not
tick the correct box last time.

Should UK stay in Eu  [    ]

Should UK leave Eu     [ √ ]


Symbol Eu. Europium.
      (of the masses)
803 · Mar 2019
Ryan O'Leary Mar 2019
Brighton is the closest
to Brexit than anywhere
in Britain so why not
Bring a Breton sample
and stop Brainwashing
to Brake the Brackets
that Braggarts Brag in
Brainless Bravado of
Bribery that is Brewing
by Bricking the tunnel
thus Bridling Brittle Brows,
with Brutal Brush-offs
Bruising Brotherly love.


EXIT via the backstop.
786 · Sep 2018
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
Maguire & Patterson
never came to terms
with it, died without
a testimony, they did.

Open casket, stiff as
pokers and bald as a
pair of boiled eggs,
they are!

The dampness got to
them it's endemic, but at
least they get their last wish
to be cremated, they will!
Maguire and Patterson
is an Irish match company
making red's and black's.
766 · Dec 2018
Labour Pains
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2018
Brexit has broken water
but despite reaching the
gestation period, it appears to
be in breach of contradictions
and most likely the solution
will be a Caesarian Section,
which, at this late stage is a
high risk gamble that could
see the defoetus in a Corbyn.
762 · Aug 2018
Failed Poet.
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
I’m a failed poet,
not for the want
of trying, nor was
I afraid to speak
my mind, no, I am
thus classified due
to my readers who
are so ******* dumb
that they never ever
understood metaphors
thought iambic pentameter
was an ego measuring
apparatus and a simile
should be accompanied
with a parentheses, two
dots or an emoji.

I suggest they go and read
Carol Anne Duffy, because
I am just as bad, but not
worse, yet she made laureate!
753 · Aug 2018
Ho Ho Ho H2o
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018
Willie wrote to Santa requesting
a Waterman™ for Christmas.
When he woke on the morning
of the 25th, there was a man
in a canoe dressed in red outside
his upstairs window. It suddenly
dawned on him, that Mickey Nugent
the Fireman, was also Santa Claus!
Willie Eaton and Mickey Nugent are real characters.
Mickey was the Fire and Flood man in Mallow for
40 years. Perhaps, Santa also, not sure about that.
728 · Sep 2018
Swedish Bitters.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
Dr. Klaus will be happy,
Fratricides and Pesticides
destroying The Greens,
trampling on Wildflowers,
Reversing s'ovloV & s'baaS
against the palindromic
monument to ABBA in
Soddermånland. Båstad's!
Election results.
Sweden Democrats.
727 · Oct 2018
Camus's Prayer Stool.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 2018
He wrote standing up, doubt if
kneeling would have been his
forte, yet, he had one, bought it
in 1955, five years prior to a fatal
accident en route to Paris from
Lourmarin in Provence where I
currently reside. Catherine, his
daughter, gifted me the stool with
a letter of provenance, both of which
are still in my possession. But why,
one must ask, did Albert Camus
purchase Un Prie Dieu, he being an
atheist. Is there anybody out there
able to answer this question ?

In poetry form!

Here is a challenge for you.
So, first, google Camus and
find out what you can, then
get writing.

Ps. Photo of Stool on request.
722 · May 2019
Ryan O'Leary May 2019
It's a fault with double glazing,
everything outside the window
is inaudible.

When mute pine cones fall on  
corrugated roofs, upset dogs
mime angrily in silence.

Or when the heavens open, and
the earth is being doused with
those liquid all sorts,  in Ireland,

Yes Ireland, where holding up
umbrellas inside a house brings
bad luck, Heaney used a rain stick.
717 · Mar 2019
The Bumpers
Ryan O'Leary Mar 2019
It was more often than
not on Friday nights
when the countryside
was drained of bachelor
farmers attracted to the
chair o' planes bright lights
and bumpers at the carnival.

The latter occasionally had
a few extra fast ones which
were worth waiting for.

Side by side they sat eyeing
up their target with head on
collisions that caused the
launching of spectacles,
watches, ear rings, but also,
false teeth scattered on metal
floors which became the
new focus of devilment.

Drivers aiming to crush them
before the sessions end, but
what strikes me as odd, now
in hindsight, nobody told us it
was supposed to be the Dodgem's.
709 · Jan 2019
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
B.R.O.M.B. is the abbreviation
of an amalgamation of a
situation in abomination by
dissipation of a nation in
segregation & humiliation
with an expectation in
deviation by procrastination
of delineation by a cessation
and violation to a predestination
of a unification by a precondition
without reservation, exploitation,
condemnation or expatriation.

So, the B.R.O.M.B. in Derry was
in anticipation of a preparation
an indication for a hesitation.


