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Stu Harley Jun 3
Love's radiant warmth, a soothing balm,
Envelops my soul in its tender calm.
A gentle rain that quenches thirst,
Healing the wounds that once did burst.
Love's embrace, a sheltering tree,
Shades me from life's harsh reality.
A compass true in times of strife,
Guiding me through the storms of life.
Love's melody, a symphony sweet,
Harmonizing my heart's erratic beat.
A luminous star on the darkest night,
Illuminating my path with its light.
Love's elixir, a potent cure,
Mending what was once impure.
With love's caress, I'm made anew,
Forever healed, my strength renewed.
Stu Harley Jun 1
Love is thy lamp through the night,
A beacon glowing, ever bright.
In deep shadows, it casts its glow,
Guiding hearts where they should go.
A lantern's flame, steadfast and true,
It illuminates the path for two.
In the darkness, love's light we find,
A radiant force, gentle and kind.
A lighthouse beam on stormy seas,
Love's light brings solace, and sets minds at ease.
Through the veil of night, it shines so clear,
Dispelling doubts, erasing fear.
With love's lamp, we journey far,
A guiding star, our northern star.
In its glow, we find our way,
Through the night, to the break of day.
Stu Harley Jun 1
Love sets thy heart ablaze with fire,
A flame that dances, never to tire.
In the furnace of passion, embers glow,
Igniting desires that fervently grow.
A wildfire spreads through veins so deep,
Consuming all, in dreams we keep.
The spark of love, a torch so bright,
Illuminates the darkest night.
A bonfire's warmth, a lover's embrace,
In the heat of passion, we find our place.
The blaze of love, a beacon's light,
Guides us through the endless night.
In the crucible of hearts, love's fire burns,
Transforming souls, as the world turns.
A phoenix rising, from ashes anew,
Love's eternal flame, forever true.
Stu Harley May 31
Love, you are the ocean's restless tide,
Ebbing and flowing with each passing day,
Your depths hold mysteries I cannot hide,
Yet in your embrace, my fears wash away.
I ask you this, and more, to be my guide,
Through life's uncharted waters, calm or rough,
To weather storms when doubts and fears collide,
And anchor me when seas are not enough.
Love, you are the sun's warm, radiant glow,
Dispelling shadows with your brilliant light,
I ask you this, and more, to help me grow,
To nurture dreams and make the future bright.
Love, you are the wind's gentle caress,
Whispering, filling me with bliss,
I ask you this, and more, my life to bless.
Stu Harley May 29
Love blooms like a delicate rosebud,
Unfurling its petals with tender care,
A fragrant promise of beauty to study,
Inviting all to breathe its perfumed air.
Yet love, this special rose, has its season,
Its vibrant hues fade with time's cruel march,
Reminding us to cherish each sweet reason,
Before the petals wither on love's arch.
A fleeting moment, a passionate dance,
This rose of love opens to the sun's embrace,
Then, it closes once more, leaving but a glance,
Of memories etched upon the heart's lace.
Treasure love's rose while it blossoms bright,
For soon it closes, yielding to night,
But its essence lingers in a soulful light.
Stu Harley May 26
Love is the dawn that breaks through the night,
Chasing away the shadows with its golden rays,
Warming the earth with its radiant might,
Illuminating our hearts in a thousand ways.
You are the sun, a brilliant celestial sphere,
Casting your glow on the depths of my soul,
Banishing the darkness, erasing each fear,
Making my world feel vibrant and whole.
Your smile is the sunrise, a breathtaking sight,
Painting the sky with hues of hope and joy,
Your embrace, the noonday heat, so warm and bright,
A passionate blaze that nothing can destroy.
In your love, I bask like a flower in bloom,
Soaking up the light that ends every gloom.
Stu Harley May 26
The heart's a garden, tended with pure care,
Where love's sweet rose blooms in vibrant hue,
A secret affair, beyond what eyes can share,
Unveiled only to those steadfast and true.
Petals unfurl in passion's warm embrace,
Revealing depths where tender feelings dwell,
A sanctuary, love's most hallowed place,
Where whispered vows their magic cast and swell.
The rose's fragrance, heady and divine,
Intoxicates the senses with desire,
While in the heart's chambers, unseen, entwine
Emotions fierce, a smoldering fire.
Between this flower and that vital core,
Lies love's enigma, forever to explore,
A bond eternal, cherished evermore.
Stu Harley May 26
Love's fragrant spirit haunts the velvet rose
A specter of passion, unseen yet felt
Petals unfurling, secrets they disclose
Of yearning that can never be dispelled
Ethereal essence, a soulful refrain
Whispering through each delicate fold
Echoing the heartbeats of joy and pain
Mysteries only the ardent behold
Translucent dew glistens with love's tear
As dawn's first blush paints the bloom aglow
The phantom lingers, ever-present, near
Reminding that from love, all beauties flow
Until the last petal's graceful descent
Love's immortal wraith keeps its reverent
Within the rose's heart, forever blent
May 25 · 106
The Inside of Joy
Stu Harley May 25
what is joy
intervals of
soprano blue laughter
climb over
rainbows of happiness
dwell inside
of the
little boy soul
inside of joy
Stu Harley May 15
Love, a compass guiding me, a beacon in the night,
For thou art with me, a constant, shining light.
My heart, a harbor safe, where your presence finds its rest,
A symphony of souls, our love forever blessed.
The sun, a metaphor for your warmth, is so bright and bold,
Your smile, a sunrise, a story to be told.
The moon, a gentle echo, of your love that knows no end,
With every star that twinkles, our love will transcend.
For thou art with me, my soul's companion true,
Love, a tapestry woven, forever me and you.
May 14 · 55
Blue Smoke And Mirrors
Stu Harley May 14
letting the
great magician
pull a white
fluffy rabbit
from out of
a black stove top hat
a sleight of hand
only through
the dark arts of
blue smoke and mirrors
May 13 · 121
The Light of Truth
Stu Harley May 13
hold truth
the light
will shine
light of truth
let it shine bright
Stu Harley May 11
We built a wall, with stones of doubt and pride,
A chasm formed, where laughter used to reside.
Across the gap, a lonely silence grows,
Can love still bridge it, where forgiveness flows?

