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Robert Andrews May 2021
Pretty bird
was flying by
I fell in love
So loved felt I
Pretty Bird Pretty bird
Jib Jib Jib
I couldn't help but
Feelin' high
I didn't know
Jib Jib Jib
I'd have to say goodbye
Pretty Bird
Pretty Bird
Sing for me again
She sparked my heart
My perfect muse
Melody of a meadowlark
I fell in love
So loved felt I
Jib Jib Jib
Gettin' high
I went crazy
For that Lady Bird
Pretty Bird

Pretty Bird Lady Bird
I believed every word
I fell in love
So loved felt I
Gettin high.
Robert Andrews Jan 2021
When I get outa this mad house
Do ya know where Ì'm guna go?
Straight down the Niagara river to Lake Ontario!
And when I'm finally settled there
There's only one thing I wanna see
That's my blonde haired beauty queen
With her bottle of JD

And we will pass the days away
Staring from the shore
Singing old Led Zeppelin songs
Between trips to the liquor store
All of My Love
And the Lemon Song
And a bit of Stairway as well
I don't know where that one ends
Be it heaven or it hell
But I've found mine
Since I have her
She never done me any wrong
So I will keep on loving her
Between shots and classic songs

I'm for her
And she's for me
Or at least that's my dream
Vacate this crazy house
For a life of peaches n cream

It may be tomorrow
Or as I've said a dream
Either way
I'm happy to say
I got my bottle of JD
Robert Andrews Nov 2020
Blonde hair ponytail pulled back
I Love You

Blue eyes dancing
So piercing honest
Your laughter dances there.
I Love You

Radiant sunshine smile
Warms me
When I'm in your light.

I have no doubt
I am yours
I will Love You
All my life
Robert Andrews Nov 2020
Lift me up on the wind
I will take my final dance
Flying in my yellow dress
I laugh
I am the autumn leaves
Robert Andrews Oct 2020
Or maybe you don't
I live in a mad house
There's no peace to be found.
When I can I get away
Smoke some ***
To **** the pain
You know how it is
Or maybe you don't
The screaming the shouting the manical laughter
Grandiose delusions and tears
Like I said.
It IS a mad house
And I need my time away
So I take a walk
To my sister Jens
A half hour trek for me
Now a days
It seems much more
With my broken back
A week
Still I go there
To **** the pain
With a bit of sanity
You know how it is
Drink a glass of dry white wine
And smoke
A bit of ****
Find my place
Upon the floor
And finally
Go to sleep
You know how it is
Robert Andrews Oct 2020
On the farther side of the afternoon
Just as the evening comes
Find me in the sunset
Not quite
Day dreaming
When the day is
Not quite

On the farther side
Of the afternoon
You can find me there
Where I have nothing to worry about
And I don't have a care
On the farther side
Of the afternoon
You can find me there

Robert Andrews Oct 2020
The Good Lord is touching me
That's the way it seems
Everything around
Is just a dream
I'm here and now
And everwhen
And everywhere
And everything
That ever was
And every what
Will be
The truth shines thru
Because of You
My sweet eternity

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