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3.4k · Jan 2017
Beautiful Dreams
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
There are castles in the sky
for little girls that cry
and sailing ships, to secret islands
for little boys who, wonder why
not everything turns to magic beans
Silly little dreams
Silly little dreams
silly little
beautiful little
silly little beautiful dreams

and I wonder why
any of it ever
has to pass us by

Weave your dreams from pieces of string
pop tabs and the tear drops in your eyes
It's a necklace made of pure gold
and gems the castle treasury holds
for a forgotten Princess
when she's feeling blue

Toy guns
and a burned out car
A weathered picnic table
Formidable fortresses for a war
Where the dead go home at the end of the day
'cause everyone always,   gets away
Silly little dreams
Silly little dreams
Silly little
beautiful little
Silly little beautiful dreams

And I wonder why
any of it ever, has to, pass us by


Sometimes life turns out that way
The sun still shines
just the same
on everyone ....
'til the day is done
Then rest your head
on what you call bed
and let your magic dreams.....
take you where they may
Beautiful beautiful
Beautiful beautiful
silly little beautiful dreams

And every little girl
is a beautiful Princess
Invincible boys
go off to war
and everything
is always wonderful..
when you can't stay awake any more
Beautiful beautiful
Beautiful beautiful
silly little beautiful dreams

2.4k · Mar 2017
Wolf Love
Robert Andrews Mar 2017
Wolf Love

The night settled in
an old comfortable friend
blanketing everything
Wolfs course hair kept him warm
from October air and winter storms
but he felt no urge to sing

His yellow eyes glinted
from the flat black
entrance of his den.
He knew that he would return
but he hadn't planned on when

Wolf was accustomed to the worn path
where he often liked to tread
He stepped beyond his concealed home
but did not raise his head

He began his journey through the trees
knowing where his paws would lead
but wolf was not the same...
No puffy chested bachelor any more!
He had met a dame...
A ***** they say

He snorted.
Steam trailed back along his face
like a train from much older days.
There was no trot, no bounce
no lively spring
to his tired pace.
Wolf simply made his quiet way
to a secret private place.
Something was wrong inside his heart
where once it had been content,
now he found a space.

She'd ran with him,
on mountain slopes
of green and shades of grey
scraping the very sky it seemed
in the fullness of the day.

He remembered how their voices echoed
cutting through the night.
They'd rolled entwined in fallen leaves.
They'd grabbed each others necks to please
such friendly, trusting bites

He was no fool and understood
the space he had inside.
His heart had moved, making room
for another one beside

Wolf was heading for that perch
where for a while they'd sang.
"Maybe I am obsessed." He thought
doing everything he could
to ignore the pain
this love had wrought.

Still his paws kept closing distance
in his heart was no resistance
heading for that place,
they liked to play

His tight stomach growled and turned
another thought inside him burned
He could have gone a different way
into the vale and to that farm
to eat that rooster who liked to crow,
at the start of every day

Wolf didn't even turn his head
he was off for higher ground.
He tested the air for her scent
but not a single hint was found.

Wolf hoped perhaps the wind was wrong
and tuned his ears to hear her song
then for higher ground he went
up and up, and on

He spotted prints they'd left
on warmer nights before
and for a while he walked with them
searching for even more.
Impressions in the earth

His mind was fixed on She Wolf
and the days when they had played.
Deer were near Wolf did not care
and continued on his way.

He longed to hear her howls again
rising up with his.
In the still night air free of care
that's where his heart
at first had lived

Lonely aching desperation
urged him up and on,
traversing slopes of rolling foothills
to the mountain just beyond.

He thought about their deep night love
and not the narrowing trail.
Up and up and on and on
all rubble and shale
soft earth was gone.
Wolfs feet were sure
and would not fail
up he went, and on

Now Wolf could smell her,
where she'd scraped a single birch
leaving her
She Wolf fur.
He took a breath
and savoured her scent,
like the finest wine
from the finest vine.
He left his mark in the dark,
then on he went

Obsessive desire drove him on
the need to find her
and fill his heart
with more than just the haunted dreams
that tainted all his memories.

He knew now that it wasn't far
over a spur into a vale,
then up the incline just beyond.
Beneath the stars he made his way
listening for her eerie song.

Wolf bent his concentration
wanting for his destination,
thought about her She Wolf love
and broke into a hungry run.
Panting and panting
running and panting,
ever closer to that place
where his heart had moved for her
and left for her a space.

Then there it was,
Their stage!
That naked outcrop where they'd sang
and their love engaged.

Wolfs heart pined and ached.
They'd loved beneath this sky
but She Wolf did not take the stage.
His head hung low once again
Wolf exhaled and let out a sigh,
where summer love had once been made.