Meet me halfway, with open heart and hand,
Rebuild the bridge, on love's enduring strand.
Let's tear down walls, brick by fragile brick,
Love meet me in the middle, make the silence quick.

For love's not meant for distance, cold and vast,
Meet me in the middle, where our love can last.
Stu Harley May 11
Love's tapestry is not flawless, threads are uneven,
Woven with flaws, beneath a starry heaven.
Misunderstandings snag, like thorns that tear,
Leaving frayed edges, and whispers of despair.

Forgiving hands, with patience, mend the tear,
Golden threads of trust, dispelling fear.
Imperfections bloom, a strength untold,
A love that deepens, braver than pure gold.

Not fragile beauty, but a weathered grace,
When love's not perfect, it finds a stronger space.
Stu Harley May 11
Love takes care of the little things, it's true,
Not grand gestures, but whispers soft and new.
A steaming mug on a cold and dreary morn,
A hand to hold when shadows seem forlorn.

A simple smile that chases clouds away,
A listening ear at the end of a long day.
Remembering dreams, the whispered hopes you hold,
A silent promise, worth more than purest gold.

These tiny threads, a tapestry so bright,
Love takes care of the little things, with gentle light.
Stu Harley May 9
Oh, love, we don't have long to wait, it's true,
The clock ticks fast, but hearts know what to do.
There is no need for plans, no grand display to make,
Love's tender bud will bloom for goodness' sake.

A stolen glance, a whispered, gentle word,
A shared delight, a song by nature heard.
With these simple threads, a tapestry began,
A love that grows, beneath the setting sun.

