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My sea is far away
let's meet closer anywhere
under the one same cloud.

My blue water
is for the sun.
I sing beneath the wave.

My rose
is for the show
I am imbued
in the fragrance.

My sky is open;
it hugs the earth
reaching out far afar.
Beyond the rainbow
beyond the peacock's eyes.

Catch it too.
See from beneath the blue
slips out a butterfly!
A poem from my upcoming book Qun: Love is Conditionless
 Nov 2017 Robert C Howard
 Nov 2017 Robert C Howard
i wonder what i
look like in
your dreams

do i dance like light
through vertical blinds
or am i only
a feeling
 Nov 2017 Robert C Howard
Emily B
 Nov 2017 Robert C Howard
Emily B
if only I could
up like the armadillo
when i'm sleeping

there would be no soft underside
to be pierced by my nightmares

and maybe I would wake

if I could forget again
all the things
that I have remembered
and all the things
that I have not remembered

maybe there would be
no nightmares
in the first place
 Nov 2017 Robert C Howard
patty m
Today the sparrow chirps inside my head.  Tiny wings flitter nervously from the hedge darting out for bread newly spread upon the lawn.

I  throw it everyday but still they're nervous and I can't blame them as my own heart beats rapidly in sorrow.

a friendship broken
and still my heart cries in pain
fluttering wingless

Could it be these tiny birds are totem of the sad,
then perhaps butterflies represent new life and hope?  

sage little sparrows
tiny heads peeking through hedge
watching for the hawk

The rabbits are nibbling late summer grass.  Their tiny noses and ears twitch.  Some will fall while others flourish, the world isn't always kind . Gentle furry friend your baby is bigger now and no longer stays close to the hedge but cavorts upon the lawn as all children do; Still she's not quite as knowledgeable as you,  my friend with fur so soft and gentle eyes.  Yet you will both survive this city living, hopping through the spray of sprinklers on lawns, digging holes ever watchful.  Perhaps we all learn to adapt even soft furry creatures.

Today a bunny
burrows protecting new life
small carrots my gift

Last night the leopard roamed through my dreams.  I felt the thrill of the hunt, teeth sinking into flesh and I'm not repelled. This is life and the leopard too must eat and yet she only kills to feed her hunger, she's not vindictive and for some reason she grounds me.  To survive one must be strong.  In light of moon she urges me on stilling frantic thoughts and giving me purpose.

essense of fleetness
necessity is living
surviving through pain

As a child I remember the zoo rides on the elephant. What a gorgeous creature she was. A special saddle was set atop her back and little children were placed in a row to ride upon this gentle giant.  I loved to feel her rough hide, and the touch of her inquisitive trunk. Yet even as I felt dwarfed in her presence I saw something so powerfully wondrous in her eyes, a strength of character and wisdom as if life had taught her so much and she wanted someone to understand.  
When I rode atop her I felt light as if I had wings, there was no mistrust or any frightening vibes, just a glorious feeling akin to euphoria.  Once she was sad and I saw tears in her eyes.  I didn't ride her that day just being near her was enough.

mountain of wisdom
the earth quakes beneath your feet
and yet you shed tears
Let us take a moment
And break this down
If you don't believe  
In global warming
By now
You're probably not
Going to come round

But perhaps
We could take a step back
To when pollution was indeed
A matter of fact
Such as
The black factory smoke
And runoff waste
That fills our water ways
Coal soot that fills our lungs and skies
Sewage that fills our bays

Poisonous smog
Settling over our industrial cities
Toxic chemicals giving birth
Have you no empathy nor pity
"As our"
Emissions are ever choking
Scorching the earth

Can we start over
Sure it's no big deal
Can we at least agree
That pollution is real?
Traveler Tim
 May 2017 Robert C Howard
the sitting down counts
its where you unite

all the potential of creating
something from everything else

writing is woven this way
from heart to fingers

from fingers set free
and freedom is everything
There's no magic to
magick; look around, observe
daily miracles.
I've been called a witch many times in my life; though my Way is not the Wiccan way, it does have a few similarities.
Did the sea
seem inviting
that day?
The way
it must have
taken your breath
for you to

"Ah, here
I'll stay,"

Did you love the
sea more
than air
that day?

As the skies
their gentle
in your tangled
mess of hair,

The way
it trickled down
your smiling face
- into your mouth,
I can almost imagine,

Did the sea
not scream
as you divulged
its rough

Did you not
towards the
Did you not
you were

Did you love
the sea so dearly,
to let it's
drag you
to even colder
For a friend and another suicide attempt.
 Jan 2017 Robert C Howard
You hold my hand
on this cold and starless night.
I can see it in your eyes;
you'll make everything alright.

You hold me close
and kiss me gently on my cheek;
move a strand of hair from my face
and to me you softly speak:

*"You are the shooting star
that used to light my skies,
but then you fell down to the earth
And now you light our lives."

"A cold and starless night
to which only you bring meaning.
Your love is all I'll ever need
on some enchanted evening."
Co-written by my amazing and talented friend, Mysidían Bard :)
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