Wolf sought his comfort
from the shoulder of the mountain side,
beneath an overhang of sorts,
that sill would let him hide.

Sleep is all he wanted now.
Sleep until he died.
There was nothing Wolf could do.
He could not lie.
His heart had moved,
making room
for She Wolfs right beside.

Slowly and with dark despair
he sought that overhang,
to sleep where they once had paired
on summer nights and sang windy thoughts
the wind itself had changed.
Wolf raised his head,
now intent.
Wind had told him everything
and to that bed he went!
Howling! Howling!
Howling to the moon!
Knowing that his love was there
and that he would be there soon.

and so they met
with bites on necks
and mingled yips and yipes.
There his heart had moved for love
and there they spent the night.

On mountain side he met his bride,
perched above the world below.
There they danced loves sweet dance
staging for their night romance,
where only they would know.

Moons melting yellow light
touched everything with them.
She Wolf He Wolf sang in turn,
and then they loved again.
Loving love and making love
a true love to the end.

Wolf knew that his heart had moved
but hers had moved as well
and now they danced forever,
where both their hearts could dwell.

and all should howl
their hearts desire.
Find your love and love.
Shine with that internal fire,
out past the stars and so much higher.
Life is short.
the wolves cavort.
Howl at the moon!!!

1.9k · Feb 2017
Robert Andrews Feb 2017
A is for atom
Rotten to the core
Melting down
below the ground
just outside the door
Where presidents and statesman
continue to play
with hot core rods
in a box of sand
forgetting where they've buried them
From Kazakhstan to New York
they walk away and wipe their hands

Now all young boys like hot apple pie
but uranium cake is hotter
and those who've tasted such elation
will tell you that it's nearly sinful
the way the warmth slowly infil-
-trates you to the bone

Hear! Hear! A noble cheer
for the best warm dish
served in years...
Soviet meltdown in hot sause

There's a piece for brother and sister and you
There's a piece for mom and dad
who chatter in the parlour
like a geiger counter going mad

Now the nuclear family
eats plutonium pie
and triple scoop reactor splits
melt and drip
from every bodies spoon
Cheer noble! Good men! Cheer noble!
Please stand tall solicit applause
Cheer noble!!
You'll get your rewards
and your just deserts
with a noble cheer

I wrote this three days after the disaster and also here in Canada our nuclear reactors are Candu reactors
1.2k · Jan 2017
Paris Night Cafe
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
Rain died on the cobble stones.
A warm soul escaping as scented steam,
rising to the fading heavens
of a long Paris eve.

Muted velvet shadows deepen and
soften the edges of everything.
Lovers kisses, whispers and laughter

Half drunk
and one more bottle of wine.

Eyes dance and share their dreams.
Across a private table hands meet.
Making love like secret poems of the deaf.

Subtle exchanges of body movement
compliment the symphony
of this tiny world magic.

Breaking bread from a wicker basket.
Full on night descends,
closing its curtain on the day.

Internal prayers to heaven
chase each other,
They wish this night would never end.

Dark red stains on pure linen.
Count the glasses.
Time elapses,
but it's never getting late.

965 · Feb 2017
Robert Andrews Feb 2017
She was a small town runaway
looking for a bigger world
but the city lights, arn't very nice
to curious little girls
and the creep in the car
said he'd take her so far
but he took her all the way
Still you can't stay young
when you're on the run
and ya haven't got a penny to pay
Milk carton memories
like the graves in Flanders' Fields
stretching to the distant sunset
so tragically surreal

Runaway, don't get in that car
Ambers' rarely make it home
little girl why'd you roam
The secondary scene
is where most will die
Now it's too late
It's much too late
It's too late, for you, to cry

He's got filthy fingers
from his ***** dreams
of girls in their skirts
and their too tight jeans
He'll take you and break you
'til you don't cry any more
and then he'll **** you
you've become just a *****
Predators prey
Won't be goin' home again
You'll never get back
what he takes from you
You're a milk carton photograph
no one knew
And Amber....He won't stay
to choke on the ashes
of a runaway

Milk carton memories
so tragically surreal
stretching to the distant sunset
Ambers' Flanders' Fields
Little girl...kneel by your bed and pray
You never ever hear him choking
On the ashes of a runaway

959 · Jan 2017
Simply Man
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
Winters depth was cold.... sharp..... and bright.
Saturday was pristine...... endless and white

Ice cream!

It was our destination!
Miles hence
as flies the crow
'cross frozen wastes
in boot deep snow

and I

We were
Invincible to the temperature
that squeaked the dinted snow,
and made ice groan.

Fingerlings on tree branch ends
like corn
We were Invincible.... We ignored!

Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Ice Cream!
A single minded mission
held by three

Forging scars
in a world un-marred.
****** world for us
but for snow no more.
Imprinted with our mark

No worldly hurdle
would keep us
from this dream
and Cream!