So let us dance, beneath the fading light,
For love unfolds, in whispers of the night.
Stu Harley May 9
The surface may seem calm, a tranquil guise,
But love shall feast upon the heart that lies
Beneath the skin, where passions burn unseen,
A hidden banquet, for the love-adept queen.

It hungers not for flesh, nor mortal prize,
But for devotion's fire, in truth-filled eyes.
It craves the depths, where dreams and shadows meet,
A soulful feast, a love both fierce and sweet.

So let it in, this hunger, pure and strong,
For love's true feast, endures a lifetime long.
Stu Harley May 7
Oh, love, I know how to breathe, it's true,
A gasp of air, a world reborn anew.
My lungs, once tight, with fear and doubt confined,
Now open wide, to beauty I can find.

The colors sing, a symphony so bright,
The world unfolds, bathed in a gentler light.
With every beat, my spirit takes its flight,
Oh, love, you taught me how to breathe, and live with might.

No longer chained, by shadows of the past,
Love's fragrant breath, a freedom built to last.
Stu Harley May 7
With a gentle hand, it lifts the weary cup,
Love's magic potion, brimmed and filled up.
No bitter dregs, no sorrow left to taste,
Just sweetness pure, a love that will not waste.

A warming draught, that chases shadows deep,
A soothing balm, where troubled spirits sleep.
In laughter's chime and tears that freely fall,
Love fills thy cup with good, to mend and thrall.

So drink it deep, this gift from heart to heart,
Love's endless well, a joyful, vibrant start.
Stu Harley May 7
Death's gaze, not vacant, but with a bloodshot gleam,
A chilling glint, a haunting, shadowed dream.
No youthful spark, but wisdom etched in lines,
A life well-lived, yet etched with all its times.

A whiskey smile, a knowing, bitter twist,
Of countless souls, he's met, with a final kiss.
No malice gleams, but weary, patient grace,
A silent beckon to that unknown space.

He holds no weapon, nor a cruel decree,
Just life's last dance, the final cup for thee.
May 7 · 32
Love Without Borders
Stu Harley May 7
No walls confine, no flags their colors claim,
Love without borders, whispers freedom's name.
Across the miles, a language understood,
Heartbeats in rhythm, a boundless, vibrant flood.

Cultures may clash, and customs set us wide,
But love transcends them, a powerful tide.
In shared dreams whispered, beneath a moonlit sky,
Love's tapestry is woven, reaching ever high.

Distance may test, but love will surely win,
For hearts entwined, forever kith and kin.
Stu Harley May 7
Love looked at the sky before, a canvas vast,
With endless stars, a love that seemed to last.
But constellations shift, and seasons change,
And earthly hearts, with doubt, may rearrange.

Did love lookup, in hope, for mirrored fire?
A burning ember, a celestial pyre?
But flames on earth, they flicker and they fade,
Leaving love's gaze, a promise half-betrayed.

Yet wait, the moon, a constant, watches still,
Love's steadfast gaze, on ever-changing will.
Stu Harley May 6
Not Jasmine's sweetness, nor the rose's pride,
Love's fragrance whispers, deep inside.
An earthy scent, of fertile, sun-warmed ground,
Where life begins, with silent, steady sound.

Moss-covered stones, and dampened forest floor,
A primal rhythm, at love's very core.
The scent of roots, that burrow strong and true,
A grounded passion, ever fresh and new.

Rich, musky notes, of nature's sweet embrace,
Love's earthy scent, a love that time won't erase.
May 4 · 63
He Wants To Be A Man
Stu Harley May 4
Lord this boy is bright
as a ten-watt lightbulb
well, he needs some home-schooling
to properly integrate himself
into our society
Lord, don't send this boy to hell
take the gun out of his hands
please give this boy a chance
Oh Lord, don't let him drink
from the poison well
just because he wants to be a man
Stu Harley Apr 25
Oh, love, if you remember me, 'tis true,
A faded echo whispered soft and blue.
Like distant music, on the wind, it floats,
A melody of moments, shared in secret notes.

