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Rickie Louis Jul 2019
Most relationships seem so lifeless, just floating along aimlessly. Down desolate mundane oceans. Destined to be consumed by the dark fridged depths we call love.
Rickie Louis Jun 2019
I don't know her
Only her name
A beautiful name
Like a precious stone

The nerve one must have
Even to speak it

Her beauty I must say
Truly unlike any other
If only I had the nerve
She may be flawed
But to me

She is certainly one of a kind
Free spirited
Curiously quiet
Only to spectate in wonder

From a distance

I wish I had the nerve
Not to capture or subdue
But to know her
Be more in her presence

Her smile
Even if not for me
Makes me smile too

To hear her laughter
Is like a treasure sought
Over and over

I wish I had the nerve
Rickie Louis Dec 2018
Curiously wide eyed,
flawlessly pale skinned,
mysteriously dark haired,
Rickie Louis Apr 2018
The times I miss you the most,
I rid myself quickly by remembering how you made me feel,
Despite my will for you and I,
You often made my heart run dry.
I went from darkness,
To light.
To flight.
Rickie Louis Nov 2017
A yo-yo without a string
is just another useless thing
so why wouldn't I come back
everytime she pushes me
  Nov 2017 Rickie Louis
It matters not what lies behind
Or what may lie ahead,
When waking dreams and evil things
Reside in each man's head.
They rattle chains and haunt our brains,
They feast upon our fears;
Consuming joy and hope and trust,
And all that we've held dear.
We hear their cries and stoke the fires,
Descend with them to Hell;
We share their shame, but not in blame,
Then fight amongst ourselves;
'Tis rare one sees
That which he flees
Is but a timeless mirror.
From brilliant men, to hapless hearts,
To wicked, wretched souls...
They are no more, nor less, than we;
But fractions of one whole.
Though he may lack in this or that
While others seem to reign;
With better looks, or smarts in books,
More power, wealth or fame;
We mustn't bend to arrogance,
Nor envy, just the same...
For he who dims his brothers light
Still hath no brighter a flame;
Instead he lessens all our sight
And squanders his own gains.
Have faith in ALL that's here below
Was ordered, first, above.
And suffers much, the eldest man,
Outliving all he's loved;
While rich men live, as paranoids,
And poor men toil in pain.
The simple man, a laughing stock,
And genius feels insane.
While beauty's forged the darkest hearts,
As shallow, they became.
And lives of ease have yielded sloth
And left good bodies lame.
So none can measure, nor divide,
The worth of Moon and Sun....
Like bird and beast,
As Earth to Sea,
Dependent on the One.
The seasons change,
As well they should,
And ne'er can we forget....
We're nigh but little cosmic spokes
Whom churn the Infinite.
And so these planets and their stars
Keep wheeling 'round the sky,
The watchmen keeping track of time,
Our souls all keeping ties.
  Nov 2017 Rickie Louis
Arm yourselves with shame... Humble heartedness; the gallows of Ego.
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