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Jun 2014
Take care
of your own NEEDS...
leave the WANTS
to those ...who are trying
to lay some kind of claim....
that way,
even if it doesn't work out...
you're OK.

Trust only
in yourself,
any one else
theirs in DEGREES,

that you are fabulous,
larger than life!..
those around you
will too

And honey,
just know...
that you scare
the hell out of ANYONE...
who is in any way
not comfortable
in their own skin.

Be your awesome self
and take care of
you and yours.
Don't filter your opinions
Don't edit
your reactions
you just keep being YOU..

The more confident
and secure
your are with yourself...
the more secure and confident
the people that are attracted
to you will be....

When it comes to love...
close your eyes,
and find someone
to love your soul...
Someone who...
looks at you
with love in their eyes.
Someone who...
makes you feel good
about yourself

Look for those who
SHOW you,
instead of...
TELL you....
about who and what
they are ...

You have a friends
watching and caring
that you have never even noticed
or thought about...
look to the ones
who don't
rush to ....
jump in to the drama,
that have been
in the background,,,
supporting, laughing
always there loyal to those
who are loyal to you

Do the next right thing
no matter if
no one is looking.

When giving advice...
always quote
an insightful poet
or a simple child

Look past reasons
through excuses
beyond emotions
to motives....
and rewards...
to be found
on both sides.

If you can do...
half of these
your Life...
will just be better...
and you shall have
accomplished more
than most
shall ever hope to.
This whole piece was actually written to a friend as a comment on her down-trodden facebook status... turns out to be not too bad in this form too!
Suzanne Penn
Written by
Suzanne Penn  Portland, Oregon
(Portland, Oregon)   
     Unknown, Hollow, ---, Suzanne Penn, r and 2 others
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