We were Foot soldiers
subtracting distance,
in a mimes frozen vision
of a frosty silent world

onward we tread.
Invincible as Gods.
Superior to man,
As I've said.

We reached the river.
Our path behind,
a thread.

It tied us
to such comforts
as food and warmth
and bed.

We met the ice fearless
Our souls skimming cloud tops
Boundless in our self belief
Far greater than the confined dimensions
of what was real
Our Ice Cream dream

and I

That deep freezer freeze
Held for years

or so it seemed

Stealing the breath
of days uncounted
Each memory hanging in the air
that Christmas break


Like a frigid ornament
or the unchanging face
of death.
Chiselled in my mind

That river...
a congealed
hibernating vein

Single file we forded
with a mine field mentality
Our Ice Cream destination
drove us on

The river screamed
aching bones rubbed together
by the weather
moaned and heaved

Tortured sounds
like chambered souls
escaped from the dungeon
of the river bed
wailing like the forgotten ******
The forever dead

Ice Cream....
Ice Cream....
Ice Cream....

We were Gods!
We would not stop
for the ****** and the dead!

But There!.... There! ....There!
There collapsed the Godly dream!
River ripped wide,
an unholy seam!

Shore to shore!
Between my feet!
And all those souls boiled
Fleeing from the depths
for their escape!

Roberta my twin
and Leroy my friend,
like snowshoe rabbits
never felt that breath
and ran!


I fell that day...
clinging to my life
death beneath my feet
so wet

I clutched!
I grabbed!
I crawled!
I scratched!

Fingers digging deep!

Away, away, away,
I inched from that hell
made especially for me.

Saucer eyed and transfixed
my Twin and Friend
grasped my wrist
and stole me from my end

and there we were
Him and Her and me
and yet...
we could not leave.

One Christmas boot was gone
as was the ice cream dream

That boot seemed to balance
where the water boiled
icy cold

Hells rift gloating open
Its blood exposed
Boot there dancing ghoulish,
on the seam

And so we lay prone
upon the ice
A now less than Godly chain
Roberta grabbing for my boot
A prize of value
above worldly gains

She snatched that boot
and made quick retreat,
We were defeated soldiers
Him and her and me

We followed our string
t'ward comfort waiting
warm and safe,

Death had not beaten us.
Nor the wrath of Gods
Not even that river
where hell escaped
could claim that mighty deed


It was a much hotter fire!
A colder ire!
The punishment
of "Mom!"

Our Ice cream dream died that day
as did something else
I no longer walk among the Gods
A diminished view
of self

Never again would I place my boot
within the world of men
Immortal and invincible
Now I am...

simply just a man

897 · Feb 2017
Stockholm Love
Robert Andrews Feb 2017
He took her to his cabin up in the northern woods
so no one could hear her scream
when he tied her to the four post bed
to live out all his dreams

now she calls him Master
when he unbinds her from the bed
but still he makes her subject to
the whims inside his head

Now and then he lets her run
naked on a leash
but locks her in the spider hole
when it's time for him to teach

He knows she'll never get away
He'll make her love his hell
searching for what makes her smile
'neath his Stockholm syndrome spell

He F 'd her up and beat her down
until she finally came around
So beautiful in her black and blue
She whimpered "Master, I love you"
Then he knew
Her Stockholm love was true

He gently kissed her ****** face
and the bruises he so carefully placed
Held her in her broken disgrace
because her Stockholm love was true

Now they're always together
with their twisted violent love
He finally truly fell for her
and she can't get enough
Stockholm love!

He hits her with a rubber hose
She bites him on the thigh
scratching her name across his back
he slaps her 'til she cries
Stockholm love!

They love that they are lovers
profuse! profane! profound!
and when she finally got the chance
she tied her lover down

He loved her like no other
She understood his love
So she f 'd him up and beat him down
until they'd had enough

but he didn't comprehend
the depth of her Stockholm love
She blew him away with a shot gun blast
just so she could ***
Stockholm love!

Look out! Look out!
If you see her in your town
She won't be charmed
and she's always armed
so don't you stick around
She'll F ' you up and beat you down
Until she gets enough
Stockholm! Shot gun! Love!

726 · Mar 2017
Hatefully Alone
Robert Andrews Mar 2017
Replete of all its splendor
my withered heart beats...
Such a sad and tortured drum.

Refusing me death
It pumps its useless lifeblood
through my veins

My loneliness leaves me cold.
My desires.... with a frosted skim of ice,
How I long to melt for some unknown spring.

I have love inside!
I have love!!!
Love, no one even pretends to try and see

A poet!! What a joke!!
A dying breed of feelers
left to drown!

