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Oct 2014
"We are the Galaxy looking at ourselves,"
At least that's what I've been told.
Stars as bright as the sun, now rest in our very souls.

But whenever I say things things, she doesn't seem to believe me
She's lost on her own fixation, dead set on what is reality.

She will never understand how the sun is in her eyes,
Or how she can draw people in, like the moon controlling the tides.
A true star in its purest form, growing every day,
But she says she wants to leave this earth, that no one cares of her stay.

But I asked if she knew what happens when a star disappears,
And it never really does, it's light remains for years.
But it's leave is not beautiful, it's not peaceful at all,
It actually creates a supermassive black hole.
It's dark, and dim, and just a sad little place.
It creates such sadness, even the surrounding stars light deplate.

I said, "that would be us if you left our life,
Your apart of our galaxy, aligning the planets just right."
To those who feel unaccepted and disconnected from the rest
Written by
     ZA, ryn, Kayla V Barreto, Rupal and Jake
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