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May 26
The heart's a garden, tended with pure care,
Where love's sweet rose blooms in vibrant hue,
A secret affair, beyond what eyes can share,
Unveiled only to those steadfast and true.
Petals unfurl in passion's warm embrace,
Revealing depths where tender feelings dwell,
A sanctuary, love's most hallowed place,
Where whispered vows their magic cast and swell.
The rose's fragrance, heady and divine,
Intoxicates the senses with desire,
While in the heart's chambers, unseen, entwine
Emotions fierce, a smoldering fire.
Between this flower and that vital core,
Lies love's enigma, forever to explore,
A bond eternal, cherished evermore.
Written by
Stu Harley
     J J, DENNY R ALLISON and Jeremy Betts
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