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Apr 2014
We stand in despairity,
Craving some clarity.
Yet too afraid to step out,
& figure it all out.
We stand in the dark,
Hoping life somehow provides a spark.
One bright enough to ignite a path,
Hoping it's one long enough to last.
We stand, hidding in our own,
Shadow. Hidden, alone.

The rays shine down,
Searching for a beautiful soul to surround.
But the flowers, the ocean,
The reality of commotion,
Seem to absorb each ray.
& in each day,
It becomes harder to step out,
Afraid the world will figure you out.
However the fear isn't there, to be exact.
It lies in a more complicated fact.
One we all have faced,
Is allowing ourselves to find our own place.

To step out of our own...
Shadow. To step out alone.
We stand here beneath our own dark side,
To ignortant to admitt, we all hide.
Stand there & question: why its so dark?
How in life, can i make my mark?
Stand there and believe,
That there's a sign that will lead.
A sign that will tell us who we are.
This, however, is farther than the farthest star.
Farther from any truth ever spoken,
Because in life, we are our own token.

So step out of that shadow,
The world isn't that shallow.
Discover the light,
Let your soul shine bright.
Take part in your time,
Life doesn't have a 'rewind'.
October 18, 2010
amanda martinez
Written by
amanda martinez  boulder
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