Pour me the cheapest drink
flavoured with the acrid taste
of societies disdain!!

I know I'm different
(One of the nicer things
that I've been called)...
It makes those cookie cutter clowns
try and fit me in the smallest box!!
Smaller than the one
where they reside!!

Intellect feeds my mind
yet makes me hungry all the time!
And my soul? Oh my soul!!
Always teaching me to walk a truer path.
Never used to be that way.
Now my ****** internal eye
that's all it ever sees!

My heart?
I do not wish to speak of it.
It beats.
At least it gets to share its time
with my soul.. and eating mind

The night is old...
I turn out the light.
Once again I sleep alone
and wish the empty darkness..
an empty dark good-night.

667 · Feb 2017
Snow Angels
Robert Andrews Feb 2017
When Angels fall like snowflakes
Who will bare that stone?

If I place my lips upon her
will she melt....

or burn?

My heart is not frozen
and so

My tears are warm.

When Angels



649 · Jan 2017
Tea Time
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
Have you seen the crazy man
who shuffles when he speaks
Mumbles with a broken stride
and ties his shoeless feet?

Have you seen the broken woman
carting round her home?
Shopping in a garbage can
Garbage shopping cart alone

Have you seen the intellect
religious physics in his head
He understands the missing cat
and knows that it's not dead

Have you seen them all together
when they're all apart?
Bumbling old shoes
A newer cart home
Calculated prayers and art

I have seen them
I've seen all three
Folding my newspaper blanket
I have them all for tea

508 · Mar 2017
Robert Andrews Mar 2017
I woke up to a summer morning in the Calabogie peaks
Sharing conversation with myself
I stirred the wood stove and I stoked it's fire
while my coffee brewed
I finally know that I'm content
since I found my way to you

And the city lights have nothin'
that I want or need
nothin' that means anything to me
And my coffee seems so much better
than the cities ugly streets
and I have no doubt this cup of joe
is better company

Calabogie You'll never feel alone
among the ancient bent and weathered
backs of stone
and at the feet of every peak
and valley that you find
veins of liquid silver wind and weave
and the midnight stars are a permanent
audience to the moon
Your troubles will be lifted far away
You can listen to the evening loon
the end of every day
and I guess I've known since I arrived
I'm going to have to stay

Calabogie, I've fallen hard for her
Deeper than I thought
for the broken peaks and endless trees
and the way the waters talk
And I'd like to say I'll be back again
but I don't think that I can leave
the comfort and seclusion
of the Calabogie peaks.

493 · Mar 2017
Lovely kisses
Robert Andrews Mar 2017
Sweet kisses fall from heaven
Now all my paints are new
This world of unknown colour
Shades from my heart this art
its hue.

This is my rain drop life
falling fast with contained delight
A new refrain,, each drop of rain
kisses soft at end of flight

I am met with kisses wet
Ruptured rapture this heart was after
Her sunshine stains my pouring rain
Now rainbows tint my soul again
In Love
476 · May 2017
Summer Kisses
Robert Andrews May 2017
I laid her in the long grass of a toasted summer field
among the unpretentious wild blooms
I whispered words of Love to her that I so carefully had rhymed
My poetic hands dancing to the metre and the time
And I could feel her heart beat in my fingers through her blouse
And I could smell the body spray she wore
And I could taste her kisses as I let her know my wishes
with those deftly moving fingertips of mine.
I combed her hair back from her face her eyes were full of sky
Bluer than the flowers where we lay
I wove her dreams of castles and kings and all the little pretty things
a girl like her could possibly desire.
We spent the whole day in that moment where every wish comes true
and everything I said, I knew was real.
I petitioned her to be my Queen and everything that was between
as I lost myself inside her lovely eyes.
And for that day we lived forever, everywhere and when
And still I hear her softly saying from that spot where we were laying
Shut your eyes my king ....and kiss me once again

416 · Jan 2017
Exponential Death
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
Kick a dead man
He don't bleed
rubber face
never breaks
has no need

Why stab the thing
it doesn't live
wrapped in bags
buried in the sea

feed the fish

Dumpster dive deliveries
snails and worms
and pretty things
fingernails pony tails

and teeth

A thousand million
maybe more
and a broken *****
washed up on a
greasy shore

get your needles free

with running shoes and feet

treasures on the beach

dig the earth and reach
search for more

muggings of my sanity
I can't go out
I'm never free
all the eyes are watching me
dollars down the drain

such a shame

***** names and ***** stains
I've seen it all
It's all the same
demoralized beaten
left for dead

Dig a grave
for someone else
staring back
behind the glass
whiskey poems
the Mensa test
and death


Pick Your poison
cups of tea...

there's simply nothin' left

No one Loves
no one tries
kick the bodies all aside
and deal your truth
where it seems to fit

