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Apr 2014
Lets compare scars.
Mine are in my mind.
Yours are on your wrists.

Lets compare feelings.
Mine are trapped in a corner of my mind slowly chocking me inside.
Yours are plain to see, splashed on the art you left on your arms.

Lets compare thoughts.
Mine weave in and out of everything slow tainting my hope.
Yours are to much to handle so you bathe in your blood.

Lets compare hope.
Mine is that I can make it till tomorrow.
Yours is that you make it each minute.

Lets compare ourselves.
We’re both in pain.
But who will chose to show it?

Lets Compare Scars.
Who’s are worse?

This is really old, but It meant a lot when I wrote it ... So I like it... Its a little cringey though :c xD
Misha Kroon
Written by
Misha Kroon  UK
     Jane Doe, ---, Jenna, Love, Forgotten Dreams and 14 others
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