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Sep 2014
I’m forgotten
I’m rotten
I’m the beginning of a new empire with no queen
I’m broken

A king spoken of with words just enough to drown with,
Such phrases upraise but such make a person realize
It’s enough soaked
It’s enough to stop living a throne
Not marked for his achievements

For I, well we were thought to be the best
The unsinkable ship they said,
An unexpected tragedy brought to light
When they called us the titanic
Boarding from the land of love,
With the sea ahead so calm but deadly as it was,

Love was made for us not to fear
But to fight together
And conquer all problems that appear,

Until an iceberg as cold as her took us down
To the frozen heart of the sea killing all within and around,
Witnessing it all with our eyes as it blead tears of hurt,

As how could we survive but witness death with our eyes?
How could we survive but witness death with our eyes?
As I could bear no more letting the frozen seas take over me but my heart,
As it stood for her love and no one else

A selfish beast dumb enough to believe that their love was real
Cause she left, when it was time to fight,
Left when the time was right,
Left when it was time to test our love
But no love was shown just the selfish excuse in life,
When it gets hard you move on to the next stage
That would eventually pull you back

For you are a snake killing with venom
Until poisoning yourself and tasting your own medicine to death
A heal the troubled would believe to be true,,,
Love is definitely weird in its own way
Written by
Mohammed Nasser Al Jahdhami  Oman, Muscat
(Oman, Muscat)   
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