I spit

I'm used to it

I think it's time to go to sleep
digging up a darker deep
Killing pigs
with gloves of kid
I slit the neck
bleeding out in reams

it streams

anything that floats your boat
Is likely just a dream

and one more lifeless body
slips into the drink

403 · Jan 2017
Dilapidated Fire Escape
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
Black metal staircase
escapes from the alley
where no light is
and into the night above
to the opaque heavens
where invisible Angels live
white knuckle squeezing
those venerable bones
and that ancient staircase groans

381 · Aug 2020
Aster Moon
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
I love the long grass
A shady summer tree
The sound of childrens laughter
Because it's free

Summer moons
At the end of June
When the crickets are all you hear

But most of all I love the fall
And the turning of the leaves

Give me fields where daisies grow
And Queen Annes lace in bloom
Golden rod that gently nods
And of course my Aster Blue

Aster Blue I remember You
A true heart open wide
There's a special place in Gods embrace
For one so sweet and kind

And so I love that time of year
When the asters come to bloom
I know that you are out there too
Sharing the same moon
371 · Mar 2017
A Silent Hopeless End
Robert Andrews Mar 2017
some things are better said
woven rhyme
left in heads
idiots never see

silent screams
that call

no one




blood pools
on the ground

365 · Feb 2017
Walking Washington Blues
Robert Andrews Feb 2017

**** these city streets
**** these ***** dark city streets
on a hot night
It's the blues
It's the blues
It's walking Washington blues

Goin' street light to street light
there's nothin' quite like it
under the light of the sun
It's the spaces between
the world that's unseen
that keeps you on the run

I slide past the ladies
with their ******* whispers
and the skeleton ******
all covered in blisters
and I...
hurry on

Past dead end alleys
with doorways to no where
and windows that show
what you don't want to know
and I...
hurry on, hurry on

There are knife end transactions
fatal attractions
your money your lover your life
So I pick up the pace
where the drive-bys are frequent
leaving their pock marks
on brick work and cement
and I...
hurry on, hurry on

I step over needles
by graffiti with blood stains
It's only the ghetto
exposing it's hearts pain
and I....
hurry on, hurry on

but don't cross the road
where nobody goes
for I've heard you'll never return....

So I duck the bite
of the lead mosquitoes
and slip behind trash cans
where death is a slum lord
and there's always new tenants
...coat hanger evictions

It's the blues..
It's the blues..
It's the walking Washington blues.

357 · Aug 2020
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
How can I tell you
Of this beauty
For which
There are no words?

My heart trembles
When my blue eyes
Touch her
And I am stricken dumb
334 · Jul 2020
Rooster in the Room
Robert Andrews Jul 2020
I wrote her name
The bottom of my shoes
Because she always let me be
Her rooster in the room
And when she calls
I always come
Crowing out her name
She loves it when we wake the neighbours
Time and time again
So I wrote her name
The bottom of my shoes

I wear my jeans
A bit too tight
That's when
She says
They fit me right
But I would wear
Most anything
To watch her smile
While I strut and sing
I'm her rooster
I'm her rooster
I'm her rooster in the room

And I Love the way
That she thinks
That I'm all that
And even a little bit more
I know nothing can come between us
If I keep both feet on the floor
Because I wrote her name
The bottom of my shoes
I'm her rooster
I'm her rooster
I'm her rooster in the room
332 · Feb 2017
Lovers Rain
Robert Andrews Feb 2017
We stepped between raindrops
to dance in the puddles
beneath a broken umbrella
we pretended to huddle
accepting the rain for what it was
a chance to get closer
all muddled by love...
and gettin' wet!

328 · Jan 2017
Captured by Her Freedom
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
I love her wild abandon
So many untamed horses
Fenceless and uncorralled

For a while I ran with her
Looking to catch her eye
She just ran away
Trailing laughter

I heard her distant drumbeats
With their sacred rhythms
Deep into the earth
And deep into my soul

I clutch and grasp
Trying to capture
Midnight thistle down
That dances
On the warm,  invisible, breeze

And where shall it land
When it's slipped from my hand
Taking with it
All my secret dreams

.....And I laugh
They always dance away
But I am content....

For the briefest moment
I lived among the footfalls
Wondering where the thistle down had gone

Almost unnoticed

It came to rest
Amidst the drumbeats.....

Inside my heart

323 · Jun 2017
Rooster Daze
Robert Andrews Jun 2017
I keep strange hours when I'm awake.
I live forever sleeping in my dreams.
I drink black coffee in between it all
'til I'm bouncing off the wall.....
I Spin one up
and smoke a bit of green.

Magic mess-less scrambled eggs
and chicken that won't go away
No matter if you change the name,
twenty four seven, three sixty five a year....
There's chickens in my ears!

