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 Sep 2015 Rushil
matt d mattson
When I saw her
The first woman with the first wide eyes
Bright and light and dark and deep
With life and mystery
My heart beat like the first hand struck the first drum
And the first song was sung
In dark caves of ten times ten thousand years ago

When I first breathed that first scent
My sight stopped
My mind stopped
My mind was my body and my hands and my gut
And my legs extending to the ground and the earth and time
And it slowed down like an ice age beginning
Then it melted into warm fire
Where it burned

The first touch of the first woman
Was electrical chemical radioactive bliss
Every piece of matter in me wanted to move and dance and shake and fly apart
The spark from the start of her heart beat
Crossed through the fibers and
Traveled down the pathways of her body
Down the chemical electric synapses
Through her arm and jumped across to my hand
And traveled up and started a new beat
It was a faster, and stronger beat
And it beat
And it beat
Like the first dance,
Shook with the slap and smack of ground and hands and feet

Oh the first woman was all women
And then there were other women
And they were people
Flesh and blood
And minds and thoughts
And feelings that I could not feel
Good and bad and indifferent
With hangups and problems
Blemishes and baggage
I met women coming
Women going
Here and there
Now and then
For coffee, for beer,
One evening or ten
I met scientists, nurses
bartenders and baristas.
Living lives I didn't mind
Giving time when it was mine
Asking for things I couldn't find

Then I saw You
All of you
In time and space and speed

I caught the scent of you
Your fragrance and perfume
And the primal musk of you
That fatal lusts allure

I felt you
The gravity of your body from across the room
Your electro-magnetic force pulling
Pressure of the displaced particles pushing
As you walked so slowly towards me

And time stopped
Light and sound and movement were captured
Captive to your hypnotic sway
Prisoner to your power over my perception
You moved through the still air
And it swept aside like a curtain as you passed
The world was quiet

And then it pounded  
The pressure of it filled the air and everything around it
As you moved closer,
Like ride of the Valkyries
Rising and crashing in waves
It rose as you moved towards me
You carried it in your wake
And then it was a crescendo
A vast overpowering transcendent orchestral cacophony
Of immense intense sound and light and energy erupting
Cymbals crashed and horns blew and strings snapped under the pressure of the vibrations
Brilliant fireworks exploded in the black sky of your brown eyes
As you stopped a few feet from me

And time was stopped
You were the first woman
You were all women
You are
The only woman
Close your eyes and let your
mind wonder to the distant place,
you wish you could go.
Make it ha home, a reality
let it sink in.

Lets get lost and go to
Neverland where we
can sit and sing to the precious
heart beats beating between us.
Join me and run free.

Let lose and give up
theres nothing here to hate.
Smile and save the date,
we run free from now
till the end of time,

Open up and look on.
This world can be like
yours in your dream.
You just have to believe.
 Jul 2015 Rushil
Alex Clarke
You didn't know
that I hold
in my head
in my chest.
You didn't know
that I would've
a thousand times
just to see you smile
for a second.
You didn't know
I would've cut the throats
of tigers
just to keep you safe.
You didn't know
I kept the darkness
so you only saw the
You didn't know
I would've loved you
as much as
my wasteland of a heart
would allow.
If you had,
you never
would've let me go.
 Jul 2015 Rushil
Acacia Rose
I wanna sit down and have a coke with you,
Oh there's so much I could say
I don't like coffee or coke but I'll drink then anyway
I'm gonna lay my cards out on this table
And hope you won't walk away
I'm not going to try and be her, that's not what I'm about
I'm sure many people have been in this rocking boat, wishing they're good enough
So here it goes:
I'm a little strange (but you knew that one anyway)
I lose interest far too fast but only someone like you could make it last
I pick people who would never think of me that way simply because I like the chase
And when I saw you, well I could give you any number of cliches
I don't like Oreos or pizza very much
And sometimes I feel so out of touch
I would struggle to tell you a Jay-Z song, but could talk about Lewis Watson all night long
I'm not very good at art and I see all these pictures of couples and just feel so inadequate because I'm not graceful or elegant and I certainly don't look good in just anything, and my clothes will never be 'oh this old thing'
I don't dress like everybody else and I have to wear shoes with chunky soles to give me some height
Oh and I've seen Justin Bieber, twice
I have this mental family you see, and I'm really lucky to be as sane as I am, I had it hard growing up, parents weren't there and when they finally were it's because they had another child. My Dad's first boy and my Mum's baby, so it was pretty hard growing up.
My babysitter fed me till I has chubby and round and it's been a long time losing all that baby fat
I finally feel comfortable in who I am, even though I struggle to get organised and am not the most well-rounded pupil in my school, achieving 4 As while being part of the debating, rugby, maths and French teams
I didn't know what existentionalism was until a smart guy in my English class told me,  but I'm not ashamed
Because I like who I am.
There are a lot of nice things, too
I am thoughtful and will do little things to make you happy
I have eyes that go golden and freckles on my face
My ***** are a comfortable resting place
I would never let you down and I love with all my soul
I'm spontaneous and like to do fun things and just drive to the other side of the country for the day, or fly to Italy
I'd never run out of ideas of new things we could do, or places we could go
But just like Ed, I'd be equally happy just to stay on the sofa with you
I have lots of interesting stories from things that happened in my day
And I give good kisses and hugs
And I know, dressed up, I could blow you away
I know this isn't much of a love poem, really, but it's been hard to let go of what has come before, and not to make comparisons. But you're the first person that's stolen my breath away and turned it into the evening zephyr.
Usually my words are poetic and metaphorical, but I told you I'd lay it all down. And whilst these are words I would never (could never) say, I hope they find their way to you, anyway.
Very sincerely yours.
 Jul 2015 Rushil
 Jul 2015 Rushil
She's the kind of girl,
I'd worry about losing.
But she'll never know.
 Jul 2015 Rushil
 Jul 2015 Rushil
In nowhere-land,
I'm chasing a mirage
Around me,
Loneliness taking shape
Like bean stalks on fire.
Twisting turning
they reach the skies
And explode

— The End —