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61/F/Washington State    Love the world, love words. Understand the power of words, and the immense and sacred responsibility of wielding them.
tween the heart and NYC    only love poems and other complaints; ‚Äúteach me where the apostrophe goes, the comma and why the question mark is curved and dotted like my ...
Sally A Bayan
F/Manila, Philippines    As I See Myself Right Now, Content........settled here thankful........I'm no longer there yet...glad........I'd been there... ^^^ I Am Filled With Gratitude... ^^^ Sally
121/F/California    I'm not a poet, just a depressed head case in love with someone who will never be mine, and so I write about it...
Toronto    Coffee. Sweaters. Poetry. Repeat.
Chelsea Rae
ut    Used to be on another poetry site that's closing down and my friends from there invited me here so here I am, hopefully my work ...
Words, when structured cleverly are such powerful assets that undeniably immortalise our fragile humanity. Visit my official site:
LB Parker
Fay Slimm
Cornwall U.K.    I have been in love with the mystery of words ever since I learned to read - keeping journals and writing stories and plays was ...
Arlo Disarray
In your imagination    I'm not here to save the world, or destroy it. Simply, just to live in it.

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