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Oct 2014
If I have children
Who have children
I would be the Best
and the Worst
I would teacher my grandchild
How to ride a two-wheeler
A month after they graduate to training wheels
Their parents would be so mad
But I would just laugh
And give their children ice cream
I would give my grandchildren cookies
to eat before dinner
I wouldn't be spoiling their appetite
Because cookies are real food
I would teach my grandchildren piano
And give them a drum set
My own children would hate me
As the sound of un-choreographed noise
Sounds day and night
If my grandchildren stayed the night
I would let them stay up later
Then their parents allowed
and feed them all types
Of sugar and candies
Before returning them home
I would do everything
A parent would faint at
My grandchildren would love me
I would be the Best
and the Worst
Also I would love to annoy my children to death. Mwahahaha
Ena Alysopriono
Written by
Ena Alysopriono
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