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Sep 2014
every good catholic is raised in believing
that there are Seven deadly sins.
Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Pride---
just to name a few.
Me? I believe there are Eight.
The original seven, and Love.
Love is a deadly, venomous sin.
it takes you from who you are,
and makes you someone you are not.
one day you're smiling and laughing,
the next day your hands shake
and the scars are blade deep.
Love, is the ultimate sin.
It changes you.
And some times,
Without you knowing it,
It changes them too.
a realization that hit me today as I saw my life change, I hope for the better, for her.
Michael DanielThane
Written by
Michael DanielThane  West Chester
(West Chester)   
     kenz and kylie formella
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