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Jun 2014
We both met each other and both our lives were changed.
The future could be better, but the past it still remains.
Today we were together, but your ghosts were in the room.
Haunted by the memories that never leave alone.

People beating you and knocking you around.
Abusing your body, doing you down.
Saying hurtful words that stick in your gut.
Making you feel bad, no future, no luck.

Some might want to change you, to mould you, to sculpt you.
To fit their own image, to copy their model.
But you can only be you if you believe in yourself.
You can be so beautiful if you trust in who you are.

What’s inside is what really shines through.
You’re a beautiful person, don’t do yourself down.
You’re caring and honest, warm, bright and real.
Believe in yourself, for you are what you are.

But you are what you are, not how others might see you.
You can only be you, not what others might want.
You’re not an illusion, a dream or a vision.
Be proud of who you are, believe in yourself.

Copyright: Gordon Warren (1990)
Gordon Warren
Written by
Gordon Warren
   --- and stéphane noir
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