Then I do the things that Roosters' do
shower shave and even poo
and depending on which morning
(there's three for me each day.)
I might have a beer or two
(rollin' up another doob')
Then find the freaks who comprehend
Poetry is meant to bend.
Obviously oblique!!

And does this serve my intellect,
it's not unique.
Every kind of artist
is some kind of freak.

I read my writes with great delight
and seek the kindness of your words each time.
Then I peruse the posted faces
I don't really surf
it's more of a cruise
goin' through the paces.

Meditating on the colour blue
and the higher math by the bunny path
where one plus one
is never only two.

I check my mail without fail
in hopes to find a backpack worthy soul.
Climb inside my little rhyme
by leaving bits of self behind
in letters that are crossing space and time.

And all the gems that I've collected
will make for me
a bigger piece of you.
It's true.
It's what I do.

My room is full of mental faces.
Some are givers
some are takers
and some are real
when they are fakers
but I never am alone!!

So leave a post or a note
and with love
I'll safely store you
in the hand made backpack....
that I  tote, with me.

322 · Feb 2017
Junkie Monkey
Robert Andrews Feb 2017
Purple glooming shadows
in the ****** dimension
****** thinks he's livin
as he dies
He rides the highways down his arms
and the back roads down his legs
Ain't no place that he ain't been
That ain't an interstate.
So many points of interest
floating in his veins
And 'though his fire burns inside
He's nodding anyway.
And the purple glooming shadows
Own the colours of his soul
Nothin' else seems near as bright
As a needle hole, full of life
******'s dyin'
Forgot what he's livin' for
Do anything for one more point
Sell his *** in the night
**** his soul
for just the sight
Of another purple dream

in foolish gold

314 · Mar 2017
Robert Andrews Mar 2017
Were I to live....
a dead life

Were I to die....
still alive

Tear streaked smiles
my sad accomplice
Rejections touch
my frozen friend

Were I to mourn
just graveyard soul
I'd seek my plot
and fill the hole
For truly...
I'd be dead

313 · Apr 2017
Robert Andrews Apr 2017
Time is taking all its time
To pass itself away
Seconds minutes hours then
Are turning into days
And every day is just the same
All that changes is the name
Soon to make another year...
Another day gone by

You can not touch or taste or feel
A minute in your life
You can not hold it in your hands
Or bribe it for a slice
It's here and now and then it's gone
Was it ever there?
The Mad Hatter surely laughed
at the crazy ol' March Hare
With his pocket watch
sweeping by
The minutes of his life
In a rush to do enough
before he finally died....

Here I sit and sip my tea
Forever and anon
Savouring my moments spent
Before the moments gone

310 · Oct 2020
Robert Andrews Oct 2020
The Good Lord is touching me
That's the way it seems
Everything around
Is just a dream
I'm here and now
And everwhen
And everywhere
And everything
That ever was
And every what
Will be
The truth shines thru
Because of You
My sweet eternity

280 · Mar 2017
Mysteries in the Night
Robert Andrews Mar 2017
What private calls does the wolf howl
About love, lust, yen and need
Me I do not know
I simply love the sound

I wonder what the owl hears from silent wings
When muted forest is lulled to sleep?
You'll never know

Appear then disappear
like shadows from a ghost
Incomprehensible to me

Still I watch and soundless listen
Trying to understand
All the mysteries of the night
Night carefully defends

269 · Feb 2017
River Daughter
Robert Andrews Feb 2017
You can find her by the river
if she wants you to know she's there
She'll be whispering to the waters
in a language that they share

Sometimes she flies on a seagulls wings
along the mighty gorge
Then they talk about the things they've seen
when she's barefoot on the shore

If you smile she might let you close
and you'll finally get to see
all that really matters to her
is if you've lived your dreams

Listen to her singing
while she's dancing in the rain
It's because she knows the truth that flows
from the heart of everything

Eventually you'll fall in love with her
and of course she understands
She likes to share what's beautiful
with everyone she can

But she won't think to wait for you
She will love you if you're there
As she gathers things the river brings
for her pockets and her hair

And when today is finally yesterday
and tomorrow's come at last
She will only think about this day
and not what's happened in the past

The daughter of the river knows
beauty is a state
Not the aging changing memory
of what used to be your face

You can find her by the river
loving everything
She'll understand you've fallen for her
'cause in her heart it's always spring

The daughter of the river
She dances for everyone
The raindrops dress her in silver
so she can sparkle in the sun

It's alright if you love her
She'll share the wisdom of her truth
Beauty comes from the inside out
not the fading looks of youth

The daughter of the river knows
beauty is a state
Not the aging changing memory
of what used to be her face

