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Apr 10 · 90
1 year later
Mikey Apr 10
i hope my absence brings you the peace my love couldn’t.
Mikey Apr 1
forever chasing after something uncatchable.
forever tripping over my own two feet.
Feb 29 · 33
run home to me
Mikey Feb 29
i can’t forgive what you did
but i miss you so much it hurts
Feb 23 · 34
ghosts in my room
Mikey Feb 23
some days i let it curl into my side while i pet its head softly
other days i scream at it until my mouth tastes of blood
most days i watch it lurk around my room, picking up certain things and dropping them back down again
grief isn’t a friend, but it’s no stranger either.
it’s made it’s home in the pit of my stomach
the ghost of you will forever haunt me
Jan 3 · 163
bits and pieces
Mikey Jan 3
i think a part of me will always linger by your side
waiting to hold onto your hand when we cross the street
i’m scared i’ll miss you forever
Nov 2023 · 282
subtle reminders
Mikey Nov 2023
when i look at the trees i think of you,
how are you not reminded
Oct 2023 · 499
i’m a good dog
Mikey Oct 2023
I’ll be noble. Loyal. Valiant.
I’ll follow you around at your convenience.
I’ll keep my canines hidden.
I won’t snarl. I won’t bite. I won’t bark.
As long as you promise me that I can sleep on the foot of the bed rather than the floor.
Oct 2023 · 80
cannibalistic tendencies
Mikey Oct 2023
i love like a cannibal,
allowing myself to swallow people whole
encompassing them in my being.
i let them sit in the curves of my ribs and and rest their head against my lungs.
maybe i love to hard
Mikey Oct 2023
i’m good enough to be taken in heaping handfuls
to be displayed
to be ******.
but never will i be good enough to sing to
to hold
to be loved.
******* jesus.
Apr 2023 · 116
growing up
Mikey Apr 2023
despite all this rage,
i am still the little girl crying over her scraped knee
Jan 2023 · 12
</3 .3
Mikey Jan 2023
i go home and weep for you
i rot away in your clothes desperatly trying to get your scent onto my skin
i rewatch our videos trying to engrave your voice into the ridges of my skull
i place my hands the same places yours resided, trying to remember the way your hands felt against my skin

everytime i look at you my heart breaks a little more
Jan 2023 · 323
till winter
Mikey Jan 2023
i hope that the last hug you gave me
can continue to keep me warm for all these cold winter months to come
i fear, if not
i will freeze
Jan 2023 · 65
wildflowers ig
Mikey Jan 2023
the best way i can describe your skin against mine is of flower petals
soft, gentle, comforting
the way your body incapsulates me is that of a rose
beautiful and taunting
you always wondered why i called you my wildflower
maybe this will help
Jan 2023 · 87
Mikey Jan 2023
ive never been one to feel
but when your arms wrapped around me i saw the whole universe in my eyes
i saw the stars collide
i saw the oceans currents fold into one another
i saw the planets orbit
i saw the world in its pure and most beautiful form
thank you
Sep 2022 · 86
Mikey Sep 2022
why wont you listen
why wont you care to hear that youre wrong
everything i say is locked away
blocked out of your memory
you wont even hear me
see me
feel me
Aug 2022 · 88
Mikey Aug 2022
i forgot how to write,
how to stuff my thoughts into tiny stanzas and hope for a release.
i forgot,
not because the act of writing dissipated from my wake
but rather i had no feelings to write
Jul 2022 · 104
idk what to title this
Mikey Jul 2022
every twist within my dna seems to be overruled with the unwanted thought of failure
every breath that expands my lungs reminds me of the mush and metal stitched into them
every word, every phrase, every epithet reminds me that i am nothing
i will not say everything is okay
when it is not.
Jun 2022 · 187
Mikey Jun 2022
if you look up the definition of love,
a deep affection for someone or something is the result youll get.
but love is more then that,
its tears
its pain
its fighting
its screaming.
love isnt beautiful
love is a war.
May 2022 · 163
a little poem for you
Mikey May 2022
youve held me in the darkest days
kissed the screams off my lips
held my shaking hands
glued the cuts on my skin

