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Seems I'm unintentionally hurting everyone today
I'm sorry guys (and girls) it wasn't meant that way
In some cases its cause you pushed me
I'm not that great a guy, now do you see
In some cases I said it not meaning to be rude
But it seems that I had the wrong attitude
In some case it's because I'm afraid to trust you
Even though I have no reason not to
I'd give up my heart just to take it all back
But its impossible, so I'll let my vision fade to black
I'm sad about it now
And I wish I knew how
To tell all of you that...
I'm an idiot, and I don't deserve you guys.
I'm so sorry that I'm not a better writer.
I'm so close to crying right now.
Life is just full of smiles and hopes and dreams
**Being crushed over and over again
I know I've said this before
but this time it's true
I know you don't have to believe me
but I'm over hating you
Cause this time I was wrong

Oh and I know
You've tried so hard to make amends
I've pushed you away
Yet you still wanted... to stay friends
I just want you to understand
(want you to understand)
The power's in your hands
(the power's in your hands)

Oh I've been such a fool
I'm over acting like I'm cool-er
than you (or anyone)
Cause this time I was wrong

Yeh this time I was wrong
Yeh this time I was wrong
Yeh this time, oh yeh this time
You were right all along

Oh I've been such an idiot
I don't expect you to forgive me yet
And all of the neglect
Was born from the pain I felt
But its over now
Cause this time I was wrong

Cause I've had time to think it through
(My minds clear and I feel all right now)
So I can't hate you for being yourself
Girl you gotta let yourself shine through
Stop trying to clean up everybody else's mess
Cause you're better than this

Don't ever let anyone tell you you're a liar
Girl you got to live like you're made of fire
Be unpredictable
And light you're path
Just be careful who you burn
Cause this time...
You were right all along...
Revane Franssen Nov 2013
Everytime we age
its like turning a page
in your book of life
like cutting off a piece with a knife
until finally there is nothing more
nothing left for us to adore.
Its hard to think about the end
or if in twenty years you will still know your friends.
Well you will never know,
where is that place where we will all go,
whats in the darkness in my eyes,
I see nothing to my surprise.
We know what's in front not behind,
what's not at the back of my mind.
Its not death most fear,
but the unknown, why am I here,
it doesn't matter what you do,
whether you write poems or work at the zoo.
Everything must stop someday.
Like this poem they will say
The End...
I wrote this when I was twelve for a creative writing competition, which I won. ( But then again so did the four other people that entered).
Revane Franssen Nov 2013
I walked out into my garden
and noticed that my gnome had hardened
I heard a bird that could sing
and saw a bee with a terrible sting.
My flowers smelt so nice
then I slipped on a piece of ice
into the flower patch
I reached for something to catch
I caught a glimpse of a pretty swallow
dancing in a tree so hollow
I then fell down and hurt myself.
Then I woke up and bumped my shelf
I started rolling out of bed
so I went out to my garden shed
when I got there something charged at me
then I heard a bee say "Goodbye be free".
I wrote this when I was eleven, so its not the poems fault if its not that good.
Revane Franssen Nov 2013
Every time we age
Its like turning a page
A page that we can never turn back
A page that contained all the things we did that year
Even though we can no longer see that page
We can still remember some of the the things that were on it
But what happens when we get to that last page
And finish that book
Will we just fade away like an old memory
Or will we live on through the memories of others
Even if those memories can be painful
Life is a mysterious thing and its best not to ask questions
But let's do this one thing and
Remember each other.
Revane Franssen Nov 2013
I was walking through my garden
And I heard a gnome say pardon
Was that really you mr gnome
I asked. I waited a while and still he did not answer
It was probably just the kids next door
Not my lifeless garden gnome whom I adore
I continued walking and something charged at me
It knocked me over and I hit my head
I closed my eyes and awoke in my bed
"Thank God" I said it was only a dream
I got out of bed and heard a stream
I looked out my window and saw my gnome
He was waving at me and shouting hello
I went outside to to the stream he was fishing
And I joined him the whole time I was wishing
That this was a dream and I would wake up
That was ten years ago and still I am here
I sit with the gnome all day long
A new gnome in my garden that looks just like me.

— The End —