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Quentin Briscoe Mar 2015
You are my garden of Eden
My tree of life
But your fruit is the good and the evil.
Which way is right..
I'm drowning in a sea of emotions...
I reached for the Apple..
And bit more than I can handle..
What a marvelous taste..
But now the losses are in View..
I could have had the world..
But now I just chew...
Because once I swallow..
There be nothing else I can do..

My Sins are in View..
I know to much now..
Should have listen to you..
No room for love now
We believe that isn't true..
Bitten by the snakes..
But your all I wanna do..
Drowning for your love
But now I just chew...
Because once I swallow
I'll never get another taste of you..
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2015
Did you know I am black...
Have you listened to His story....
My mother's hands planted me strong..
I have roots of strange fruits
Swinging, But Winds can't move me..
Sweetly I darken as I ripen...

I believe in The Masters plan..
I speak master of no Man..
I pray that He Rewrites His-tory
Things Only the #Master would demand..
Don't be moved by howling hounds..
I Stand firm upon shakend ground..

Hands up, around my royal stem.
Feet dangle until a breathless end..
One pulls back as ropes tighten..
I think of what could've been..
Come get a taste of sin..
I feed the hunger of men..

Look at me strangely Like deformity
My skin bares no such impurity
I am the son of Light
Burnt in the bossom of RA
My power supersedes this hanging state..
I transcended every time I'm consumed..

You only have days to repent..
Hell has cold places for hatred
Now that heavens a breath away..
Don't hunt what you don't eat..
There is blood on the leaves
As you planted gardens of death..

One hangs on as Strange fruit..
Memories linger in the frozen air..
I believe we share some roots..
Tears water the branches we break..
Stories that can't end as His-tory
Dangling Fruits From the popular trees..
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2015
I've been wounded...
By the one part of me that said
"I will never hurt you"
Of Humanity placed in my cup..
As I sit in this Garden..
Trying to regrow dead seeds..
I choke.. On
My empathy..
Realizing that this
Death is just the begging...
Of a War...
1 million years in the making..
I can't save them all..
From the genetic codes..
Already intrinsically connected
Inside my sins. ...

Quentin Briscoe Feb 2015
I was thinking about you
googled your name and
As urban As you aren't...
The most beautiful and amazing girlfriend I could ever ask for. She has a smooth face and kissable lips, and she's crazy and funny. She can make you smile whenever you talk to her, even if you're really depressed. Her hugs are the best in the world.
I sure can't wait to see Imani "
Says the Urban dictionary
And that was you...
to a T
or to a Q which was me
because I remember how
how good you felt to me
Beauty I wanted to hold onto forever
Once I already let it go...
Cuz she gave me Faith to Desire
Words to design..
A feeling I require...
Thanks to Faith
I know how...
Please know that you're special
to me and to them
Urban Word Users
that have deemed you so Worthy
To be the definition of Perfection
longing for Imani....
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2015
I was born without my third finger
On my left hand.
I thought that I was weird
for the first 18 years
cuz i felt like I was missing
But every one was made
for a reason
and I guess my flaws were
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2014
Complex circulations of electric impulse.... firing in impulsive reaction to there own free will....Yet they do not think...and send out missions and directions to ****... that which was intended to heal...Now I feel all types of unwanted ****... infecting the young....Floating around in unwanted company...Hoping to gain death...Witch is the confusion of calling it blessed....See I've seen them looking around...but the only placed being searched is the ground...CC's of un wanted foes wandering about...In incorrect form yet perfectly round about...They have placed intricate circuits through out the mind...That have been set to detonate in time...Not blow no suicide bombers here...but to carefully inject the inception...Will you be fooled...misconstrued ..deceived to believe...that this is honestly received...or these impulse that have conjugated...To act upon what they feel...instead of what is real..No thought process...not time to progress...Only to stay the same...spreading to brain after brain.....after brain.........are you still >THERE
I love word play but my message is serious....
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2014
Fall prey to my words and you may be my Hagar???
Fall in Love with my Existence and I just may make you Sarah....
But are you strong enough to mother nations..
because I birth emotions, inspiration, creation....
Because God lives inside of me...
I can move mountains..
bring rivers from you peaks...
and make you weak...
then build you up high...
I'm that guy...
but are you that Queen?
that will make me Want to give you the world
And Outcast my Seeds....
I've always imagined Sarah as Foreva...
Birthing Miracles  
far greater than Mine...
Bending time...
and blowing my mind..
But You I have yet to Find
Or Have I
and its just not Foreva's
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