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Jan 2021
When I get outa this mad house
Do ya know where Ì'm guna go?
Straight down the Niagara river to Lake Ontario!
And when I'm finally settled there
There's only one thing I wanna see
That's my blonde haired beauty queen
With her bottle of JD

And we will pass the days away
Staring from the shore
Singing old Led Zeppelin songs
Between trips to the liquor store
All of My Love
And the Lemon Song
And a bit of Stairway as well
I don't know where that one ends
Be it heaven or it hell
But I've found mine
Since I have her
She never done me any wrong
So I will keep on loving her
Between shots and classic songs

I'm for her
And she's for me
Or at least that's my dream
Vacate this crazy house
For a life of peaches n cream

It may be tomorrow
Or as I've said a dream
Either way
I'm happy to say
I got my bottle of JD
Robert Andrews
Written by
Robert Andrews  55/M
   Imran Islam
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