Did stolen glances, laughter light and free,
Leave any trace, within your memory?
Or have the seasons, with their changing tide,
Erased the footprints where our love did hide?

But hope persists, a flicker in the night,
Oh, love, if you remember me, ignite
Stu Harley Apr 25
In the depths of the Nile, a mystery unfolds,
Egyptian blue, a story yet untold.
Your eyes, a mirror, reflecting heavens vast,
Where love ignites, a passion meant to last.

Not sapphire's fire, nor ocean's endless hue,
But pharaoh's whispers, secrets born anew.
A timeless gaze, where galaxies reside,
In their depths, forever I confide.

A hypnotic spell, a love both fierce and true,
Lost in your eyes, Egyptian blue.
Stu Harley Apr 24
Aching emptiness, a hollow, searching beat,
Love, a lost hunter, with weary, searching feet.
Through barren lands, laughter turned to sighs,
It seeks a haven, with longing in its eyes.

Is your heart hidden, a fortress built so strong?
Do whispers echo, where no love songs belong?
But wait, a flicker, a warmth against the night,
A gentle tremor, a hesitant, shy light.

Perhaps your heart, too, is searching for its own,
Love's quest may end, where two souls become one.
Stu Harley Apr 23
Yes, if only this love you thirst for burns,
A desert wellspring, where your spirit yearns.
No parched despair, no longing unfulfilled,
This love, a chalice, patiently instilled.

A cool reprieve, a sweetness you can taste,
Banishing dryness, a love that won't be wasted.
A flowing stream, where solace finds its way,
Nourishing hope, to greet a brighter day.

So drink your fill, from depths where love resides,
This endless thirst, at last, forever satisfied.
Stu Harley Apr 23
Thorns of past hurts, a prickly, bitter crown,
Love, with a soft touch, gently tears them down.
No vengeful rage, no prideful, sharp reply,
But empathy's balm, a soothing lullaby.

Forgiveness blooms, a vine with a gentle hold,
Mending the wounds, where stories yet unfold.
Understanding whispers, soft and warm,
Dissolving anger, weathering the storm.

Transformed by love, our hearts begin to heal,
No bitter thrones remain, just love, revealed.
Stu Harley Apr 23
Love plants her seed, a whisper soft and frail,
In the fertile ground, where dreams and hopes prevail.
No flourish yet, no vibrant bloom to see,
Just trust and care, for what is meant to be.

With gentle rain, of tenderness and grace,
Love's seedling grows, a smile on its face.
Sunlight of joy, and patience as the dew,
Nurture the roots, where love forever grew.

Through storms, it may bend, but never break in two,
Love's planted seed, a promise strong and true.
Stu Harley Apr 23
Oh, Love, your will, a mystery unfolds,
A path we walk, with stories yet untold.
Though twists may turn, and shadows dim the way,
We trust your hand, to guide us through the day.

For in your depths, a wisdom resides,
A tapestry of choices, where fate confides.
We surrender doubts, and fears that hold us down,
With open hearts, on love's uncharted ground.

No fight, no struggle, but a gentle peace,
Oh, Love, thy will be done, our spirits released.
Stu Harley Apr 23
In lunar realms, where shadows ever creep,
A barren land, where solace seems to sleep,
Love sheds her light, a beacon soft and kind,
A gentle touch upon the heart and mind.

No scorching sun, but luminescence pure,
It was a moonlit dance, forever to endure.
Unseen it blooms, in craters stark and cold,
A fragile warmth, a story yet untold.

For even darkness craves a tender ray,
Love sheds her light, on the dark side of the day.
Stu Harley Apr 21
The world below, a canvas veiled in white,
Love is above these clouds, a soaring flight.
Storms rage unseen, where shadows twist and turn,
Yet here we fly, on wings that brightly burn.

Sunlight ignites the edges, soft and gold,
A whispered promise, never to grow old.
Hand in hand, we dance on windswept streams,
Love's laughter echoes, brighter than our dreams.