Just exploded in Derry!
679 · Oct 2018
Get to the point.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 2018
The compass nib
of an inner circle,
hub zone, equator
of London, watch
tower, lark views,
sky news, blue hues.

Hypotenuse, better
than all the squares!

            /   \

  You Are Here

655 · Dec 2018
Rainbow Worrier.
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2018
Since moving back to Ireland
from sunny Provence, I have
become somewhat anxious
about our hidden pots of gold.

I met a Leprechaun in Mallow
yesterday who told me that all
the holes in the road, were due
to trial digs by The World Bank.

Cork County Council are waiting
for an EEC grant before they even
consider backfilling them, for now,
they are being used as bird baths.
644 · Feb 2019
Climate Change
Ryan O'Leary Feb 2019
Don't stop now, Ireland is
just beginning to warm up.

Imagine, an Irish Riviera,
a Costa Brava, an Algarve.

Olives, Cotton, Oranges,  all
thanks to carbon emissions.

Don't stop now, it is a form
of weather discrimination.

Welcome to Ulster where the
red hand of Lucifer awaits you.
624 · Aug 2018
Interdit en France.
Ryan O'Leary Aug 2018

   Banning the burka,
   dust masks, motor
cycle helmets, welders,
Phantom of the Opera,
Alcoholics Anonymous,
The Lone Ranger, Zorro,
Batman and Condoms.
Head covers are illegal.
even the small head!

La France, quelle liberté?
623 · Apr 2019
Échafaudages d'incendie.
Ryan O'Leary Apr 2019
The Scaffolding at Notre Dame is like
a rib cage of The Phoenix rising from
ashes in a secular state of Macronism.

Banning the Hijab, Yellow Vests and
thought, has brought the wrath of
Karma on the French Colonialists.

Yemen, Syria. Libya and all her recent
excursions into the realms of a lost empire
is the price they must now pay for Greenpeace.

Nobody give a **** about you France.
597 · Sep 2018
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
It is where I went,
when the pubs closed.

Just by the bridge was
weir, noisy, but I tolerated
the river in all her moods.

At least, while the effects
of the Guinness lingered.

There, was a sense of freedom,
something I never possessed.

Even the driftwood was going
somewhere and I not capable
of going home.

White swans came by when the
town slept, cautiously moving
on the still pools at the opposite

Envious of such serenity,
I questioned, their reason,
for coming up the Blackwater,
when the pubs closed!
The River Blackwater flows through
Mallow in County Cork Ireland. It
is where I used to go when I was in
an opiated stupor after a gallon of
Guinness while I was serving my
alcoholic apprenticeship in the 70s.
565 · Oct 2018
Ryan O'Leary Oct 2018
Peter Schiff has sounded
the alarm bells, the crash
is eminent and dollars are
going to make no sense.

Invest in Irish Butter, it is
the best and safest way to
spread your wealth, even
on toast, no meltdown.

Cheddar No Shredder, is
the motto in Tralee, where
the Paddy's are a smiling with
their Guinness and their Ghee.

For Isabella Guinness.
561 · Feb 2019
Viagra Brexit.
Ryan O'Leary Feb 2019
The rise and fall of the
political tides on both
sides of the house is a
sure sign that there is
now a potential for a
****** Brexit, which of
course can only mean,
that we are all ******!
532 · Jan 2019
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
432 was the amount
of a crushing defeat
for 202 Toe Rags.

432 is a symbolic figure
for Ireland and not a
poetic metaphor either,
it was the date St Patrick
arrived here from Boulogne
Sur Mer in Northern France,
where it was a tradition of the
local mariners to paint a shamrock
on their fishing boats.

432 has often been associated with
the 4 provinces and 32 counties.

John B. Keane's "Field" was 3 Acres
1 Rood and 32 Perches, a classic
representation of Ireland.

202, or TOT will become iconic also,
not as a number, more the word!


TOT  |tɒt|
verb (tots, totting, totted) [ no obj. ] (usu. as nountotting) Brit. informal
salvage saleable items from dustbins or ******* heaps. local authorities frown on totting.
505 · Aug 30
Ryan O'Leary Aug 30
I found a dead woman
in the forest, still warm,
no heartbeat, off track, I
paused for a while before
declaring it an emergency.
484 · Nov 2018
The Rebel County.
Ryan O'Leary Nov 2018
I think what will give me away,
(now that I am back in Cork) after
almost 50 years, is not my accent,
but Barry's Tea, I rebelled, now I
am a 100% Illy Arabica supporter,
the red colour is all right though!
Cork in Ireland is known
as The Rebel County.
The colours are red and white,
" Blood and Bandage "
480 · Feb 6
No Messi-ng Haiku.
Ryan O'Leary Feb 6
Lionel snaps,
                    Suarez bites,
crunch time
                    for Abidal
at Camp Nou.
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