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Robert Andrews Oct 2020
She lives her life by
The cycles of the moon
The universe
Is in her eyes
Where everything's
In tune
Starlight dances
'Round her head
French vanilla
In her bed
The truth is
Where she
Rests her head
That's why I call her

I've known her as
Chelsea Rae
I've known her as
Aster Blue
I've known her as
A poetess
She's beautiful
Thru and thru

Now she has
A husband
And two kids
Of her own
She still holds that
Secret truth
The universe
Is her home

...You know I
Love her
For these things
Still my
Aster Blue...

Robert Andrews Sep 2020
The last leaves linger
Dried dead and brown
Limbs branches
Twigs and fingers
A cold and snowy ground

A frozen rat
A half dead cat
A dumpster nine lives old
And everyone around is dying
Of the
Not so common cold
Robert Andrews Sep 2020
Its a calm September morning. The sky is cloudy gray. The sparrows are bustling in the hedge row. It just might rain all day. I've finished drinking all my coffee and I had a cookie that was infused. Potato salad 4 my breakfast and then I smoked a doob. Don't take me out to where the sun is. I'm feeling gray today. Soon my meds will kick in and the pain will go away. A busted big toe and an achy ankle, a knee that likes to moan. I have a vertebrae that's  collapsed. I can't go far from home. That's just the way it is these days, so I don't care if the skies are gray or if the sun won't be my friend. I'll smile and listen to the sparrows. I got Jesus at the end.
Robert Andrews Sep 2020
Ray only happy
When there's money
At his door
A paranoid schizophrenic
Who runs our
little store
He dreams
He'll hit it
Big one day
On the tickets
That he scratches
There's a little more
About the girl next door
And the ***** plot
He hatches

He got a small inheritance
Now most of it
Is gone
And when the final penny
Is finally spent
He'll be a loud
Exploding bomb
And what about
That woman?
And what about
His wife?
No more tickets
No more dreams
Just an empty life

Who will be hit
By shrapnel
And what will become
Of him
I cannot say
I only pray
The Lord
Takes care of him...
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
I was watching
When he came in
And the fantasy
Just died
I fell to earth
For what it's worth
Was not my friend
Then again...
I will do the same
And watch
Across the room
I'll say your name
And sing a little tune
I don't know why
I feel this way
It's just a silly dream
I like to take
To bed with me
When I
Go to sleep
Does he have
To be here
Why must it
Be this way
You're blonde
Blue eyed
And beautiul
I am
Old and gray
I was watching
When he came in
And the fantasy
Just died
I will do the same
And once again
I'll die
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
If those pants
Were any tighter
The clinging
Of her shirt
I just want to
I think you know
Be my very worst
And if at my best
I pass the test
Then a beast
Please recall
The mighty fall
My love and lust
Robert Andrews Aug 2020
Oh My God
I want to hòld you
Tightly in my arms
When the night
Is cold and long
Fall to all your charms

Impatiently I await
Your inevitable return
To feel the anguish of my lust
And tortured
Slowly burn

As brief
As our moments are
I savor every breath
You hold my eyes
Until I die
I Love
Every single death

You are my Succubus
My soul is yours
to steal
My heart is yours
to rip apart
So at least I know
It's real
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