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the missing accents (in a poem composed in French)

~for Elisa Maria Agiro~

are neither missed nor lost,
are neither essential nor essences,
for the heart of the poem dazzles!
for the life well dreamed, dazzles!
the simplest truth needs no spices,
life, it is glorious, the glorious spark
of god, living and breathing within us,
no matter the language, no matter
the accent, that is our mission!
 Dec 2020 Robert C Howard
To keep your peace when vexations rise
to dream on through a nightmare

to be one with the all in all of love
this be my journey, this be my end.

 Dec 2020 Robert C Howard
Dust and shadow
underneath the Sun

Toil and pain
all along the road

Rain for thirst
sleep at days end

To dream a dream
spirits freedom

Spirits freedom
from Earthly shod.
Gathering self for
the morning's journey into
today's mystery.
Suit up and show up....
vision so vital
to all a poet is;
silent beauty whispers
its miracles only
to those listening.

the poet cursed
with eyes and ears
the clamor of
a living, dying world
their soul

finding refuge
from the deluge
in a quiet stream of stanzas

never realizing the blessing
of the eye of the poet

until all the words have dried
 Aug 2020 Robert C Howard
Worlds within worlds
spirit walkers

A dance of stars
sparks of fires

Universal law
fuel to burn

A world disappears
charred black

Black as death
void within void.
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