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reabetswe Nov 2015
The pain lies deep within
is it all worth it?
I don't think so.
I don't think all the cuts will ever make me feel better
all these drops of blood make me want to surrender.
maybe it's time to succumb
reabetswe Nov 2015
I'm trying to save you.
why are you holding back?
what is it that you're scared of?
why have you stopped begging for life?
is this how it's going to be now?
are you about isolation now?
you give me life.
I can't lose you.
just not now.
give me your hand and let me help you.
you're my forever, forever.
don't put out the fire inside of us
I still flame for you
reabetswe Nov 2015
it's so dark in here
I can't even feel myself.
I'm waiting on thee, sunlight, to save me from being served a milkshake of melancholy.
what has become of my life?
I feel weak
the numbness is sinking in
I can't wait to run into the sunlight
because, only then would I be able to
- reconnect.
reabetswe Mar 2015
without him I wouldn't be here
he was a goddess
his lips
his eyes
his smile
his soft skin
the way he carried himself..
he was everything

he was everything I had been wishing for
there was something special about him
he knew how to keep me at ease
how to keep me sane
how to keep me happy

he was my one and only
perfect muse.
reabetswe Mar 2015
The urge to let him know how I really felt
I chose to follow my heart
It was the only chance I'd ever get to tell him how madly in love I was with him..
How he had cast a spell over me
he was all I could think about

I walked up to him so we could talk, talk about us...
but no, all he wanted to talk about was my friend
the very same friend who always said he had a repugnant attitude.
why? Why talk about her? Why not talk about me? What was wrong with me?
I guess I was stupid..
stupid to have thought he felt the same way as I did about him
I walked away, away from the shame and hurt
I shouldn't have let my heart deceive me..
reabetswe Mar 2015
Why is it untitled? Because I haven't a clue what to call it.
I never thought I'd be doing this. I never thought I'd be so elated and relaxed.
I had only wished I would make it this far.
I had only wanted to go unnoticed.
Fitting in was all I was about, but I realised it was really about understanding and getting to know yourself better.

the days of feeling unappreciated had  come to an end.
It was all about me now.
Where I was going and how I was going to get there..
reabetswe Mar 2015
I had learned to live without him,
but that sunday afternoon was too heartbreaking
my only hero, had left me.
how was I to carry on? was it going to be easy? no.
but there was nothing that could be done
I was never at ease..
shattered, my soul pureed to me in a milkshake of melancholy
but I carried on
and im still standing strong today
I moved on, and it was the only thing for me to do..

— The End —