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Oct 2023
Should you now take the time, perhaps,
To read between the lines,
You may then note a screaming crowd
Doth rail against the times.
How the masses voice, as one,
Their rage against the foe,
Blaming Isrealite excesses
For every vengeful blow.
Tip toeing round the spotlight
That, the initial,Β Β brutal flaw....
Was instigated when Hamas
Turned those innocents to gore.

I note how those selective souls
Have ceased to raise the roof,
To the ceaseless ****** atrocities caused
While Putin stands aloof.
Two years of blood and mayhem
Grace Ukraine's shattered land....
Consigned, I note, to dim background
Since Gazza's bombing slammed?

Funny how the fickle few
Waft before the breeze,
To utter condemnation
Only to those that they please.
Funny how the fickle few
Command the higher ground
In screeching manic insults
To our profound?

So many vehemently against Israel, casting the nation of Jews as inhumane agressors, betrayers of  human values, destroyers of innocence.
They, completely ignoring the terrorism of Hamas which ignited this conflict.
Similtaneously putting aside the greater transgression of allout war waged by Russia in the systematic invasion of a sister nation, ukraine. Two continuous years of ****** and destruction, Invasion and crimes of war. imposed, brutally on a nation of fellow Slavs.
This theatre of war totally ignored by the world media and the howl of righteous outrage redirected toward Israel and Jewish agression.
Then there is the rest of us. The great realm of silence.
Going about our lives normally, doing everyday things unchanged by the dual paroxisms of warfare enacted in separate theatres of the globe.
In whom lies the greatest fault the agressors, the mob hurling ethnic insults and threatening wider escalation?
Or the mute millions sitting on their hands in the quiet corners of the globe.....uninvolved and determinably resolved to stay that way, keeping their hands squeaky clean and their concienses clear?
Marshal Gebbie
Written by
Marshal Gebbie  78/M/"Foxglove",Taranaki, NZ
(78/M/"Foxglove",Taranaki, NZ)   
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