youre simply the best.
my heart and my soul
my love <3
May 2022 · 358
daily reminder
Mikey May 2022
the world isnt out to get you.  
it will not swallow you into everlasting darkness if you take a break.
rest my love
remember to breathe
Apr 2022 · 744
Mikey Apr 2022
i have been eroded.    
slowly chipped away by the flood of others love.
years of words and tears stored in the layers of my skin.  
my erosion has exposed a side of me,
of sedimentary rock composited of dry heaving and silent cries.
my erosion isnt pretty, but people will admire it and study it
thinking it will reveal beauty.  
when in reality, it never will.
i used to love science so, heres the only thing i remember from middle school science class. the rock cycle :)
Apr 2022 · 277
Mikey Apr 2022
this is it my friends
the finale line of my book
as you flip through the pages, take in me
my soul
live for me
when i was to much of a coward to do it on my own.
Apr 2022 · 104
monsters n shit
Mikey Apr 2022
my parents always told me of monsters under my bed
or the ones that waited in the dark of my closet

but maybe it was me who was the monster after all
Apr 2022 · 117
Mikey Apr 2022
the world may turn again
the breeze may whisper sweet nothings into my ears again
the flowers my bloom again
but the world will forever be dark without you holding my hand
i will never see
not without you guiding me

but life is full of goodbyes, and i guess this is mine

so long partner
till the next sunrise
Apr 2022 · 377
Mikey Apr 2022
what can i do
when one half of me is torn from my side
separated from my being
walking along the halls without me by their side
Apr 2022 · 197
Mikey Apr 2022
my messages shine back bright green
depicting that you have moved on
while i am sadly chained to the thought of you on my skin
Apr 2022 · 81
Mikey Apr 2022
i will drown myself in grief
heavy rocks weighting me down to the ocean floor
i will drown
in the knowledge that i am no longer what you want
Apr 2022 · 300
Mikey Apr 2022
im begging you
to pull me out of the fire
can you see me through the ashes and the smoke
come quickly
im burning up inside.
Mar 2022 · 134
a wasted prom dress
Mikey Mar 2022
i stared into your eyes and declared my love for you
i felt my soul leap out of my throat
and my heart pound against my rib cage
i said i love you with all the air in my lungs
with all the marrow in my bones
i said it with all of me
and you said it back, with none of you

so now i stare at this navy blue prom dress,
hung up in my closet
and curse to myself
how could you be so stupid.
Mar 2022 · 160
Mikey Mar 2022
when will i ever be loved
be held into the early hours of the morning
be kissed with the passion of a thousand suns
be sung to with the sweetest melodies
when will i ever be loved.
Mar 2022 · 487
Mikey Mar 2022
i cracked a smile and told a joke
just to make you happy.
even though my heart was breaking
and my legs were weak.
Mar 2022 · 165
Mikey Mar 2022
i need to stop setting my frail body alight
to keep you warm within my reach.
when you cant even be bothered
to hand me a blanket at night.
Feb 2022 · 314
happy valentines day
Mikey Feb 2022
i can tie a beautiful silk ribbon around your heart
mend our souls together with a diamond ring
kiss your lips with all the passion of roman warriors
bless you in the waters of athens
yet that still wont prove the undying love i have for you.
Jan 2022 · 150
Mikey Jan 2022
maybe ill watch every single sunset
maybe ill sit and enjoy every sound that rings within my ears
maybe ill inhale the smell of rain every time a drop hits the ground
maybe, just maybe
ill be okay
Jan 2022 · 176
Mikey Jan 2022
stopping to stare into the whispers of a breeze,
to stare into the eyes held within the stars,
to see the faces in the trees.