268 · Feb 2017
Gettin' Old
Robert Andrews Feb 2017
She told me the mountains
weren't the peaks they used to be
I chuckled,smiled and understood.
Every year the walnuts seem
farther from the tree

We took a trip down memory lane
with the hazards on
a turtles pace
nothing really seemed the same
people flew by
it's an interstate

We stopped a few times
that was okay with me
I needed my meds
and she had to ***
again and again and again

The lane is now a highway
No shoppin' at Sears
now it's just bi-way
discounts don't really mean that much
when you pay fifty dollars
for what once was a buck

So I sit back in my rockin' chair
I listen to oldies, losin' my hair
She weaves then leaves
('cause she has to ***)
Everything aches where there isn't pain
but we've got each other,
and we both have canes

I love her now more and deeper
Kinda glad those mountians
aren't any steeper
I'm gettin' too old to make that climb
And she still likes my walnuts fine.

So I smiled at her
when she returned
Showin' teeth no longer mine
And I asked with a wrinkly smile
If she'd like to fool around a while
She smiled back and said "Not today...
it's gettin' late anyway."
I looked at the clock
and had to agree
It was nearly bed time
and we needed our Z's

The days make us tired
and now my drive is low gear
So it's off to sleep
(after she pees)
After all, it's after three

on a Sunday afternoon...

258 · Mar 2017
My Garden
Robert Andrews Mar 2017
I have a garden
And it's very large
And I must tend it all the time
It's work
But it's beautiful work
So I don't really mind
I turn the soil
Digging stones
To plant the seeds I hope will grow

I trim the hedges
Tend the lawn
Pull the weeds until they're gone
But I don't mind
Its peaceful there
I'm free of trouble
Free of care

I walk there often
Most often alone
Shepherding the things that grow
I talk to the bees
And sing to the birds
Rarely am I ever heard
No one wants to walk with me
To enjoy the flowering cherry trees

I love my garden
Would you like to go?
It grows inside me...
It's in my soul.

251 · Aug 2020
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
Oh My God
I want to hòld you
Tightly in my arms
When the night
Is cold and long
Fall to all your charms

Impatiently I await
Your inevitable return
To feel the anguish of my lust
And tortured
Slowly burn

As brief
As our moments are
I savor every breath
You hold my eyes
Until I die
I Love
Every single death

You are my Succubus
My soul is yours
to steal
My heart is yours
to rip apart
So at least I know
It's real
249 · Jan 2017
Through the Needles Eye
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
when my eyes were bright and pin point sharp
I threaded needles in the dark
I could walk into the eye
never touching either side

Now I am an older man
careful threading of the eye
I don't believe the needle shrank
Just my belief in the needles size
239 · Aug 2020
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
In earnest desperation
I grasp for falling stars
To catch the fading sunlight in her hair

With deepest concentration
I touch a ray of light
Dancing on her skin

I want my kisses there
222 · Jan 2017
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
When I hold you
Can I unfold you
find the pristine pages in your heart
and if what is there is origami
I'll arrange it like the finest art
Silent swans will learn to dance
Blue paper swallows will sing at last
if you only take the chance,..
to let them fly away
And the lotus blossoms you've created
scent a million different pages
Where I carefully write my lines
on every petal
one word at a time

217 · Feb 2017
Fabricated Dawn
Robert Andrews Feb 2017
It's too late for the neon lights
too early for the dawn
my world is poised
suspended breath
not quite sleeping
yawning creeping.....dawn

The silence breaks a fragile egg
shatters with the robins song
Introduction to construction
The industry of dawn

and all the magic spells I held
with bated breath
are gone

A man against his world
forging on

206 · Jan 2017
Never Asked
Robert Andrews Jan 2017
I'd stare at her across the rows
Filling up my books of prose..
and poetry

I knew the details of her face
No hair was ever out of place
She could make me die...
with just a smile

I knew the scent of her perfume
teasing me across the room
It left me weak....
and aching for her touch

I loved her very much

So I filled my book with secret hearts
I spun in words and called my art
And never let her see a single word...
A love she never heard

And I think about her to this day
And the secret poems I threw away
I wonder if her secret heart...
found love

What if no one took the chance
To ask the Princess to the dance
Then there'd never be a secret King...
to make her sing

Maybe she just stayed alone
I guess I'll never really know
Didn't take the chance, couldn't dance
Just lived inside my..
paper poem romance

And did she smile for someone else
No longer sitting on the shelf
or did she fill up books of...

