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May 2014
I've fallen empty again as its Monday night and I'm forced into another word battle with my over bearing and under protective ****** flatmates 
I don't know if I believed drugs ruined souls until I saw your hearts turn to vicodin art projects and your eyes to steel blades 
I thought love was a four letter word with nothing but warmth radiating from its vowels but now I know it to be a cold noun which is to be thrown at me when I'm not wanted in your presence 
Straws are for drinking hot coffee but yours are cut in two's and fueling nostrils with more than caffeine could ever hope to achieve 
Mary Lambert claims she's touched trees with charred limbs but I'm watching two burn out of control and I know the thing about forest fires is that they don't tend to stop
Stop lying that youre trying your hardest to stop competing with caffiene and that your heart will soon again pump clean blood 
We both know that lies and pills go hand in hand and soon each hand will be blue and cold and I sincerely hope you love each other because pretending you'll achieve what you can't possibly desire is a lonely way to go
I havent written in awhile but I needed to vent
Written by
andrew  Pennsylvania
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