Though storms may gather, dark and full of might,
Love is above these clouds, a beacon shining bright.
Stu Harley Apr 21
The rose unfurls, a crimson heart ablaze,
Love's tender bloom, in sunlight's warm embrace.
Petals unfurl, a fragrant, vibrant show,
Passionate depths, where whispered secrets flow.

But twilight deepens, shadows softly fall,
The rose retracts, and a hush descends on all.
Love's slumber deep, a quiet, folded grace,
Gathering strength, for dawn's awakening embrace.

Fear not the closing, nor the fading light,
Love's essence lingers, ever warm and bright.
For even veiled, its fragrance fills the air,
Love opens, and closes, yet its passion is there.
Stu Harley Apr 21
Love has no start, no finish line to cross,
A boundless river, ever at a loss
For origin or end, it simply flows,
Through valleys deep and where the wild wind blows.

It whispers tales in ancient, weathered stone,
And paints the sky with hues unseen, and unknown.
A timeless dance, in every heart it weaves,
A constant hum, in falling autumn leaves.

Love's melody transcends the hands of time,
A boundless echo, forever in its prime.
Yes, love takes time
Apr 21 · 35
Love I Shall Be Yours
Stu Harley Apr 21
A simple vow, yet grand and true,
Love, I shall be yours, forever new.
Not just a whisper, fleeting and so frail,
But steadfast strength, that weathers every gale.

A constant flame, a burning, gentle light,
Guiding your steps, through the darkest night.
A loyal heart, a hand to hold so tight,
Love, I shall be yours, in the morning's golden light.

Through laughter's chime and sorrow's falling tears,
My love, my life, I hold you ever near.
Oh love I shall be yours
Stu Harley Apr 18
If love's the only air that we breathe, my dear,
No gasping struggle, no consuming fear.
It fills our lungs, a sweetness light and pure,
Invigorating life, forevermore.

In whispered sighs and laughter's joyful sound,
Love's oxygen sustains, on sacred ground.
A gentle breeze, it lifts us when we fall,
And carries dreams beyond the castle wall.

No other breath is needed, can compare,
Love's air sustains us, a love we share.
Still, I believe
If love is the only air that we breathe
Stu Harley Apr 18
Not lands explored, nor oceans crossed in haste,
Love is the vastness of your heart embraced.
A depth that holds the moonlit starry night,
And shelters dreams in gentle, warming light.

A boundless space where galaxies reside,
With room for fears, for every tear you've cried.
Forgiveness blooms, a field of endless grace,
Where every soul can find a sacred space.

Love's vastness knows no limit, nor an end,
A universe within you, my love, my friend.
and that it shall never end for a lifetime
I am sure and still are
Stu Harley Apr 18
Love keeps her eyes wide open, clear and bright,
Not blind devotion, veiled in fading light.
She sees your flaws, the shadows, and the scars,
Yet in your depths, finds galaxies of stars.

Her trust is a fortress, built with an open view,
No hidden corners, secrets kept from you.
Honest communication, hearts ablaze,
Love's tapestry, in vulnerability's maze.

Together you navigate, a fearless quest,
Love keeps her eyes wide open, forever blessed.
Just because this love is necessary to me
Stu Harley Apr 18
The stones we stack, so cold and gray,
Mending walls that block the way.
Bricks of doubt and fear we hold,
Barriers built, a story told.

Love, takes them down, with a gentle hand,
Let sunlight in, across the land.
Open the gate, let freedom ring,
Where trust can bloom, and spirits sing.

No longer strangers, heart-to-heart,
Love's tender touch, a brand new start.
When love takes down these mending walls
Stu Harley Apr 18
This love, a fortress built with care,
Woven with trust, a rare treasure.
No storm shall breach, no doubt shall break,
This bond I hold, for your sweet sake.

Through trials faced, and paths unknown,
My hand in yours, we'll face them grown.
Like roots that twine, in the earth so deep,
This love I'll hold, forever keep.