Writing in her room alone
All her little secret poems
About a king who looked..
a lot like me

But I never asked so I've never seen
How I looked in all her dreams
or even if there was a book...
for me

So I hope she smiled and found her love
I hope some Prince was brave enough
I hope she never....
threw her poems away

But to this day.. I don't know
All my poems afraid to show
In case they died cause she said "no"...
Still I'm alone
and they've been thrown away

203 · Jul 2020
Autumn Leaves
Robert Andrews Jul 2020
Laughing leaves swim the sky
They delight in an autumn dance
When the wind sweeps by
Her broom lets fly
Colors bright
To swirl and prance
177 · Jul 2020
Robert Andrews Jul 2020
Yesterdays sorrow
Todays progression
Tomorrow I may find contentment

Living in the present moment
Yesterday is not important
As I find my way into tomorrow
Happily today
175 · Aug 2020
Electric Blue 2
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
Your curves
My hand
Your back

I die each time
It comes to mind

139 · Oct 2020
Aster Blue Now
Robert Andrews Oct 2020
She lives her life by
The cycles of the moon
The universe
Is in her eyes
Where everything's
In tune
Starlight dances
'Round her head
French vanilla
In her bed
The truth is
Where she
Rests her head
That's why I call her

I've known her as
Chelsea Rae
I've known her as
Aster Blue
I've known her as
A poetess
She's beautiful
Thru and thru

Now she has
A husband
And two kids
Of her own
She still holds that
Secret truth
The universe
Is her home

...You know I
Love her
For these things
Still my
Aster Blue...

135 · Jul 2020
Robert Andrews Jul 2020
The colors of my heart are true
I remember Aster Blue  
This raindrop life
one day will end
While there are flowers yet to tend.

As you and yours are growing free.
There shall be blossoms I won't see
When rainbows cross the Autumn sky
Think of me but do not cry

I've lived my life with an open heart
And Loved you from the very start.
This poet's muse my Aster Blue.
My poems are flowers meant for You.

If only one should move your heart
I'll know it wasn't wasted art.

So when the asters bloom my friend
And my life has met it's end
Recall my words from time to time
My children are my words of rhyme
128 · Aug 2020
The Art of Cheryl
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
You're finer than an artists brushstroke
No master could improve
If I were to paint such perfect lines
I would be painting You.
118 · Aug 2020
Dreaming in the rain
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
I remember dreaming
Of your skin
When it was wet

Dancing in a thunder storm
As close as we could get

We wore nothing
In that rain
Softly in your neck
I sang
And Heaven fell
Hard upon my head
102 · Jul 2020
Robert Andrews Jul 2020
You are my secret
When I'm sitting by myself
I fantasize about a life
With You
You and nothing else
Night and day I will lay
Kisses on Your skin
So I know that You are there
And not a dream within
And so I dream
And dream aspire
To feel the heat of Your desire
But this is just my secret
When I'm sitting by myself
Dreaming of those kisses
That I have never felt
98 · Aug 2020
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
When my eyes were bright and pinpoint sharp
I threaded needles in the dark
I could walk into the eye
Never touching either side
Now I am an older man
Careful threading of the eye
I don't believe the needle shrank
Just my belief in the needles size
88 · Jul 2020
Love songs
Robert Andrews Jul 2020
There are love songs only my heart knows
It sings them just for you
And maybe they're not worth the paper
And they're just my mixed up tunes
But I guess that's love

I dance circles in my heart
These words on paper I impart
Silly little lines and mixed up tunes
But I guess that's the way of love
Because I can fly
I can fly
Oooh oh
I can fly

I touched the top of the sky last night
Found the moon
And I wrote this happy tune
He sang along
Ya! It's gotta be love!
Because I can fly
I can fly
Oooh oh
I can fly

I thought I'd tell her yesterday
But the words and the music got in the way
Stayed up til the night was day
It's gotta be love

I dance circles in my heart
These words on paper I impart
Silly little lines and mixed up tunes
But I guess that's the way of love

I touched the top of the sky today
Found the sun
And I sang my happy song
He sang along
It's gotta be love
82 · Jul 2020
Robert Andrews Jul 2020
Diametrically opposed forces tend to repel
Divorcing each other with identical hate
81 · Aug 2020
Electric Blue
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
Purple pink electric blue
Up her arm are bird tattoos
All of them are taking flight
I really want to spend the night
With you
Purple pink
My electric blue
81 · Sep 2020
It is What it IS
Robert Andrews Sep 2020
Its a calm September morning. The sky is cloudy gray. The sparrows are bustling in the hedge row. It just might rain all day. I've finished drinking all my coffee and I had a cookie that was infused. Potato salad 4 my breakfast and then I smoked a doob. Don't take me out to where the sun is. I'm feeling gray today. Soon my meds will kick in and the pain will go away. A busted big toe and an achy ankle, a knee that likes to moan. I have a vertebrae that's  collapsed. I can't go far from home. That's just the way it is these days, so I don't care if the skies are gray or if the sun won't be my friend. I'll smile and listen to the sparrows. I got Jesus at the end.
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