is within the eye of the beholder.
and for me, everything reminds me of you.
so i guess you have become my home
and my second nature
Dec 2021 · 151
within the eyes of gods
Mikey Dec 2021
maybe one day ill be written in your sky
ill be sung to angels
ill be sculpted by the gods in marble and shined in whiskey
maybe one day ill be held upon the planets
ill be gifted by spirits
ill be blessed by the fire within you
maybe one day ill be your goddess
your flower
your love
maybe one day..
ill once again be sculpted from the love in your eyes
Dec 2021 · 6.1k
my wildflower
Mikey Dec 2021
i have grown flowers out of the marrow of my bones
i have harbored seeds from the blood that flows
i have created skies from the pain in my eyes
and i do it all for you,
my wildflower
Nov 2021 · 516
Mikey Nov 2021
you always called me angel
so maybe its my time to spread my wings and fly
Nov 2021 · 344
toxic love pt.2
Mikey Nov 2021
oh my love,
i will bring you to the most beautiful of places and kiss you desperately so everything once beautiful will remind you of me.
i will adore you so tenderly itll feel as if youll never be loved again.
i will make you crawl back to me,
and the storm that is my heart
i was told to write about power
Nov 2021 · 249
Mikey Nov 2021
you promised me forever,
and all i got was a chapter in your book.
Nov 2021 · 91
oh, love
Mikey Nov 2021
"Oh, love is a journey with water and stars,
with drowning air and storms of flour;
love is a clash of lightnings,
two bodies subdued by one honey."

– Pablo Neruda, "Sonnet 12"
this is one of my favorite poems, so i will share it with you
Nov 2021 · 105
i am nothing
Mikey Nov 2021
and once again i fell into a pile on the floor
crumbled into the lack of person i am
i have lost everything
i am nothing,
but a pile of ***** clothes on my bathroom floor.
Oct 2021 · 342
Mikey Oct 2021
you left me surrounded.
surrounded by the lies you filled my pretty little head with.
surrounded by broken promises you swore to keep.
surrounded by the harsh words you played off as love.
i’m surrounded, yet i still apologized.
i still think you’re good..
Oct 2021 · 166
Mikey Oct 2021
yellow days seem to turn into black sluggish tears.
the sun seems to fade away into the black oblivion inside of my skull.
the feelings i have manifest into screaming and betrayal.
i have no end, no life.
everything’s dark and there’s no one here to save me.
Oct 2021 · 90
main character
Mikey Oct 2021
i’m going to stop trying to be the main character in your love story.
i was merely a side character,
or maybe a comic relief.
but you were always my main.
goodbye lover,
continue your story without me.
Oct 2021 · 91
Mikey Oct 2021
i dreamt of you last night.
i thought it was real,
thought you were real.
but i know youll never want me.
stupid little dreams.
Oct 2021 · 202
Mikey Oct 2021
i always feared you.
your strong arms, and harsh hands
the way you towered over me and seemed to not care.
im not sure why i was scared,
if im being honest.
but i dove into you, i watched your fear and your anger
your sadness and heart ache.
and i soothed every aching muscle to reveal the most beautiful
guy i have ever known.
i now no longer fear you,
yet i fear what youll become
youre worth more than what you give yourself credit for
Oct 2021 · 97
Mikey Oct 2021
i hope im a good enough second choice for you.
Oct 2021 · 75
Mikey Oct 2021
why is it,
that i can sit and waste my days staring at my walls.
allowing myself to be overcome by the sea of sadness i have within me.
why is it,
that my favorite song is silence.
that my head screams at me to listen.
why is it,
that whenever im with you, im some how okay.
but in the long run,
i can even make you ******* stay.
why is that?

you tell me
Oct 2021 · 101
violence caused by anger
Mikey Oct 2021
i hope you fall.
not in love.
not for someone.
not for anything.
i hope you fall.
i hope you hurt.
i hope you bleed.
i hope you suffer.
i hope you fall,
for a person that treats you the way you treated me.
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