For in your eyes, my solace lies,
This love I shall never let go, nor ever try.
When love is about trust
Then tonight is about us
Stu Harley Apr 18
There is no need for gems or gilded phrases,
Love shall be put in simpler ways.
A gentle hand in moments fraught,
A silent strength, a battle fought.

A quiet smile that says, "I see,"
The unspoken trust that sets you free.
Tears shared and dried, a tender gaze,
Love's language blooms in countless ways.

These simple words, a whispered vow,
Love's truest form, forever now.
Only for the love that we desire
Stu Harley Apr 18
A lingering warmth, a phantom touch,
Love leaves behind no residue, not much.
No clinging threads, no tethered trace,
Just memories etched, in time and space.

A whispered echo, a fragrant sigh,
A teardrop's stain, beneath a tearful sky.
A melody hums, a heart's refrain,
Love's essence lingers, though it leaves no stain.

In laughter's ghost and whispered name,
Love's tender echo never burns the same.
Love does not burn any bridges
Stu Harley Apr 18
Chains once held us, tight and cold,
Love's wings restrained, a story untold.
But whispers grew, a rising tide,
Broke the shackles, and flung them wide.

Free now we soar, on open skies,
Horizons beckon, with love as our guide.
No walls confine, no borders bind,
A boundless mind no longer binds love.

Together we dance, on stardust streams,
Forever entwined, in love's sweet dreams.
Unyielding love is no longer bound
Stu Harley Apr 17
In mirrored depths, a truth unfolds,
Love casts an image, more than mortal holds.
Not just the shell, the laughter, and the grace,
But whispered dreams, on your hidden face.

A strength that blooms, where shadows hide,
A gentle spirit, deep inside.
The fire that burns, the tears you've cried,
Love's tapestry, where secrets reside.

So gaze within, and let love be your guide,
For in your eyes, your truest self confides.
When love casts an image of your soul
Stu Harley Apr 17
Not just of flour, or fire's kiss,
Love is our daily bread, a tender bliss.
A morning smile, a shared embrace,
The warmth of home, in every space.

Kind words that mend, a listening ear,
Forgiving sighs, that banish fear.
A helping hand, a burden shared,
Love's nourishment, a comfort cared.

In simple acts, a love untold,
Our daily bread is worth more than gold.
Stu Harley Apr 17
In whispered vows and dreams untold,
Love is each promise, brave and bold.
A hand outstretched, a guiding light,
To chase away the darkest night.

A gentle touch, a silent plea,
"Forever yours," eternally.
Laughter shared, a teardrop dried,
In every promise, love confides.

Through sunlit days and stormy seas,
Love is the vow, that sets us free.
When love is every promise made
Stu Harley Apr 17
Too far, they whisper, hearts should hold their ground,
A deeper ocean, love has yet to sound.
But reason's voice, in passion's storm, is drowned,
Lost in your eyes, where I am truly found.

Logic's frail thread, a cobweb swept aside,
By tides of feeling, where my senses ride.
A reckless dance, on love's forbidden tide,
Though whispers warn, in you, my soul confides.

Too far, perhaps, for some may understand,
But in this depth, I've built my promised land.
Too far in love with you, again
Stu Harley Apr 16
If this love I shall only thirst,
A barren well, where hope submersed,
No cooling draught, no sweet relief,
Just parched desire, and burning grief.

A distant spring, a whispered song,
Taunts with its melody, all life long.
My lips are cracked, my spirit frayed,
Can love survive, forever unplayed?

But wait, a drop, a gentle kiss,
Perhaps this love's not lost, just waiting for this.
For this love, I shall only thirst,
Stu Harley Apr 15
In depths of twilight, embers softly gleam,
Love's distant flame, a flickering, fragile dream.
A yearning hush, a longing undefined,
A silent question in your searching mind.

Does passion slumber, waiting to ignite?
Or is it fading, lost to fading light?
A tender whisper, barely heard it seems,
Love's distant flame, adrift in moonlit streams.

Yet hope persists, a flicker in the night,
For even embers hold a hidden light.
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